Humor can refer to two topics. The first is humor as a virtue, for example as it appears in KQ6's Ancient's alphabet. The second is the broader discussion of 'humor' in the King's Quest Series (the series has tried to incorporate humor often of dry, slapstick/pratfall, musical, easter egg, or pun varieties since King's Quest 1, but it started to increase with each additional game release, culminating in KQ6 and KQ7 which had the most humor). Much of the humor (the series is remembered for) is often derived out of funny death comments but these mainly started to appear in King's Quest 3, and the games after.

For some humor encompasses what they consider the whimsy and the sillier aspects or even Cartoony aspects of the series. For many who who see the humor in the series, it is what makes the series more fun to them.

This topic is broken into two parts, the first is 'humor' as a virtue and the lore behind it. The second section found in the 'Behind the Scenes' section discusses humor as part of the King's Quest series as a whole.


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Humor (game mechanic)Edit

Humor is an element of all the King's Quest games particularly in King's Quest 1 thorugh 7. King's Quest 8 has some humor or whimsical characters but as it has no death puns it largely feels like the most 'serious' game in the entire series.

Several guides point out humor or comedy such as slapstick comedy in the series such as King's Quest V. A slapstick comedy compared to Soupy Sales routines is noted in the The Official Book of King's Quest.

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