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The Island of Llewdor is a land in the unofficial King's Quest ZZT series (and referenced in The Silver Lining's The Four Winds.). The island is located west of Island of Daventry, and SW of the Island of Tamir.


IF universeEdit

The Island of Llewdor's has three main population centers, the first is known as the Town of Llewdor, and its where humans live, another location is the Village of the Centaurs which lies directly west of the town within a forest. The village was later destroyed by ogres. The survivors moved to the southern beach of the island. The last location is the Ogre Village which lies in the southern Mountain Range. A terrible and deadly red dragon lives in the mountains.

Following Manannan's defeat by his slave Gwydion, the wizard's house was taken over by his cousin Ravenlos, as a citadel for his army. Manannan continued to live there. Alexander returned to the island to defeat Ravenlos and his army, and encountered his former master still trapped in the form of a cat.

POS universeEdit

The island of Llewdor appears to be an alternate name for the continent of Tanalore (unofficial). It was and may still be home to ogres and centaurs. The ogres nearly wiped out the centaurs forcing them to move to the southern shore of the land.


Behind the scenesEdit

There doesn't seem to be any evidence of the desert of Llewdor in the game. The maps of the island actually show most of the island to be rather green, with the exception of the southern mountain range.

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