Herbert of Greys

Prince Herbert of Greys is a prince who had been searching for his lost love Princess Alicia. He had lost her when he had turned down the advances of the Old Witch. He is from the land of Greys.


King Graham met Herbert at the beginning of his journeys in Serenia. Sitting on a branch that had fallen from an ash tree, weary and alone. Herbert seemed somewhat despondent at the time. Herbert told Graham that he was sad because a witch had caused his beloved Alicia to disappear. He was fruitlessly searching for her. It would have been quite easy for Prince Herbert to continue wallowing in his sorrow, becoming more paralyzed with inaction and self-pity. Instead, he picked up his motivation and determination, got off of his ash and got on with his search.[1] He thanked Graham as he left, and burst into a traveling song.

Since the witch couldn't steal Herbert's heart, she had put him to sleep, and then stole Alicia's heart.[2] Herbert was left in the woods in a far away land. After his return to Serenia, he spent months searching for her, with no luck.

After Graham restored the Weeping Willow back into a princess, she called out for Herbert, who came calling at once, from nearby. Then at her request Herbert took her back to her home.

Personality and traitsEdit

Behind the scenesEdit

Greys originates from the King's Quest Companion. He is referred to as Prince Herbert in the KQ5 hintbook.

In KQ5 for the NES, Herbert shares the same sprite as Alexander, though the colors have been swapped.

Herbert wears different clothes in KQ5 on the computer, and KQ5 NES, see Herbert's wardrobe.

There is a slight difference in account between the game and the King's Quest Companion. In the game Herbert is said to have been banished to a far away land, and had to find his way back to Serenia (this could imply that he was originally intended to be a prince of Serenia), and looking for her everywhere. In the novel he was left in the woods, while Alicia was taken away, leaving him searching for months for her.

It would seem that Herbert was visiting Alicia in Serenia when the witch encountered them. Alicia's homeland is never exactly specified but this may suggest she is the princess of Serenia, and this would in fact make her the daughter of Priscilla and Kenneth the Huge. Another possibility is that both of them were visiting Serenia from nearby kingdoms.


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