The Hammer of Azriel was the second range weapon Connor found during his adventure.


Connor was able retrieve the Azriel's Throwing Hammer from Shrine of Azriel's Hammer. He dropped the Crossbow he had previously been using. The Hammer when thrown will return to its wielder with a crack of thunder. He needed the Hammer of Azriel to hit the mechanical lever by the Bridge of Life on the other side of the river to lower the bridge. Once the bridge was lowered he could cross over the River of Death, to reach the Gate to Life into The Swamp. Connor used the hammer until he had passed through the Mandragor Grove and found an unlucky fellow's bow. No longer needing the hammer he dropped it into the waters of the swamp where it sunk to the bottom.

Behind the scenesEdit

This weapon seems to be inspired by Mjolnir Thor's hammer.

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