People from the Green Isles are known as the Green Islanders.

Behind the scenesEdit

The Green Isles have not yet appeared nor have they been mentioned in the new King's Quest series yet, at least not directly.

However, it would appear to be alluded to in Chapter 1 as the land in which Gwendolyn travelled to Daventry from with her parents.

Of course the event portrayed on the Tapestry in Gwendolyn's bedroom of her father encountering a Minotaur took place in the islands.

Finally the The Dangling Participle (KQGS) an inhabitant of the islands is well known book reviewer outside of the isles. In this universe it appears that the isles were well known long before events of KQ6.

There is a reference to the "Green Islanders" and climate change. This might actually be a double joke at people from Greenland.

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