The Hall of Respite was a room accessed through a portal near the Sylph's Fountain.


The portal lead to the room which was located in the northern parts of the Dimension of Death and River of Death passed through it. The room's walls were painted with pictures of angels carrying swords and shields.

It was guarded by two skeleton archers on the other side of the river, which Connor had to defeat. Connor then climbed up onto some stone blocks so he could run and jump over the river. On the other side was a peaceful statue of an angel, which almost gave Connor a sense of respite. It was holding a bowl which had a Potion of Shield. Behind the statue were two sets of shelves full of skulls.

He remembered a clue he was given from the boatman of the River of Death;

"Judge the skulls on the left. Down Creation. The one Complete stands out. Down Creation plus Complete equals All Things".

He also remembered clues from pedestals scattered throughout the Compound of Death which he had read;

"Three holds the key to Creation." and "Seven holds the key to the rhythms of life. The number of completeness".

With those clues he was able to figure out which skull was the "one complete" which he needed for later. He then was able to push over a cracked pillar to make a bridge back over the river, so he could leave the hall.

The skull was needed for the statue in the Hall of War.

An engraving over the portal to the Hall of Respite (and on a pedestal within the hall); "Perceive the Eternal Respite. A moment of pain for eternal life ever after."

Behind the scenesEdit

The images of the angels or sylphs on the walls are likely a representation of the Angel of Death in Christian lore.

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