The people and language of "Itch-two-wey"


"Achaka" Unknown, assumed to be his 'own name. Gives as an answer to Graham in just about every question Graham asks him in the Chivary test. Including name, homeland, etc. Taskia his grand-daughter does seem to confirm Achaka is his name.

"Affa Nata" Meaning a right like correct, go, do or yes

"Stalama" Meaning an wrong term like stop, incorrect, do not or no

"Wata" Meaning either "wait" or "watch" as Achaka asks Graham to observe him when they are jumping across the platforms that are safe to jump on while heading to the dragon.

"Puka" Meaning "Should I activate it" When Achaka is helping to free Graham from the cage by using the two switches to maneuver him to safety after he fell into the cage because of the first failed encounter with the dragon.

"Bota" Meaning "shoot" As Achaka asks Graham whether to shoot his arrow to hook it on the dragons tail and to shot the dragon's eye or to shoot a swing rope to provide a escape from the cave.

"Shrekee" Meaning "Dragon" When Achaka is says, referencing the beast he aims to take its eye.







Du = Maybe means 'in' or 'inside'? As in the dragon lives inside the well.


Maka = "Perhaps means to 'live'? Appears to be reinforced as 'maka maka'. Achaka uses this when confirming information received from Manny about the dragon , "Hornswaggle' is something something in the well.

Waka = May mean well... Manny is telling Achaka that a dragon can be found in the well.


Wa = Same as ga? Maybe means 'The"?

Ga = Same as wa? Maybe means 'The"?

Ooo this appears to be a 'sigh' with multiple uses: impatience/disappointment/sadness/defeated but can also be used when 'super happy'/'stoked/excitement'.

Morta means to kill. Dragon killed Achaka, Taskia planned to kill dragon.

Yarble means yarblesnoof.

Phrases Edit

Shrekee maka maka dun ga wakakka.

Du shrekee ninka?

Naga naga. Shrekee ha inga maka maka e kai ris kee ke e duka chanka yaka mata. Affa nata?

Hooda bagaga duku duku.

Stalama duku duku.

Catacana duku na.

Shrekee? Affa nata.

Shrekee maka maka du wa waka.

Shrekee maka maka du ga waka.

Shrekee morta Achaka. Taskia morta shrekee.

Morta! = Kill!

Bota! Bota! Bota! = Shoot shoot

Stalama. Bota! = Don't shoot.

Affa nata! Affa nata!

Yarble yarble yarble!


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