The Isle of the Forest was formerly the royal hunting grounds for the Land of the Green Isles, about a hundred years before Alexander became King of the islands.


It was a place of woodlands, sparkling ponds, and prolific wildlife. It used as a playground favored for jaunty hunts by the royal family and other local sportsmen, and for that reason was left uninhabited.[1]

However at some point Prince Cocteau was cursed by an evil hag who turned him into a beast, she transported and trapped him on the enchanted island of her devising. Her enchantment of the Isle caused the woods to grow dense, and she created three magical barriers lead to a castle she had prepared as both his prison and his sanctuary.[2]

On that night, the residents of the other islands could see magical lights around the Isle of the Forest. The next day King Aliphim, led his guards over to the island to investigate (and, of course, to hunt if all proved well). They found the island much changed. The forest had grown so dense overnight as to prove impenetrable save by a single path blocked by mysterious obstacles. And, most mysteriously of all the heart-rending cries of some mighty wild beast echoed on and on throughout the forest. It is said that several guards fell into madness immediately at the sound and that King Aliphim himself was haunted to the end of his days by the echo of those cries. Since that time, the island has taken its new name and has remained impenetrable and undisturbed, in the midst of the kingdom`s teeming life. Due to the screams from the Beast the island's name was changed to Isle of the Beast.[3]


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