Hoyle's Official Book of Games: Volume 3 was the third volume in Sierra On-Line's series of computer games  based on the officially licensed Hoyle rules and trademark. Unlike the two previous game, this one was made with Sierra's new improved VGA engine, and focused on board games, where the previous entries in the series had featured card games.

Games featured were Backgammon, Checkers, Dominoes, Yacht (a takeoff on Yahtzee), Pachisi, and Snakes and Ladders.

Connection to the King's Quest seriesEdit

Graham, Rosella, Lolotte, and Mordack compete with the player and many other sierra characters. There is no narrative however, characters only talk about game choices and rules. Warning if a move cannot be made. Sometimes there are special animations for the characters. Lolotte for example has lightening behind her if she gets mad at the player's moves.

The Backgammon and Checkers games were taken from this game to create King Graham's Board Game Challenge a separate product, and later released with some of the KQ collections.

Characters Edit

Like the first volume, and unlike the second volume, this game offers Sierra characters as opponents in the various games.

Good guys
Evil guys
Snakes & Ladders

Has its own assortment of various children, boys and girls with different apperances.