Ice Faeries are a species of fairy living in cold climates and places of ice.


Ice faeries once lived in the Vale of Obscurity, but moved to coast near the coast of the Sea of Barnacles.[1]

Ice faeries may have the appearance of small laughing ice crystals. A species of faery with such a description live within the Old Woods[2] The ice crystals dance in the air. The dancing ice crystals glitter like tiny glass prisms, throwing off wonderful small rainbows all over the clearing where they reside. All of them move around much too quickly to track. They are perhaps tiny versions of sprites.

Behind the scenes Edit

Little is known about this species but its possibly they share some similarities to the Snow Nymphs (which themselves are party inspired by the Ice Queen from KQ5). However, Kingdom of Sorrow and Seen No Weevil predate the release of KQ8.


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