The Icy Mountains are a mountain range that make up part of the Great Mountains near Serenia. The Ice Queen, Icebella rules from the high peak of the Snowy Mountain. These mountains are also known as the Snowy Mountains.

Behind the scenes Edit

The name Icy Mountains originates from the use of 'Icy mountain' from the KQ5 NES script. In the SCI versions of KQ5 the script uses the lines 'snowy mountain' or 'snowy mountains' instead.

"Icy Mountains" appears in an issue of Nintendo Power. These mountains are also called 'the Mountains' in another issue. The term the "Mountains" is term used for the mountains in KQ3 and KQ5 in various guides (including King's Quest Companion 3rd Edition, and The Official Book of King's Quest, 2nd Edition).

There are some slight differences between  the Icy Mountains in KQ5 NES and the Snowy Mountains/Great Mountains in KQ5 on PC. One will notice that the ramp of snow where the sled is used, is different and more steep than in the original game (Graham will die if he tries to step off onto it), and there is no path between the throne room to the Crystal Caves.

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