Sea of tamir
The Great Sea Ocean (aka the Great Ocean) is the sea of Tamir.


The Great Ocean lies south and west of the continent of Tanalore. It lies southwest of the continent of Daventry, and west of the Southern Sea. Karn Megiddo wanted to become the greatest wizard east of the great sea.[1]

The sea of Tamir is the part of the great ocean which lies directly off the western coast of Tamir. The Desert Island and Fairy Island are located here along with many smaller islands. To the west of the sea lies the Unknown. The sea is filled with many colorful fish, sharks and whales.

The Great Sea Ocean was originally the name for the sea of Tamir on maps. The ocean to the south of Tanalore was known as the Unknown. The Great Sea Ocean was later seen as encompassing that region, and the Unknown was pushed to the edges of later maps.

The Great Sea Ocean entire region encompasses the western edge of Tamir, along the southern edge of the continent of Tanalore, south of the Western Sea, and along the southwest coast of the continent of Serenia/Daventry, until it reaches the Southern Sea.

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Great Ocean, originates from the fact that the sea in KQ4 is described as 'a great ocean'. KQ4 also describes it as the 'blue ocean' or 'azure ocean' referencing its color.

The Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles makes reference to the sea of Tamir.


  1. KQKoS, pg 307

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