Attis is The Lord of the Hunt, deity for all hunters. The Isle of the Beast was once a hunters grounds known as the Isle of the Forest. Alexander found a Hunter's Lamp left behind by one of the island's former hunters. Duck decoy as may be used by hunters, but Ersatz is against hunting.

There is a valley where the Roc's live. Hunters toss meat into a steep valley to collect diamonds at the bottom. Sinbad once had to escape the valley.

The big, bad wolf fell asleep and began to snore loudly after eating Little Red Riding Hood and her grandmother. The sound was heard by a hunter, who rushed inside the house thinking Grandma was ill. The hunter recognized the wolf for what it was and shot the creature dead through the head. He then heard noises from inside the wolf, and cutting the body open, found Grandma and Red alive. The girl still had the flowers clutched in her hand.

Connor lived outside Daventry town, where it’s less populated and nearer trade with hunters, as he is a tanner.

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