These introductory tales came along with each of the original game's packages.

According to Josh Mandel, the documentation was usually written and published by individuals in the marketing and documentation department and rarely had any direct input by the developers themselves. As such most of these stories may not even been directly connected to Roberta Williams or other story writers of the series, but instead inspired and based on details found in the games. This may explain why Hagatha was made out to be more important in the manual for KQ2, than she appears in the game for example.

Marketing also made the boxes, apparently with little input from the developers as well.

This is course not always the case, as some of the manuals were written by Roberta Williams apparently, and Jane Jensen helped with the documentation for King's Quest 6.

The Wizard and the PrincessEdit

King's Quest IEdit


King's Quest II Edit

King's Quest III Edit

Prologue (KQ3)

King's Quest IV Edit

This is the legend of King's Quest...

King's Quest V Edit

King's Quest VIEdit

Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles

King's Quest VIIEdit

King's Quest: Mask of EternityEdit

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