Jump is a special Action skill used mainly by King Graham and Connor. It also occasionally appears as a skill in other KQ games.


In KQ1 Jump is an Action skill. It is both a typeable skill, typing 0, or accessed through a pull down menu. Graham will jump in almost all locations. Jump allows Graham to jump a few feet into the air, before landing again. But its only useful in one instance, to catch the Condor.

In KQ4, one can type "Jump" in to cross tufts of grass in the Swamp.

In KQ8, Connor can jump as an action from the keyboard. It is bound to the Insert key. In some cases, such as when Connor is on a jumping puzzle, he can jump by simply pushing the arrow keys in the direction you want him to jump. Connor has three types of jumps; a basic jump either standing or walking jump (he jumps about 4 feet high from a standing position, and six feet out walking), and a running jump (Connor jumps about thirty feet out), and Back Flip (he jumps about six feet up and eight feet out).

While jumping does occasionally appear in other games of the series, they are usually streamlined to using the 'Hand' cursor.

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