The Hall of War is the metal-walled chamber accessed from a portal near the Sylph's Fountain area. It was guarded by two skeleton archers, which Connor had to defeat. A broken bridge crossed over a portion of the River of Death, Connor had to cross over it carefully. On the left side of the bridge on the other side was an iron anvil that bespoke great strength. Floating above the anvil was a Potion of Strength. Also on the other side was a headless statue which required the complete skull which Connor had picked up in the Hall of Respite. When Connor put the skull on the statue, the statue changed colors and turned into a complete statue of a warrior. A compartment opened up under the statue and dropped, the Feather of Truth which he needed for the Hall of Justice.

An engraving was carved over the portal entranceway to the "Hall of War" (and on a pedestal in the chamber itself);

"War causeth great destruction and disturbance of equilibrium."

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