Jack was an American, he is the source of the magic Ceramic Bowl.


There was a fellow named Jack who went out to find a wife. An old man told him he could marry one of his daughters if he could catch a rabbit, put it in a ring, and make it stay there for 30 minutes. If he failed in this task, though, he would be killed.

When Jack brought the rabbit to the appointed spot, he stuck a magic drill in the center of the wide ring, and all the rabbit could do was run around it and around it. When the old man saw what what happening, he made Jack another proposition: if he could keep the rabbit running around and around for 30 minutes, Jack would be free to kill the old man.

The old man went back into his house, and one by one, sent his wife and daughters out to Jack to try to and get him to sell the drill before the time was up. Each one offered jack more and more, but he refused them all.

When the 30 minutes were up, the old man picked up a bowl and went outside to meet his death. First, he asked Jack to sing the bowl full of lies before he did the deed. This jack did by reciting the false promises the man's wife and daughter had whispered to him, and followed by a hearty, "Fill, Bowl! Fill!.[1]

Other JacksEdit

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