Grand War fought between the Ancient mages. During the war Legenimor sought to commit his power to the cosmos, having blamed himself for the extent of the war, in particular the magic that had been used to exacerbate the death toll. It was because of the death toll that he chose to render himself mortal, an action which proved to be his last. He died defending defending his kingdom, and was buried there. His brother Morgeilen disappeared during the Grand War, presumed killed, later becoming the Father.

The arrival of the First Mages and the Grand War occured circa 716 based on dates and references mentioned in the game in books from the library and other details. It is said that they occured about a thousand years before events of KQ2+.

Behind the scenesEdit

Although the details of the war are not specifically clear it seems though that the brothers Morgeilen and Legenimor were on the same side, at least until the end of the war. Morgeilen apparently resented his brother giving up his power becoming mortal, and thus began to covet the power for himself. Around that same time he disappeared and it was presumed he was killed.

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