Here Abide Monsters is a region marked on maps in the Northern Sea near the Green Isles.


In some maps it is was used to mark the area of the Green Isles to hide the location of the islands. But it is in itself a region south of the islands, known for the great sea monsters living there.[1] It is a region of Dangerous Currents and Rocky Shoals.

Before Derek Karlavaegen returned to the great countries from the Green Isles, he had promised to hide the location the islands to protect its people's peaceful way of life. He marked that region on one of his maps as Here Abide Monsters to turn away people who might travel into that part of the Unknown seas. After Graham met Cassima and his family learned of Green Isle's existence, Derek added the islands to his second world map. After Alexander became King of the Green Isles, he opened up and explained his reasons for being untruthful about the land and its existence, and created yet another updated map of the world.

Behind the scenesEdit

As explained in the 3rd edition of King's Quest companion, this was Derek Karlavaegen's way of hiding the Green Isles. He did at least put Green Isles on the map for the second edition, after Cassima was revealed.


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