Game synopses from the back of the box of the Kixx XL releases of KQ1-4 on the Amiga in Europe. KIXX was a third party company who sold budget versions of games from various companies. While some of these summaries may be based on official marketing synopses sometimes found in Sierra catalogues or advertisements, these summaries may not be fully official, though certainly a licensed release (Note: If original sources of the blurbs can be found, citations will be given).

King's Quest IEdit

The land of Daventry has become poor and weak. The king is old and feeble. Fearing that his country will fall into even greater disorder when he dies, he sends for his favourite knight, Sir Graham.

Take on the role of Sir Graham and travel through lands of myth and magic to recover three great treasures which you must retrieve to restore Daventry to its former glory.

King's Quest IIEdit

Continue the saga where King's Quest ended. The brave Knight, Sir Graham, is now King and now must find a wife or his Kingdom will fall into disrepute. He searched high and low but could not find a bride until a magic mirror urged him to save a beautiful maiden trapped in a quartz tower.

Follow King Graham through the enchanted land of Kolyma, meet King Neptune in his Undersea Kingdom, and visit the castle of the hideous Count Dracula.

King's Quest IIIEdit

Be cunning and courageous to escape a life of harassed slavery and a premature demise at the hands of the evil wizard "Mannanan."

"Mannanan" stole you from your family when you were only one year old, to be trained to serve his every need. Unless you can learn enough of his powers to escape [without being caught], you won't live past your 18th birthday.

King's Quest IVEdit

Travel with Rosella, the beautiful princess, to a town far away on a frantic search for the one item that can save her father from certain death. Face creatures from ancient legend, such as unicorns and hideous ogres. Seek and acquire great treasures that are necessary for a safe journey,

Behind the scenesEdit

Some oddities is the Manannan is misspelled and in quotation marks. There is a reference to a town of Tamir (perhaps the only few references to a town in Tamir), see also catalogue summaries. Neptune's Kingdom being referred to as Undersea Kingdom.

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