The information from this article is from the fan game The Silver Lining or fan fiction and is therefore not canon.

The Isle of the Sacred (aka Isle of the Sacred Mountain) is one of the islands of the Land of the Green Isles (unofficial). It is the home of the Winged Ones (unofficial). It was the former location of the Logic Cliffs (unofficial).


Landmarks include Thorn Bay, Crystal Beach, Fern Cove, Wall of Omnipotence, and the City of the Winged Ones.

Located near Thorn Bay, on the northside of the island, is the former location of the Cliffs of Logic. What was a nearly insuperable set of puzzles known as the Cliffs of Logic, has now been replaced with a grand staircase winding its way up the mountain side leading to the city of the Winged Ones. A Nightshade flower grows near the base of the steps.

Behind the scenesEdit

  • For whatever reason the designers put the former location of the Cliffs of Logic on the north side of the island. In KQ6 Cliffs of Logic was on the southside of the island.[1][1][2][3]
  • Graham is able to swim to a point along the edge of the Isalnd of the Sacred Mountain in deep water. This is inconsistent with KQ6, in which Alexander would attempt to wade out into the water, and the currents and undertow would ferociously tug at his legs (once he reached the water up to his hips), and pull him out to sea, and then under.[4][5]. In official lore it is impossible to swim in the waters surrounding the islands due to the eddies, whirlpools, and currents.
  • The game also fails to give a good reason why the the Winged One race would build steps up to the top of their mountain. An issue of Four Winds tries to explain that they are trying to learn how to interact with people more, and decided to create the staircase to allow people up to their city. They decided to destroy the clifs because it was built for and related to an ancient prophecy to which Alexander solved, and was no longer relevant.
  • The Four Winds suggests that greeters of the winged ones, originally only had meetings with visitors of the island on the Beach, rather than taking them up to the city. However, this is in contradiction with the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles, that states that the greeters bring visitors up to the city, helping them to get around. Derek Karlavaegen was one such visitor.
  • In the KQ6 continuity it is said that they prize their privacy, and prefer to limit visitors (as stated in the Guidebook to the Land of the Green Isles). It is also said in the Guidebook, that the Winged Ones fiercly protective of any of the artifacts left behind by the Ancient Ones race, their creators, much as an archaeologist would be protective of a site of World Heritage. The Cliffs were one such artifact and were built to protect the Ancient Ones from intruders from the seas. The prophecy itself was actually from the Oracle of the Winged Ones, and wasn't ancient but given in recent times just after the minotaur moved into the catacombs and began to attack the Winged Ones city and demanding sacrifices. She made the prophecy just a few years before or after Guidebook was written, about a decade before KQ6. In the King's Quest Companion its stated that the cliffs are the single way up the mountain (besides being carried up), its suggested that the puzzles have reset, to slow down others from reaching the top.
  • The Sacred Mountain is much smaller than it was in KQ6. It is a small peak near the center of the island, surrounded by a large caldera. In KQ6, the Sacred Mountain dominated most of the top of the island. There was no crater. The Oracle's cave lies about half way down the mountain in TSL, and lies near the top of the mountain in KQ6.

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