Behind the scenesEdit

Hereward (Rosella and Alexander's grandfather) should have been alive at the time of Graham's knighthood. But he maybe already dead in the new series, based on in-game references.

Episode 1 of the new King's Quest tells the story Graham's introduction into Daventry's knights. He does not appear in the game, but his 'father' is referenced, along with other members of his family that were knights, and one dentist. It's stated Graham's father was a knight. His last name appears to be Cracker as per his son's surname.

While it there is information about his father being a knight, it appears that he may not have been a knight of Daventry in the series history, as it appears that Graham is not a native of Daventry and only recently travelled there at the age of about 14-16. It appears no one seems to know him (other than someone with the ability to foresee the future), and its even suggested he comes from a place with a name that is hard to pronounce. This of course differs from the history suggested in the classic series, Hoyle I, and KQ1 Remake that suggests that Graham grew up living with his father in Daventry even going to Daventry High School.

Rumplestiltskin in KQ5 is simply referred to as 'Grandfather'.

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