There are many ways to die in King's Quest II: Romancing the Stones.

Kolyma Edit

  • Graham can drown if he swims in the ocean for too long.
  • Graham can fall of of any cliffs.
  • Graham can get impaled by spikes at the entrance to Hagatha's Cave if the player ignores the glowing bat symbol. The player must make both skulls face the bat symbol to avoid this. If only one skull is turned, the spikes will still impale you.
  • Graham will disappear in a puff of smoke if he says "Hello?" into Hagatha's Cave entrance.
  • Graham will be killed by the poison water in the swamp.
  • Graham can be killed by Sharkees at any time while under the sea.
  • Graham can be turned into a kitten by the enchanter in the forest.
  • If the player fails to use the ring that Possum's grandmother gave her on The Count, then The Count will bite Graham, killing him.
  • If Graham chooses the wrong book from the shelf inside the Count's library, a green tentacle will come out of the bookshelf and eat him.
  • If Graham does not cut himself free in time, the bridge he is tied to will collapse, and Graham will fall to his demise.
  • While climbing up one of the fallen halves of the bridge, Graham can fall and die.

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