KING'S QUEST 2: Romancing The Throne Creatures List

Hagatha: The old hag, Hagatha, is nearby! You can hear her cackling and smacking her gums as she comes closer. She would love to have you for dinner, and I don't mean as a guest!

Big Bad Wolf: Oh dear! A wolf in grandma's clothing is in the bed! Get out of there, fast!

Dwarf: You have come upon a quick little dwarf! Dwarves have a bad reputation for stealing treasure.

Viper: Look out! There is a poisonous viper blocking your path!

Ghost: There are two spooky ghosts guarding the door of the gloomy castle. This situation looks bad.

Count Dracula: You place the pointed stake on Count Dracula's chest. Quickly, using the mallet, you pound the stake through his heart. Dracula disintegrates into a pile of dust. A small silver key is left behind in the coffin.

Lion: Be careful!!! There is a huge lion with dripping fangs at the top of the stairs. He has a hungry look in his eye!

Bat: ???

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