Herenna is a land in Daventry.


It was the land where the great Dragon of Herenna originated from. The dragon once left the land to terrorize Daventry, where it was defeated and banished by the grandfather of King Graham.[1]

This may be one of the western and southern kingdoms, minor lands on the continent of Daventry which the people of Daventry fled during the destruction of the Three-headed Dragon.  These are the many kingdoms the continent is divided into, most of them small and only a day or three's journey by foot in extent. These fiefdoms sometimes war or battle with each other for reasons their rulers care about, and shrink or grow depending on their martial fortunes. They seemingly come and go with the seasons, and few are remembered after their passing.

Behind the scenesEdit

Herenna is a land of the King's Quest universe that is mentioned only in Hoyle 1.

It is said that Graham's family does not stretch back far into Daventry's history; its possible that Herenna was the original homeland of Graham's grandfather. Perhaps earning his renown following the dragon into Daventry, and defeating the dragon, brought him to the attention of one of the Kings of Daventry perhaps Edward's father and a position in Daventry's defense forces. However, its also possible that an earlier ancestor came to Daventry from somewhere entirely different (in which case Herenna may not have been the ancestral homeland of Graham's lineage).

There is a Herenna[2]/Harenna Forest in Ethiopia. There is a character named Herrena in the Terry Pratchet's Discworld novels (c. 1986).

Herenna can also be a name or surname. Some with this name appear in India. If it is a name and not a location another possibility is that the dragon earned this name based on who sent it, or who defeated it (for example the Dragon of St. George). In the latter case it's possible that it could have been the name of Graham's Grandfather, Rosella's (Great-Grandfather). If this is the case it might explain a connection to his son's name Hereward which begins with a similar sounding syllable 'here' or 'her'.

References Edit

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