This article compares the differences between the Sierra KQ universe, and the Jstudios universe (Owl's Quest: Every Owl has it's Day).


This article compares many of the differences, in continuity, and by fan retcons/story changes/artistic license made by the game (compared to the canon original games and material), as well as comparing screens from different games, and showing differences between the fan game and the original Sierra material.

See also POP universe, AGDI universe, IS universe, IF universe and IA universe for similar comparisons between other fan games and the original series. And KQ1 comparisons, KQ5 comparisons, TOG universe (Dragon's Lair comparisons) for similar comparisons between official remakes, ports and adaptations.


Southern SereniaEdit

The game introduces an area far south of Crispin's house, where Cedric is said to live. It lies south of a mountain range (similar to the mountains that border the northern edge of the desert), lies east of the Endless Desert.

In the official material its unlikely that the region to the south of the The River (Silver River?) is not part of Serenia, but belongs to other lands, based on various maps of Serenia.

Cedric's HouseEdit

Cedric is said to live in a tree. In the official games he lives with Cedric in his house.


Repunzel is a poor attempt at inspiration from Rapunzel. Who lives in an inverted tower, rather than an actual tower.

Connections to the POS universeEdit

The developer tried to attempt to make this a prequel to Episode I of the The Silver Lining. It is unclear how well it 'actually' fits with the POS universe however.

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