KING'S QUEST 3: To Heir Is Human Creatures List

Medusa: Averting your eyes, you aim the wizard's hand mirror at Medusa's face. A scream pierces the air as she beholds her own hideous reflection... then... nothing. You dare to look. Medusa has turned herself to stone!

Rogue: These two are certainly unsavory rogues! They look like they'd rob you blind!!

Bandit: You have entered the bandits' hideout; one of them is sleeping at a small table.

Big Spider: You swoop close to the spider-web and find the huge spider guarding the entrance. Taking her in your beak, you vow to get rid of her once and for all!

Crewman: Oh no! One of the crew has spotted you! You'd better run.

Manannan: Your own death would result from that! He's too powerful for you.

Shark: ???

Abominable Snowman: What is this thing? OH, NO! It's the abominable snowman!!

Three-Headed Dragon: Years ago, a terrible dragon three-headed dragon invaded Daventry, and keeps the people in a state of terror. This monster requires, once a yaer, the sacrifice of a young maiden. Sadly, your own sister, Princess Rosella, is the chosen one this year.

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