A short story written by Allronix and posted on the Phoenix Online Studios forums. The original post can be found here[1]. It takes place at the very end of King's Quest III: To Heir is Human, using the AGDI history presented in King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones.

“It’s Always Darkest”

By: Allronix
Rating: G
Length: 200 words (double drabble)
Note: Uses AGD information. Just a quick one I'm dashing off to kill some time before an appointment.

That blackguard sneered at Graham from under the spectral cloak and vanished, taking his “lifeline” with him. Despite his brave words earlier, Graham would just as soon hurl his crown into the now-dried moat for all the good it would do.

A sudden, violent storm pelted rain against the castle. He was numb to it until he heard the dragon’s roar. The sound spilt his heart.

It was long after the storm, just as dawn was breaking, when he felt Valanice’s hand on his shoulder.

He came,” Graham said. “And offered to remove the curse and his dragon in exchange for the Crown.”

“You didn’t-“

“Of course not,” he said, looking out at the devastation. “But I’ll always wonder if I should have.”

“Rosella never stopped hoping. So many times, she’d be up here, looking into the distance.”

“Looking for Alexander, I know. And now…May Azriel judge them fairly.”

Valanice gasped, “Gods above!”

And that’s when Graham dared to look. Two figures crossed the moat’s bridge – a maiden all in white all but dragging a youth in rags behind her.

“Mother, Father! You won’t believe who came to my rescue!” She prodded the youth forward. “Go ahead, Alexander. Say ‘Hello.’”

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