Graham's Mom (surname Cracker) was the mother of Graham (KQGS). She lives in the country of Llewdor.


She and her husband, lived in the land of Llewdor (KQGS) to the far north where they raised their son. She is known for custard pies, and choco-chip pancakes she makes. She designed the cape Graham wears, putting all kinds of pockets in it to hold things. She also gave him the feather he kept in his favorite blue Adventurer's Cap. She also made Graham eat his breakfast of choco-chop pancakes on the day he traveled to Daventry to be ready for the tournament the next day (however he was late as the tournament had been pushed forward by one day).

It is not known if her husband was alive when Graham left for Daventry that fateful day.

Titles and nicknamesEdit

  • Mom
  • Mommy

See alsoEdit

See alsoEdit

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