This is the transcript for the KQ3 demo. It also appears in the hole in the rock in the Apple II version of KQ2.


m1 = " Become Gwydion, young slave to the\n" " evil wizard, Manannan of Llewdor.";

m1 = "Explore the countryside where Manannan\n" " reigns supreme.";

m1 = " Scale snowy peaks to tackle the\n" " Abominable Snowman in his mountain\n" " stronghold.";

m1 = "Discover the wizard's secret spells,\n" " and use his magic to free yourself\n" " from his captivity.";

m1 = "Find passage on a ship bound for\n" " places unknown. Embark upon a\n" " dangerous voyage to another land."; m2 = "And of course, match wits with the\n" " powerful wizard Manannan, whose every\n" " whim must be your command!";

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