m81 = "King's Quest II - Romancing The Throne\n" " (c) 1987 Sierra On-Line, Inc."; m82 = "Return to Daventry for the second\n" "chapter of the King's Quest saga.\n" "Your Quest: Find a princess."; m83 = "Along the way you'll frolic by the sea\n" "with a mermaid. But don't get too\n" "friendly, mermaids can be very fickle!"; m84 = "You'll need to be valiant (and fast)\n" "to escape unseemly characters who don't\n" "appreciate your charm and good looks."; m85 = "Don't let success go to your head, or\n" "you'll become a King fit for a meal!"; m86 = "But if you find yourself a princess,\n" "you'll return to Daventry and \n" "(what else?) live happily ever after.";

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