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In the unofficial Romancing the Stones, and KQ1 (AGDI) remakes king Graham sports a violet feather on his light blue adventurer's cap in closeups instead of a red feather. In the wedding scene at the end, he has changed his clothing to a black over-tunic, a purple tunic underneath, and gray hose with black leather boots.

In Cloud Spirit's vision of the future Graham wears a purple robe similar to the one seen in Mask of Eternity.

Graham wears a black cloak, that once belonged to Caldaur.

In one close up shot in King's Quest ZZT Graham appears to be wearing white and grey clothing, and has a blue adventure cap with a green feather.

In the Silver Lining: King Graham in crown and a silver colored robe with golden lion and unicorn (symbols from the Daventry crest) emblazoned on the front. In one of the issues of The Four Winds, graham is shown wearing a green hat with red feather.

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