The worldmap of Daventry as seen in Mannan's library in The Official Book of King's Quest, 3rd edition


The worldmap of Daventry in the King's Quest Companion, 1st Edition is loosely based on the maps from KQ3.

These are the maps from King's Quest III: To Heir is Human. They include the maps generated by the Magic Map and the charts in Manannan's study and on the pirate ship. The charts show the lands of Llewdor, Daventry, and Kolyma. As described in the the King's Quest Companion, the westernmost landmass is continent of Tanalore (where Llewdor is located). The eastern landmass is the continent of Daventry, and the southernmost continent seen in the first and second map is the continent of Kolyma. In King's Quest 3 the locations on the maps are not described other than showing the travel route between Llewdor and Daventry.

An interesting point to notice is that according to the charts the continent of Daventry is a bit smaller than it is in KQ5, and Daventry located in a valley nestled in the mountains on the northern edge of the continent. Alexander crosses the northern mountain range into the valley. At the time Serenia did not exist. The King's Quest companion explains this by saying that the world is always in flux and that lands appear and disappear at random. The 1st Edition Maps of King's Quest Companion roughly corresponds to the maps from KQ3 and Alexander's account of his escape from Manannan in the book relates to the KQ3 maps;

Above the desk was a chart showing the route the craft was taking. We were to land at the foot of a mountain range on the northern coast of what appeared to be a small continent. We were heading toward Daventry; the chart agreed with the maps I had seen at Manannan's. I was going home, if I could survive the journey![1]

The maps in the later editions added Serenia to Daventry's continent.


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