Master Josiah is the healer, one of the Royal physicians of Castle Daventry.[1]


He and the other royal physicians also looked over King Graham as he lay dieing in bed, after a massive heart attack. They could do no good. Nothing would help the king, neither their healing herbs and ointments, magical invocations, nor laying on hands[2].

Personality and traits Edit

He is an old, short fat man, with stringy white-blond hair.[3]

Behind the scenesEdit

Master Josiah described as the 'healer' appears in See No Weevil. One of Daventry's rs in King's Quest I first appears in King's Quest I known simply as the "le how Jos" (but does not resemble how Josiah is described). A ing's Quest: The Fl appears in King's Quest: The Floating Castle but no name is given (technically he could be the same character as Josiah (as he is not described in details that would necessarily contradict how Josiah is described, one focues on his beard, and the other his hair). On the other hand, he could also be the Doctor, assuming the doctor grew a beard.

Daventry's physicians are also mentioned in KQ4. It appears that each of these characters are separate individuals (at least the healer and Doctor are separate, or the healer and the court physician).

In the Crowd in KQ1SCI is a man in a robe wearing what appears to be a metal hat (but similar clothing to the one being worn by the Doctor). He has some ways similar to the description for Josiah, such that he possibly could be the same individual.


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