Hoyle4, Hoyle Classic Card Games was a remake of Volume I, released with VGA support, speech and original soundtrack. There was a set with 'Classic Characters' to play with and one with an increased number of Sierra characters as well. Load screens involve a silly comments made by the Classic characters, in relationship to whatever game was loading. The number of games was increased to eight, with the inclusion of Contract Bridge and Euchre.

Connection to the King's Quest seriesEdit

There is some digitized speech for each character. Each character has five unique expressions in full speech (ranging from dislike at the plays, happiness, or praise). There are a few additional text based messages are in theme for each character, but relate to the play (characters do not have conversations with each other). All the artwork and character sprites look like old fashioned and sepia-toned.

Graham is again included in the cast of characters and has five unique digitized phrases.


Classic characters:

  • Dinky
  • Scout
  • Crazy Jack
  • Trudy
  • Josephine
  • Billy Joe
  • Chip
  • Winthorp
  • Fairbanks

Sierra characters:

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