The information from this article is from the fan game The Silver Lining or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.


Hassan from King's Quest 6 is to run the Ferry service between the islands again. In recent years, it appears as if the Crown no longer owns or supports the ferry (for unknown reasons).


As a boyEdit

Ferry RestorationEdit

Island TravelEdit

Hassan had turned his ferry into a formal business, and is charging folks exorbitant fares to travel between the islands. His business is booming even to the point that he has hired an entire crew, which includes his first mate.

Hassan has become a bit greedy, as he is to be offered a substantial amount of gold by King Graham. At first he shows a bit of surprise, as it is more gold than he has ever seen, but then he quickly acts as if it wasn't enough for him and his crew to last even a few days. However, it appears to be more gold than most citizens of the Green Isles would be capable of matching. He wants proof of Graham's Identity and demands more gold every two days, in order to take Graham around the islands to his cursed twins and the Green Isles.

Behind the scenesEdit

The designers of TSL chose to use Hassan's name from the King's Quest Companion.

In KQ6, it is implied that if ferry was running, that a single copper coin would have been enough for the fare between the islands (if Alexander offers his copper Daventry coin to the Ferryman). According to the King's Quest companion the Ferry belongs to the Crown, and is funded by the crown, and thus any business transactions through the Ferry would likely return back to the Crown.

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