Unlike other versions of KQ1, the total score in King's Quest: Quest for the Crown (SMS) is not given. Instead, the total collected score can be found on the 'status' screen along with the inventory, and physical status (i.e. "invisibility" & "shrunken"). Collecting items, and solving puzzles still give points much like in the other versions however. This article attempts to list the points totals for the various puzzle solutions and items in the game.

Points listEdit

  • Carrot = +2 pts.
  • Clover = +1 pt (must be picked up before obtaining 4 leafer to get extra point).
  • 4 Leafer = +2 pts.
  • Spell = 0 pts. (while it shows up as an inventory item, there is no points for obtaining it.)
  • Bowl = +3 pts.
  • Pebbles = +1 pts.
  • Ring = +3pts.


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