The Hill Men (singular Hillman or Hill Man) are the hill people of the Barren Region


They are an seemingly emotionless ogre-like race that lives in the Barren Region. This race seems to be absolutely devoted to nothing but order. Their most valued possession is The Stone of Order. The race was slightly xenophobic and therefore shunned humans, as when Connor first met them. After the cataclysm, the stone was lost but the hill people could not search for it for they had an ancient text that referenced the event, saying that only the Champion Eternal could find it. After finding the stone, the hill people praised Connor and grant any request he gave.

Behind the scenesEdit

The 'Hillman' in the game are portrayed Jim Ward. These are known as Hill Men/Hill Man in the KQ8 Hintbook.

In the texture files these are known as 'subman' (although some of the related assets may also be saved under "ogre", or it was intended to be another creature that was cut).

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