This is the transcript for KQ3 taken directly from the game files when possible. As there were several versions of KQ3, and edits to the text, this article may include sections based on version numbers.[1]

Note: any mispelled words are part of the original files (have been copy and pasted over directly), these should not be 'fixed'. Item text has been 'transcribed' as it is attached directly to the item pictures themselves.


The chicken feather is small and light, no more than a piece of fluff.

You hold a small ball of black cat fur your hand.

The wad of dog hair is dirty-white and brown.

The dry, thin snake skin is extremely fragile.

Within the glass jar, you see your white fish bone powder. It emits a faint, fishy smell.

The little thimble is fashioned of bright gleaming silver.

The dew sparkles within the little silver thimble.

It's difficult to look inside your own ears! But, as best you remember, the pieces of dough have tiny bits of feather, snake scales, and fur sticking out of them.

The eagle's tail feather makes you wonder what it would be like to soar among the clouds.

The fly wings are remarkably beautiful for having come from such a disagreeable insect.

Inside the jar, you see the saffron, an orange-yellow, powdery substance.

The little vial of rose petal essence has a delicate, sweet aroma.

Looking inside the salt bag, you see grains of salt.

The stone is smooth, round, and an unusual color, somewhat like that of amber.

The dried sprig of mistletoe is thick, greyish-green, with remnants of little berries still attached. It is not a pretty plant.

The amber stone was a beautiful reddish-yellow, but it is now encrusted with salt and mistletoe powder.

The nightshade juice sloshes around inside the glass jar.

The three acorns are dried and brittle.

This is a plain leather pouch, useful for storing liquid or dry ingredients. Right now, it is empty.

The leather pouch is securely tied, and filled with the coarse, brown sleep powder you so proudly manufactured.

The glass jar of mandrake root powder has an earthy, bitter smell to it.

A strong, fishy smell emanates from the glass jar.

The only resemblance to a real cookie is its flat, round shape. It is hard, and has cat hair sticking out of it. Definitely non-appetizing!

The warm porridge is in a pretty blue ceramic bowl. It's aroma wafts up to, an tantalizes your nose.

You were careful when you crumbed the cat cookie in the porridge... it looks just like a plain bowl of porridge.

The metal cup has ocean water in it.

The spoonful of mud has already dried.

The cream-colored toadstool powder is finely textured and nearly odorless.

It's just an empty jar. You could put something inside it.

The dirty-brown storm brew sloshes around in the half-filled glass jar.

Toad spittle is unpleasant stuff (to say the least).

There's nothing very interesting about this jar of whitish, thick lard.

The knife is big enough (and sharp enough) to carve a large roast.

The greenish-gray cactus is small, plump, and fleshy.

The jar of invisibility ointment is nearly full of thick, oily substance.

The magic wand is cool and smooth to the touch, and creamy-white in color. You think it might be fashioned from ivory.

The small key is brightly polished.

The little vial of magic essence has a delicate sweet aroma.

The clay bowl has been your favorite bowl for years.

This is a wooden kitchen spoon.

This is just a simple metal cup with a handle.

The mirror is set in a round, oak frame with a long handle. You peer into it, and see your rather dirty, but handsome, face.

The purse is made of very soft, smooth leather. It formerly held your gold coins.

You eagerly peek inside the soft leather coin purse and discover it contains some shiny gold coins. You may want to count them.

Mmmmmmm! You love the smell of freshly baked bread.

The fruit consists of an apple and some grapes. They look sweet, fresh, and juicy.

This is a leftover mutton chop that the old wizard hadn't finished. It still looks appetizing, though.

The shovel seems to be quite average, with an iron scoop and a long wooden handle.

That small wooden chest was buried so long that its wood is slightly warped, and its brass is tarnished and rusty. Inside, are precious gold and silver ingots, pearls, and gold coins.


  1. message 9 "Ok."
  2. message 10 "What's a "
  3. message 11 "\n King's Quest III\n\n Version 2.14 3/15/88 \n\n"
  4. message 12 "The help screen won't work here. Try again elsewhere."
  5. message 13 "Thanks for playing King's Quest III... next time, be more careful!"
  6. message 14 "Since you're dead...\n\nall you can do is restore a saved game or start over."
  7. message 15 "Ick! You're slimy!"
  8. message 16 "Al Lowe & Bob Heitman."
  9. message 17 "%v118 days, %m18"
  10. message 18 "%v117 hours, %m19"
  11. message 19 "%v116 minutes and %v115 seconds."
  12. message 20 "Your magic spell is wearing off!"
  13. message 22 "The stone won't work here."
  14. message 23 "You purr contentedly, enjoying your new life as a cat!"
  15. message 24 "You've broken the spell of invisibility."
  16. message 25 "You might need it."
  17. message 26 "\"Hi.\""
  18. message 27 "You can't do that now."
  19. message 28 "\"You're welcome.\""
  20. message 29 "Obviously, you were raised by a naughty wizard!"
  21. message 30 "%v117:%v116|2:%v115|2 "
  22. message 31 "If you've seen one rock, you've seen them all."
  23. message 32 "Shhhh. (You're flying!)"
  24. message 33 "Buzzzzzz."
  25. message 34 "They're not hungry."
  26. message 35 "The porridge conceals the crumbled cookie; it still looks as appetizing as ever."
  27. message 36 "Oops. Bad move!"
  28. message 37 "Ok, some cat hair sticks to your teeth."
  29. message 38 "Mandrake root powder might be a little poisonous!"
  30. message 39 "\"This tastes pretty good,\" you think. You'd eat more, but you're too busy dying."
  31. message 40 "You don't need to... now."
  32. message 41 "Funny, no response."
  33. message 42 "It doesn't look interesting."
  34. message 43 "You see nothing special."
  35. message 44 "It's just as it appears."
  36. message 45 "How can you do that?"
  37. message 46 "It's of no use."
  38. message 47 "You don't need it."
  39. message 48 "There's no reason to take it."
  40. message 49 "Just walk there."
  41. message 50 "You're not that cruel."
  42. message 51 "%m53?"
  43. message 52 "%m53 %w3?"
  44. message 53 "What would you do with the %w2"
  45. message 54 "How can you use that which you do not have?"
  46. message 55 "You can eat the "
  47. message 56 "%m9 It tastes bitter!"
  48. message 57 "You don't need to put the %w2 in the bowl."
  49. message 58 "Nothing here fits your key."
  50. message 59 "%m55mutton without carving it."
  51. message 60 "%m55fruit without cutting it."
  52. message 61 "%m55bread without slicing it."
  53. message 62 "Mmmm! Mama Bear makes great porridge!"
  54. message 63 ""
  55. message 64 ""
  56. message 65 "%m68 that requires a spoon."
  57. message 66 "%m68."
  58. message 67 "Once you tasted it, you wouldn't want it!"
  59. message 68 "You have no food"
  60. message 69 "You can't dig here."
  61. message 70 "They don't want it."
  62. message 71 "The thought turns your stomach!"
  63. message 72 "Where!?"
  64. message 73 "Your cup is empty."
  65. message 74 "Perhaps your magic would be more effective outside."
  66. message 75 "There is no need to put it in the cup."
  67. message 76 "You have no need to take it."
  68. message 77 "%v0|3"
  69. message 78 "%m9 It tastes terrible!"
  70. message 79 "You ARE swimming."
  71. message 80 "%m78 You spit it out, spilling the rest on the ground."
  72. message 81 "The shrubbery is nice, but you have better things to do."
  73. message 82 "%m9 Nothing happens."
  74. message 83 "Ok, but this place does not meet the spell's requirements."
  75. message 84 "The cup is now empty."
  76. message 85 "You look cute."
  77. message 86 "%m9 You decide it smells better than it tastes!"
  78. message 87 "%m91%v118 days, %v117 hours, %v116 minutes and %v115 seconds.\n"
  79. message 88 "%m91%v117 hours, %v116 minutes and %v115 seconds.\n"
  80. message 89 "%m91%v116 minutes and %v115 seconds.\n"
  81. message 90 "%m9 Ummmm, not bad."
  82. message 91 "%m11\nYou've been playing for \n"
  83. message 92 "You missed!"
  84. message 93 "You have %v63 gold coins."
  85. message 94 "You can't buy that here."
  86. message 95 ""
  87. message 96 "You eat a few grains of salt."
  88. message 97 ""
  89. message 98 ""
  90. message 99 "Is it lost?"
  91. message 100 "The jar is empty."
  92. message 101 "As you remove the dough from your ears, it crumbles into dust and is lost!"
  93. message 102 ""
  94. message 103 "There's not enough room to fly in here."
  95. message 104 ""
  96. message 105 ""
  97. message 106 ""
  98. message 107 "The urge to fly and soar has left%m110"
  99. message 108 ""
  100. message 109 "The impulse to buzz around has vanished. You feel yourself growing bigger%m110"
  101. message 110 ", so you head for what you hope is a safe place to land."
  102. message 111 ""
  103. message 112 "Your magic essence is all gone."
  104. message 113 "\"'Bye.\""
  105. message 114 "Fastest%m118"
  106. message 115 "Fast%m118"
  107. message 116 "Normal%m118"
  108. message 117 "Slow%m118"
  109. message 118 " speed."
  110. message 120 "Joystick/Mouse <Ctrl-J>"
  111. message 121 "Sierra "
  112. message 122 "About KQ3 "
  113. message 123 "Help <F1>"
  114. message 124 "File "
  115. message 125 "Save <F5>"
  116. message 126 "Restore <F7>"
  117. message 127 "-------------"
  118. message 128 "Restart <F9>"
  119. message 129 "Quit <Alt-Z>"
  120. message 130 "Action "
  121. message 131 "Inventory <TAB>"
  122. message 132 "See Object <F4>"
  123. message 133 "Special "
  124. message 134 "Sound On/Off <F2>"
  125. message 135 "Graphics Mode <Ctrl-R>"
  126. message 136 "Joystick <Ctrl-J>"
  127. message 137 "Clock On/Off "
  128. message 138 "Pause Game "
  129. message 139 "Speed "
  130. message 140 "Normal "
  131. message 141 "Slow "
  132. message 142 "Fast "
  133. message 143 "Fastest "
  134. message 144 "Change <F10>"


  1. message 1 "You have entered the musty tower of the old wizard's house. A polished brass telescope is directed out a window. From here, Manannan spies upon the poor occupants of Llewdor."
  2. message 2 "You see nothing on the dusty floor but a dead fly."
  3. message 3 "Manannan has the brass telescope pointed out a window. It is well polished. He uses the telescope to keep tabs on the citizenry of Llewdor."
  4. message 4 "You put your eye to the glass. It amazes you how near everything seems. You can even see squirrels climbing faraway trees. No wonder the wizard knows all activities in Llewdor."
  5. message 5 "There are narrow, steep stairs leading downwards."
  6. message 6 "You hope Manannan doesn't notice the floor needs sweeping."
  7. message 7 "You pick up the dead fly and drop it into your hand. Disgustedly, you look at it. \"I don't want to carry around a dead fly,\" you think. Picking off its wings, you throw the rest away."
  8. message 8 "You already took it."
  9. message 9 "The old white-bearded wizard is peering through his telescope. He hasn't noticed you."
  10. message 10 "The wizard wouldn't like that."
  11. message 13 "The big brass telescope is much too heavy for you to carry."
  12. message 15 "You push and pull on the heavy brass telescope, but in vain. It's just too heavy for you."
  13. message 16 "You see Manannan spying on the poor citizens of Llewdor. He grunts, clicks his tongue, and mutters to himself. He is spying so intensely, he hasn't noticed you."
  14. message 17 "\"Those little devils! What are they doing?\""
  15. message 18 "\"They are going to regret this!\""
  16. message 19 "\"Very good, my little pets. You're doing well these days.\""
  17. message 20 "\"I can't believe they would do this! They know my rules!\""
  18. message 21 "\"Well, I can see those wretches need my attention down there!\""
  19. message 22 "\"Tsk, tsk. What a shame. And they seemed so obedient at first.\""
  20. message 27 "You are not close enough."


  1. message 1 "You look at Manannan's elegant bed chamber. You see fine furnishings from a regal bed to a beautifully carved closet. You can't help but compare this handsome room to your own meager cubicle."
  2. message 2 "The closet is fashioned of ornately carved mahogany."
  3. message 3 "You see voluminous velvet robes, satin slippers, peaked hats, and soft linen gowns."
  4. message 4 "Imperfections in the glass make your reflection wavy; nevertheless, your rags show up all too clearly. But, though in rags, your face is handsome and your body strong."
  5. message 5 "You run a hand along the top of the closet. Suddenly, you touch something metallic. Grabbing it, you discover... a small brass key! What could it unlock?"
  6. message 6 "You feel along the top of the closet. Your hand comes back dusty."
  7. message 7 "Heavy velvet curtains drape the regal mahogany bed."
  8. message 8 "Dropping to your hands and knees, you peer under the bed. There is absolutely nothing there."
  9. message 9 "The elegant dresser is made of mahogany. Its drawers are graced by beautiful gold knobs."
  10. message 10 "There is nothing exciting on top of the dresser."
  11. message 11 "%m34 Suddenly, your eye falls on something that does... a vial labeled \"Rose Petal Essence,\" which you eagerly take."
  12. message 12 "You are not close enough to reach the top of the closet."
  13. message 13 "A beautiful rug adorns the floor. Its thick wool is woven into a colorful design."
  14. message 14 "You lift up the rug in several places and look under it. Sad to say, all you see is the dust you swept under there yesterday."
  15. message 15 "Ok."
  16. message 16 "You hurriedly return the key to the top of the closet."
  17. message 17 "Manannan's bedroom window is always open. He likes fresh air."
  18. message 18 "As comfortable as the bed looks, you have no interest in lying on the hateful wizard's bed."
  19. message 19 "Manannan is asleep on his great bed. His snores are so loud they rumble off the walls. Be quiet; you wouldn't want to disturb him."
  20. message 20 "You speak softly to the sleeping wizard. \"Hhrrummph!\" he grumbles sleepily, thumbing his nose as if at a fly. But, soon the snoring resumes again."
  21. message 21 "This time your words awaken Manannan. A grumpy look comes to his face. \"Don't you have anything better to do, boy, than to come in MY bed chamber and wake me from my peaceful repose?\""
  22. message 22 "You try to be quiet, but an unfortunate squeak wakes Manannan. He turns in his bed, then sits up, staring angrily at you. \"You know you're to stay out of my things,\" he growls. \"I've no choice but to punish you for this.\""
  23. message 23 "The back of your hair looks cute."
  24. message 24 "Wrinkling your nose in disgust, you throw the smelly contents of the chamber pot out the open window. What a way to make a living!"
  25. message 25 "You already have it."
  26. message 26 ""
  27. message 27 "The beveled mirror appears wavy because of imperfections in the glass. %m41"
  28. message 28 "You're startled to discover an ancient parchment scroll. Its ink has faded, but it seems to be a map. Taking this treasure, you leave everything else exactly as it was."
  29. message 29 "Manannan's chamber pot is on the floor beside his bed."
  30. message 30 "You tug at the rug for quite a while... before realizing you're standing on it!"
  31. message 31 "and wish you hadn't!!"
  32. message 32 "You are not close enough."
  33. message 33 "A feeling of great relief spreads over you."
  34. message 34 "You find baubles and trinkets which do not interest you."
  35. message 35 "You look inside Manannan's chamber pot..."
  36. message 36 "Quietly opening the drawer below the closet, you discover..."
  37. message 37 "In the vanity drawer are many uninteresting items, although the wizard's hand mirror may come in handy. You grab it, then close the drawer."
  38. message 38 "You bang the drawer against your shins repeatedly. (Try backing up!)"
  39. message 39 "nothing that interests you."
  40. message 40 "%m2 There may be something metallic on its top."
  41. message 41 "There is a small drawer in the front of the mahogany vanity."
  42. message 42 "The carpet is too big and heavy to carry around."


message 1 "This hallway is on the second level of the old wizard's house. There are two stairways here. One goes up and the other leads down. An open doorway is to the north."
message 2 "There are two sets of stairs here. The stairway leading upward is steep and narrow. The stairway going down is wider, but rather creaky."
message 6 "There is a doorway leading into a room to the north."
message 8 "Suddenly, you feel squishy and slimy, with an awful weight on your back. Your tentacled eyes swivel around to see your shell. OH, NO! He's turned you into a snail!"


  1. message 1 "This is your own pitiful bed chamber. Compared to Manannan's fine room, yours is almost a cell. The bed is hard and uncomfortable with only a threadbare blanket and a small, flat pillow. The other furnishings are junk. But, as poor as it is, it's your own haven, as the wizard never enters it."
  2. message 2 "You are not close enough."
  3. message 3 "The bed is nothing more than a cot, hard and cold, and is difficult to sleep on. Your pillow is small, flat, and made of old rags."
  4. message 4 "You lean down and poke your head under the bed. You see nothing but cobwebs and dust."
  5. message 5 "You bend down and peek under the bed. Your possessions are still safely hidden."
  6. message 6 "Your dresser is a piece of junk. It's full of nicks and scratches, and one drawer is completely missing."
  7. message 7 "There is nothing you want there."
  8. message 8 "You hear a CLICK at the bedroom door. The old wizard has decided to free you by magically unlocking your door."
  9. message 9 "You have nothing of any interest in your dresser drawer."
  10. message 10 "You look into the cracked mirror hanging on the wall. Your reflection shows a tall, handsome lad dressed in dirty rags."
  11. message 11 "There's nothing under the bed."
  12. message 12 "You have always admired this lovely tapestry. It adds one of the few bright spots to this dreary house."
  13. message 13 "You lift the bottom of the tapestry and peer behind it. The wall is filled with cracks. You can see why Manannan would hang a tapestry here. (There are also dozens of charcoal- scribbled drawings, diagrams, maps, and notes to programmers, with the legend \"King's Quest IV,\" but you're uninterested in this, since you presently have your hands full with \"King's Quest III.\") You lower the tapestry and smooth out the wrinkles."
  14. message 14 "You twist the door knob on the bedroom door, but to your frustration, find it locked."
  15. message 15 "The door is already open."
  16. message 16 "The door is already closed."
  17. message 17 "You start to close the door, but, so as not to arouse the wizard's suspicions, you leave it open."
  18. message 18 "You don't have a key that unlocks this door. It seems you are at the mercy of the miserable old wizard."
  19. message 19 "The door is not locked. It's not even closed!"
  20. message 20 "You have nothing with which to pick a lock."
  21. message 21 "How can you see it through your bedroom wall?"
  22. message 22 "You throw your body against the locked door, but in vain. The door is too strong for you to break."
  23. message 23 "That would do you no good. The wizard anticipated your escape and placed iron bars outside your window."
  24. message 24 "You get on your hands and knees and quickly shove all your possessions under the bed. They will be safe from the wizard's sharp eyes there."
  25. message 25 "Dropping to your knees, you reach under the bed and retrieve all of your possessions."
  26. message 26 "You lie down on your hard bed, stretch, then curl up, trying hard to get comfortable. Your thin blanket and small pillow do not help much."
  27. message 27 "Shhhh! You're trying to sleep."
  28. message 28 "You gratefully rise from your hard old bed, stretching your aching muscles."
  29. message 29 "The door is closed."
  30. message 30 "You suddenly find yourself in your own little room. You notice that the door is closed."
  31. message 31 "You might try that over there in your bedroom, but not here in the hall."
  32. message 32 "Obviously, you have nothing to hide, Gwydion!"
  33. message 33 "The hallway is uninteresting, except for the tapestry on the wall."
  34. message 34 "You get on your hands and knees and shove it under the bed. It will be safe from the wizard's sharp eyes there."
  35. message 35 "Dropping to your knees, you reach under the bed and retrieve it."
  36. message 36 "You drop down, reach under the bed, and then realize you've never put it there!"
  37. message 37 "The door is wide open."
  38. message 38 "You consider removing the dough pieces from your ears, but decide they are too fragile. You carefully comb your scraggly hair over them so the wizard cannot detect them."


  1. message 1 "Manannan is very private with his study, and doesn't like you poking around. The huge oak desk is covered with his writing implements. An oak cabinet is in the corner. There is a chart on the rear wall. The bookshelves are filled with books on every subject; the wizard fancies himself to be quite a scholar."
  2. message 2 "You already have it."
  3. message 3 "You are not close enough."
  4. message 4 "The massive desk is made from oak. The wizard does all of his reading, writing, and calculating here."
  5. message 5 "The desk is covered with the wizard's writing implements: quill pens, jars of oak bark ink, and parchment paper. Manannan is a prolific writer, recording his many ideas and formulas."
  6. message 6 "You open the large desk's only drawer; but, you see nothing interesting. Before you're caught, you close it."
  7. message 7 "The oak cabinet has a brass handle on its door. Your feather duster is lying on its top."
  8. message 8 "The chart has no meaning to you."
  9. message 9 "There is just your feather duster on the cabinet."
  10. message 10 "You try to turn the handle, but, unfortunately, the door is locked."
  11. message 11 "Inside, you find the wizard's magic wand."
  12. message 12 "You unlock the oaken cabinet using the brass key."
  13. message 13 "You find it is empty."
  14. message 14 "Carefully examining the bookshelf, you notice a glint of metal behind one huge volume."
  15. message 15 "So many books line the bookshelf, you wonder when Manannan has time to read them all. Titles cover many subjects: from \"Ancient Arabic Mythology,\" to \"A Study of the Heavens,\" to \"The Philosophies of Socrates.\""
  16. message 16 "After closing the door, you carefully relock it."
  17. message 17 "You glance at the titles of the books, but do not see any that interest you. Wait... was that a glint of metal behind one large book?"
  18. message 18 "You glance at the books, but see no others that interest you."
  19. message 19 "You push the large book aside, revealing a metal lever attached to the back of the bookshelf."
  20. message 20 "You move the big book back where you found it so it again conceals the metal lever."
  21. message 21 "Don't you remember... you emptied it yesterday."
  22. message 22 "The metal lever is attached to the back of the bookshelf."
  23. message 23 "You look closely at the floor, but do not see any signs of one."
  24. message 24 "Peering into the dark, frightening trapdoor, you see treacherous stone steps."
  25. message 25 "You take it with you, knowing it could mean death if he finds it missing."
  26. message 26 "You look everywhere in the room, but do not see a lever."
  27. message 27 "%m22 You cannot take it."
  28. message 28 "A trapdoor opens, revealing steep stone steps leading into darkness."
  29. message 29 "The trapdoor groans shut, disappearing into the floorboards."
  30. message 30 "The wizard wouldn't appreciate that."
  31. message 31 "You carefully replace the magic wand exactly as you found it."
  32. message 32 "Caught in the act! You can see his rage building as the wizard's face turns red behind his white beard and his eyes bulge alarmingly. He roars at you, \"You know you're not allowed to sneak around in my private study!\""
  33. message 33 "Before you replace the book, you'd better shut the trapdoor."
  34. message 34 "The wizard is writing at his desk. He looks up from his work, and greets you with a scowl. \"Boy, you know I don't like you to enter my private study, especially when I'm writing,\" he growls. \"Leave now, or I'll make you leave!\""
  35. message 35 "You don't want the old wizard to grow suspicious of your activities."
  36. message 36 "There may be something metallic behind that large book."


  1. message 1 "This is the kitchen of the wizard's house. Other than your own bed chamber, this is the only place in the house that you feel you can call \"your own.\" The wizard rarely enters the kitchen. On cold days, the fireplace is a cozy place to sit."
  2. message 2 "Near the fireplace is a crude broom made of straw."
  3. message 3 "As it is now summer, the need to light a fire and cook hot food was diminished. The fireplace is, at the moment, not burning."
  4. message 4 "There is no need for you to start a fire in the fireplace, as it is now summer and warm outside."
  5. message 5 "You use the heavy oak table when you prepare food for the wizard."
  6. message 6 "%m11%m7,%m8, and%m9%m12."
  7. message 7 " a loaf of bread"
  8. message 8 " some fruit"
  9. message 9 " a mutton chop"
  10. message 10 "%m11%m7%m12."
  11. message 11 "Right now, there is"
  12. message 12 " on the table"
  13. message 13 "%m11%m8%m12."
  14. message 14 "%m11%m9%m12."
  15. message 15 "%m11%m7 and%m8%m12."
  16. message 16 "%m11%m7 and%m9%m12."
  17. message 17 "%m11%m8 and%m9%m12."
  18. message 18 "%m19 One useful item that catches your eye is the clay bowl you use for all of your mixing."
  19. message 19 "The kitchen shelf holds many ingredients and kitchen implements for cooking."
  20. message 20 "There are pots, pans, and skillets hanging on the wall beside the fireplace."
  21. message 21 "There is an iron rack hanging on the wall by the fireplace."
  22. message 22 "Your trusty knife%m24"
  23. message 23 "Your wooden serving spoon%m24"
  24. message 24 " is hanging on the rack."
  25. message 25 "It's clean under there."
  26. message 26 ""
  27. message 27 ""
  28. message 28 ""
  29. message 29 "There are large baskets hanging from the ceiling beam, and smaller baskets on the kitchen shelves."
  30. message 30 "Looking at the butter churn makes your muscles ache as you remember the long hours churning cream to make butter. Otherwise, you have no interest in it."
  31. message 31 "There are pots, pans, baskets, and drying herbs and spices hanging here."
  32. message 32 "You can think of no use for baskets right now."
  33. message 33 "You are not in the mood for cooking at the moment, so the pots do not interest you."
  34. message 34 "The iron rack is securely attached to the wall. You cannot remove it no matter how hard you try."
  35. message 35 "You have no use for these particular herbs and spices."
  36. message 36 "The barrels only contain foodstuffs. They are too huge to move."
  37. message 37 ""
  38. message 38 "You take the loaf of bread and carry it with you."
  39. message 39 ""
  40. message 40 "You take the fruit and carry it with you."
  41. message 41 ""
  42. message 42 "You take the mutton chop and carry it with you."
  43. message 43 ""
  44. message 44 "You take the wooden spoon from the iron rack and keep it with you."
  45. message 45 "You already have it."
  46. message 46 "You take the carving knife from the iron rack and keep it with you."
  47. message 47 ""
  48. message 48 "You retrieve the clay bowl from the kitchen shelf and take it with you."
  49. message 49 ""
  50. message 50 ""
  51. message 51 ""
  52. message 52 ""
  53. message 53 "Using your fingers?"
  54. message 54 "You feel the blood rushing to your head as you realize that you are upside-down. Straining to look up, you notice your feet have been magically attached to a kitchen rafter. You struggle, but can't release yourself. What a vexing situation!"
  55. message 55 ""
  56. message 56 ""
  57. message 57 "You aren't near the table."
  58. message 58 "You're too far away."
  59. message 59 "There are many hanging here. %m35"
  60. message 60 "You feel dizzy and nauseated at the sudden changes in body position. It's at least some consolation to find yourself on the floor again."
  61. message 61 ".won taht od t'nac uoY"
  62. message 62 "You're too busy sweeping."
  63. message 63 "It's just your old, oaken bucket."


  1. message 1 "This is the main entry room of the wizard's house. The front door is to the south, creaky stairs go upstairs, and doorways lead north and east."
  2. message 2 "Pant, pant, pant, pant, pant!!"
  3. message 3 "Boy, do you hate these little sessions. But, \"No pain, no magic.\""
  4. message 4 "The stairway leading upward has wide steps. Several of them are very creaky, though. You always try to avoid them when going up or down these stairs."
  5. message 5 "The three doors lead outside, to the north, and to the east."
  6. message 6 "You open the front door of the house and go outside."
  7. message 7 "You can't reach the door from there!"
  8. message 8 "The front door is already closed."
  9. message 9 "Whew!"
  10. message 10 "There are two candles attached to the wall to light your way up the dim staircase."
  11. message 11 "The candles are firmly attached to the wall. Try as you might, you cannot get them free."


  1. message 1 "This is where Manannan eats his meals. You, of course, are not supposed to eat here. YOU eat in the kitchen. There is a pine table and benches large enough to seat at least ten people; but the wizard has never HAD any guests for dinner."
  2. message 2 "He seems to be quite hungry."
  3. message 3 "The large dining table is made of pine planking. Matching benches run its length on both sides. The table is big enough to seat at least ten people."
  4. message 4 "There is nothing on the dining table. You keep it very clean as Manannan will not eat on a dirty table."
  5. message 5 "You bend over and peer under the table. You see nothing but a few crumbs left over from one of Manannan's meals."
  6. message 6 "You take a well deserved moment's rest. But, you wonder if you have time to be sitting here?"
  7. message 7 "Mmmmmm! You needed that."
  8. message 8 "You scrutinize the moosehead very carefully. But, you see it is nothing but an old head. You do feel sorry for the poor thing, though."
  9. message 9 "The moosehead is securely fastened to the wall. You cannot remove it."
  10. message 10 "Flickering candles from the wrought iron lamp light the room."
  11. message 11 "There are two doorways here. One leads to the kitchen, the other to the entry hall."
  12. message 12 "Manannan is impatiently waiting for his food! His stomach rumbles as he drums his gnarled fingers on the table. You'd better feed him quickly, or dire consequences may result."
  13. message 13 "Manannan is out of sorts right now. \"Don't jabber at me, boy! Bring me my food, NOW!\" he bellows."
  14. message 14 "After speaking to the grouchy wizard again, he narrows his bushy-white eyebrows and looks at you with ill-temper. \"You're awfully thick-headed, aren't you?\" he snarls. \"It seems you need to be taught a lesson or two about OBEYING!\""
  15. message 15 "You are carrying more than one type of food. Which would you like to give the wizard?"
  16. message 16 "You place the food on the dining table before the hungry wizard. Ravenously, he devours every bit of it."
  17. message 17 "Evidently, Manannan has important things on his mind."
  18. message 18 "It's obvious the wizard enjoyed his meal as he lets out a satisfied belch. He rises and leaves without so much as a \"Thank you!\""
  19. message 19 "You have no food to give the wizard."
  20. message 20 "Oh, Manannan is here! You wonder what mood he's in, as you never know from one minute to the next what he will do. To your relief, he is preoccupied. He's muttering mumbo-jumbos you don't understand."
  21. message 21 "There is a little metal cup on the table."
  22. message 22 "You pick up the little tin cup and carry it with you."
  23. message 23 "You're too far away."
  24. message 24 "He doesn't seem to be hungry right now."
  25. message 25 "Manannan wouldn't like that."
  26. message 26 "You're too far from the table."
  27. message 27 "Finish chewing first."
  28. message 28 "You are standing."
  29. message 29 "You already took it."
  30. message 30 "You fooled him! Manannan didn't realize the porridge was tainted, and ate the whole bowl!"
  31. message 31 "You purr contentedly. You will enjoy your new life as a cat!"
  32. message 32 "He's too busy to reply."
  33. message 33 "Manannan will never annoy anyone again."
  34. message 34 "Manannan seems unusually quiet, don't you think!"
  35. message 35 "You'd better get on with your quest. Manannan is no longer a bother to anyone!"
  36. message 36 "Congratulations! Manannan will never again enslave you or the people of Llewdor!! At last, you are free!"


  1. message 1 "You are on a flight of steep underground stone steps. They curve downward toward a dim light. The open trapdoor is above you."
  2. message 2 "The steps are made of narrow, rough stones, crudely constructed."
  3. message 3 "The trapdoor from the wizard's study is open."
  4. message 4 "You reach up and grab the trapdoor intending to close it. It won't move from this side. You'll just have to leave it open."
  5. message 5 "The trapdoor is already open."
  6. message 6 "Climb them yourself."
  7. message 7 "OH, OH!! That darn cat really did it to you this time! Tripping over the cat, you fall to your death."
  8. message 8 "\"You look mighty funny falling down those stairs, Gwydion,\" he snickers."


  1. message 1 "Where?"
  2. message 2 "Not being an experienced sorcerer, most spells in this book are too complicated for you to understand."
  3. message 3 "You remove the jar "
  4. message 4 "You look in awe around this torch-lit underground room. It appears to be a laboratory... a \"wizard's\" laboratory."
  5. message 5 "%m50 Now is not the proper time."
  6. message 6 "The shelves also hold skeletons of small animals and birds, some human skulls and bones, and other odd instruments, whose use you do not know. %m8 %m7"
  7. message 7 "The narrow stone steps lead up to the wizard's study."
  8. message 8 "Against the earth wall is a massive oak table with a spacious worktop."
  9. message 9 "%m8 Atop the oak table are a large leather-bound book, a mortar and pestle, a little brazier holding charcoal, and a flint, plus measuring cups, beakers, flasks, and stirrers."
  10. message 10 "You can't reach the book from here."
  11. message 11 "You lean down and peek under the table. You see nothing but an earthen floor."
  12. message 12 " from the laboratory shelf and carry it with you."
  13. message 13 "The flint%m52"
  14. message 14 "The burning torches throw flickering shadows across the walls, making the room even more ominous."
  15. message 15 "The torches are firmly attached to the earthen wall. You cannot loosen them."
  16. message 16 "You curiously gaze at the strange jars of ingredients, the animal and human bones, and other odd implements which line the rows of shelves. You see jars of ingredients resting on labeled shelves... shelves bearing such ghastly names as \"Powdered Fish Bone,\" \"Nightshade Juice,\" \"Mandrake Root Powder,\" \"Saffron,\" \"Toad Spittle,\" and \"Toadstool Powder.\""
  17. message 17 "You can't reach it from here."
  18. message 18 "%m3labeled \"Saffron\"%m12"
  19. message 19 "You already took it."
  20. message 20 "The wizard's desk is curiously empty. You have no further interest in it."
  21. message 21 "You have no flask."
  22. message 22 "Manannan would be very suspicious if he were to discover %m32\" missing."
  23. message 23 "There is much equipment here: a mortar and pestle, a charcoal brazier and flint, measuring cups, beakers, flasks, stirrers, and many jars and vials of strange ingredients."
  24. message 24 "The charcoal%m52"
  25. message 25 "The flint is used for lighting the brazier."
  26. message 26 "The torches will not help you."
  27. message 27 "There are many jars of ingredients on the laboratory shelves. Which do you want?"
  28. message 28 "You already have all the jars of ingredients you are likely to need. You have no interest in any other."
  29. message 29 "%m3labeled \"Powdered Fish Bone\"%m12"
  30. message 30 "With trembling hands you turn the pages of %m32,\" and prepare to follow its instructions precisely."
  31. message 31 "%m3of \"Nightshade Juice\"%m12"
  32. message 32 "\"The Sorcery of Old"
  33. message 33 "%m3labeled \"Mandrake Root Powder\"%m12"
  34. message 34 "Against the earthen walls there are rows of shelves holding numerous jars which contain strange, unknown ingredients."
  35. message 35 "%m3of \"Toadstool Powder\"%m12"
  36. message 36 "There is no need for you to carry the "
  37. message 37 "%m3labeled \"Toad Spittle\"%m12"
  38. message 38 " around with you. It will remain on the table for you to use as you wish."
  39. message 39 "%m36mortar and pestle%m38"
  40. message 40 "%m36charcoal brazier%m38"
  41. message 41 "The mortar is a bowl-shaped implement made of stone. The pestle is a rounded stone that fits into the mortar. The mortar and pestle are used for grinding things into a powder. They are resting on the oak table."
  42. message 42 "What would you do with the mortar and pestle?"
  43. message 43 "Resting on the table is a small metal brazier. It holds charcoal and is used for heating or cooking things."
  44. message 44 "It's already open."
  45. message 45 "What would you do with the brazier?"
  46. message 46 "The wizard would notice if the book were closed."
  47. message 47 "You are not close enough."
  48. message 48 "You fill the brazier with charcoal from the small supply Manannan keeps here and strike the flint on it. Soon, the brazier burns hotly."
  49. message 49 "The charcoal"
  50. message 50 "You consider doing that, but then realize it wouldn't work."
  51. message 51 "%m54 You could heat things quickly with the brazier, right now."
  52. message 52 " belongs here. You have no need for it elsewhere."
  53. message 53 "%m66stone cold."
  54. message 54 "%m66very hot!"
  55. message 55 "The brazier has burned all the charcoal, and is now cool."
  56. message 56 "It is already burning."
  57. message 57 "You're all ears now, Gwydion!"
  58. message 58 "Oooooooh, Gwydion! What big eyes you have!!"
  59. message 59 "It appears that stone has a flaw."
  60. message 60 "Night-night, Gwydion."
  61. message 61 "That was a-mew-sing, Gwydion."
  62. message 62 "There's no silver lining in this cloud, Gwydion."
  63. message 63 "Gwydion! Oh, Gwydion!!\n\n(What Gwydion? Where??)"
  64. message 64 "You have no need for it."
  65. message 65 "There are many measuring, stirring, and mixing implements on the laboratory table."
  66. message 66 "The charcoal in the metal brazier is "
  67. message 67 "You already have it."
  68. message 68 "You must open %m32\" to the proper page to read the instructions for a magic spell."
  69. message 69 "Covered with gold trimmings, the old book's leather cover is cracked and worn, its pages yellowed and brittle. The title, however, is clear: %m32.\""
  70. message 70 "You eagerly thumb through page after page of what you assume to be magic formulas. The ink of the old handwriting is faint, and barely readable."
  71. message 71 "Most of the formulas are indecipherable, but a few are in a language you know. You treat the old book with great care as you can tell it contains recipes for some very old and powerful magic spells. Your hands shake as you realize this book could be the key to your escape from the evil Manannan."
  72. message 72 "You consider taking it, but decide there is no need to carry it%m38"


  1. message 1 "You retrieve the dried snake skin from the hot desert sand. It is delicate and could easily crumble."
  2. message 2 "The parched sands of the desert seem to reach forever westward. You notice a dried snake skin lying on the hot ground."
  3. message 3 "It is an old, dried snakeskin."
  4. message 4 "The flora in this hot, dry desert is scant. The only plants that grow are cactus, thorny shrubs, and an occasional stunted tree."
  5. message 7 "All of the cactus around here are too prickly to be touched. You could wind up with a handful of thorns."
  6. message 9 "The sky in this desert is a cloudless, deep, deep blue. The sun is very bright and very hot in this beautiful, blue sky."
  7. message 10 "You're not close enough."
  8. message 11 "The parched sands of the desert seem to reach forever westward."


  1. message 1 "The flowers are pretty, but otherwise uninteresting to you."
  2. message 2 "The many beautiful trees bring a sense of peace to this forest. You see an impassable mountain to the South."
  3. message 3 "That's the mountain upon which you live, Gwydion."
  4. message 4 "There is a rushing stream flowing through the forest floor."
  5. message 5 "Up here, the stream is nearly imperceptible, but it widens to the south."


  1. message 1 "There is an opening in the side of the hill which is covered by a huge spider web. Inside, it is as black as pitch."
  2. message 2 "The cave opens ominously into the side of the hill."
  3. message 3 "It's the largest web you've ever seen! You can't help but wonder about the spider which could create such a web."
  4. message 4 "You inspect the entrance of the cave, but can see nothing from this distance."
  5. message 5 "You need to be closer."
  6. message 6 "You can see nothing inside but darkness."
  7. message 7 "A stream flows by a huge, dark cave."
  8. message 8 "You throw the knife at the web. Your aim is true, and the deadly blade speeds toward the web."
  9. message 9 "Your knife passes between the strands and clatters harmlessly inside the dark confines of the cave."
  10. message 10 "It's a nice tree, but totally uninteresting."
  11. message 11 "Don't you know? Spiders LOVE flies! Yum. Yum!"
  12. message 12 "The spider web has been torn apart."
  13. message 14 "As you touch the sticky web, a giant spider drops down from her lair in the tree above. You attempt to escape, but her sticky web holds you fast!"
  14. message 15 "You swoop close to the spider-web and find the huge spider guarding the entrance. Taking her in your beak, you vow to get rid of her once and for all!"
  15. message 16 "Not now!"


  1. message 3 "A lone mountain rises sharply from the forest floor, its jagged peak encircled by dark clouds. A treacherous path winds its way up the steep mountainside. You, and the wizard Manannan, live at the top of this peak."
  2. message 4 "The winding path leads dangerously up the steep side of the dark mountain."
  3. message 5 "It would be nearly impossible to scale a mountain this steep. Try using the path."


  1. message 1 "The soft grass soothes your aching feet."
  2. message 2 "A beautiful stream ripples through these stately trees."
  3. message 3 "There seems to be a cave in a hill to the north, but you are too far away to see it clearly."


  1. message 1 "The sandy beach is bordered by grass. A stream cuts through the grass and sand to complete its journey to the sea."
  2. message 2 "There is water everywhere around here."
  3. message 3 "The water in this inter-tidal zone is very brackish. It's not suitable for much of anything."


  1. message 1 "Ok."
  2. message 2 "You notice an unusual little cactus beside that large rock."
  3. message 3 "You are not close enough."
  4. message 4 "If you've seen one rock, you've seen them all."
  5. message 5 "You don't have the cactus."


  1. message 1 "The beautiful trees of the forest to the east grow sparse as they reach the edge of the great desert to the west. You do notice one particularly large oak tree. \"What a fine oak,\" you think."
  2. message 2 "You look up into the towering oak tree. You can only see large, spreading branches and thick leaves. Looking down, you see a small hole between the tree's large roots."
  3. message 3 "You try to climb the huge oak tree, but cannot find a good hand hold. You slip back, and all you gain for your efforts are splinters."
  4. message 4 "You lie down on the ground and look into the small hole. It is too dark inside to see anything."
  5. message 5 "%m6You feel around inside the hollow tree and discover a rope, stretching up into the tree. You pull it and (to your amazement) a rope ladder falls from the branches above."
  6. message 6 "You lie down on the ground and reach into the small hole. "
  7. message 7 "%m6You feel around for the rope, but when you pull it, nothing happens. The ladder stays in place."
  8. message 8 "The rope ladder stretches up into the branches."
  9. message 9 "The ladder is attached to the oak tree. You cannot remove it."
  10. message 10 "There's nothing of interest here, just some acorns scattered around this old oak tree."
  11. message 11 "The acorns surround the old oak tree, and crunch under your step."
  12. message 12 "You pick and poke among the fallen acorns, looking for dried ones. You eventually find three dried acorns, and take them with you."
  13. message 13 "You pick and poke among the fallen acorns looking for dried ones. You don't find any; these are all newly fallen."
  14. message 14 "There are no climbable trees nearby."
  15. message 15 "What ladder?"
  16. message 16 "You need to be closer."
  17. message 17 "In your insect form, you fit easily through the hole in the tree."
  18. message 18 "You are much too big to fit into that small hole."
  19. message 19 "The flowers are pretty, but otherwise uninteresting to you."


  1. message 1 "The soft grass soothes your aching feet."
  2. message 2 "The many beautiful trees bring a sense of peace to this forest."
  3. message 3 "A lone mountain rises sharply from the forest floor, its jagged peak encircled by dark clouds. A treacherous path winds its way up the steep mountainside. You, and the wizard Manannan, live at the top of the peak."
  4. message 4 "The dangerous, winding path leads up the side of the dark mountain."
  5. message 5 "You need to be closer to the mountain for that."


  1. message 1 "You have entered a quaint, seaside town. Smoke curls lazily from the houses and shops overlooking the ocean. A pier stretches out into the bay. Near the pier, you notice a store and a tavern."
  2. message 2 "The store is on the south side of the pier."
  3. message 3 "The tavern is on the north side of the pier."
  4. message 4 "%m5 There is a ship tied to the dock."
  5. message 5 "The pier is made of rough, but sturdy, timbers, and stretches out into the bay."
  6. message 6 "Waves lap gently against the pilings. But, there is nothing else interesting down there."
  7. message 7 "The old, rusted anchor is much too heavy to move."
  8. message 8 "You peer into the window, but cannot make out any details of the dim interior."
  9. message 9 "If you want to enter, why not try the door?"
  10. message 10 "Ouch!"
  11. message 11 "The door is already open."
  12. message 12 "You are not close enough."
  13. message 13 "You don't have to knock, just open the door and go in."
  14. message 14 "It's just a door; it opens and closes."
  15. message 15 "Wouldn't it help to be near a window?"
  16. message 16 "The soft grass of the forest has been replaced by the coarse grass of the seashore."
  17. message 17 "The door is already closed."
  18. message 18 "The trees are not as large, being so near the coast."


  1. message 1 "A large ship is tied to the dock."
  2. message 2 "What ship?"
  3. message 3 "There does not seem to be any way to do that."
  4. message 4 "A charming village sits atop a bluff overlooking the ocean."
  5. message 5 "A weathered dock leads into the ocean."
  6. message 6 "With a sinking feeling, you notice that the large ship is no longer tied to the pier. It looks like you missed the boat!"


  1. message 1 "There are lovely flowers growing in this well-tended garden. Their sweet scent and beautiful colors delight you."
  2. message 2 "%m1 To your surprise, you see a bear, wearing a dress, working in the garden. It must be Mama Bear!"
  3. message 3 "You carefully peek into the pretty flowers of the flower garden. Drops of glistening dew have gathered within their soft petals."
  4. message 4 "This is the comfortable home of the Three Bears. A well-tended flower garden grows out front."
  5. message 5 "You peer through the window, but the inside is dimly lit and you cannot make out any details."
  6. message 6 "You need to move closer."
  7. message 7 "The heavy wooden door is closed."
  8. message 8 "You see three fully-clothed bears!"
  9. message 9 "You wouldn't want to spoil the lovely flower bed by picking one!"
  10. message 10 "Mama Bear growls at you as you near the flower bed. Better stay away from it... and HER!"
  11. message 11 "Oh, dear! You have annoyed Mama Bear by trampling her precious flowers."
  12. message 12 "\"AND STAY OUT!!!\""
  13. message 13 "Holding the silver thimble beneath a dew-filled flower, you gently tip the flower so its dew runs into the thimble. You move from flower to flower, repeating the process until your thimble is brimming with dew."
  14. message 14 "You must have a thimble in order to get a thimbleful of dew."
  15. message 15 "Your thimble is already full of dew."
  16. message 20 "What's this? Three clothed bears??\n\nYou hear Papa Bear exclaim, \"What a beautiful day for a stroll through the forest.\""
  17. message 21 "There are three fully-clothed bears coming!\n\nYou hear Mama Bear say, \"Thank you, Dear. That was a lovely walk.\""
  18. message 22 "Evidently, they don't hear you."
  19. message 23 "\"SCRAM!!\" growls Papa Bear. \"We're not interested!\""
  20. message 24 "He doesn't seem happy to see you."
  21. message 25 "The cottage is too dimly lit to make out any details."
  22. message 26 "You see a lone mountain peak in the distance. Dark clouds swirl around its summit."
  23. message 27 "The dew is beautiful."
  24. message 28 "Your cordial greeting annoys the bear, and she growls back, \"Grrrrrrrrrrrrreetings yourrrrrrrrrrself, young man. Stay out of my garden!\""
  25. message 29 "Again, you speak to the bear. \"Grrrrrrrrrrr!\" she growls menacingly. \"We don't take to strangers here. Go away!\""
  26. message 30 "Insistently, you talk to the bear yet again. She ignores you, but you hear a constant low growl from deep within her."
  27. message 31 "It is utterly impossible for you to catch a big bear."
  28. message 32 "How could you hurt a big bear? You couldn't."
  29. message 33 "A strange idea."
  30. message 34 "You rap lightly on the door of the charming house."
  31. message 35 "No reply."
  32. message 36 "You knock again, louder."
  33. message 37 "Again, there is no response."
  34. message 38 "Perhaps no one is home?"
  35. message 40 "Where?"


  1. message 1 "You see a small seaside village up the coast to the north. Smoke rises lazily from chimneys and mingles with the ocean air."
  2. message 2 "One of the trees has a light-green colored plant growing upon it. On closer inspection, you see that it's mistletoe."
  3. message 3 "The mistletoe hangs from the branches of the tree. There are a few dried sprigs mingled with the green mistletoe."
  4. message 4 "You search among the hanging mistletoe until you find a sprig that has dried. You break it off, and carry it with you."
  5. message 5 "You are not close enough."
  6. message 6 "There is a three-masted ship docked at the pier. By her sturdy lines and broad beam, you guess it to be a merchant vessel, trading goods in the town."
  7. message 7 "Where?"
  8. message 8 "%m9 You see a vessel tied up there now!"
  9. message 9 "A pier extends from the village and out into the bay. It is built of heavy timbers to withstand winter storms."
  10. message 10 "You give yourself a big smack. (Is this fun?)"
  11. message 11 "The trees are not as large, being so near the coast."
  12. message 12 "You look out over the vast, blue-gray ocean. You wonder what lands and people reside across it. If only you could know!"
  13. message 13 "You are standing atop a bluff overlooking the ocean, and see a village to the north. %m14 The trees here are stunted and twisted by strong ocean winds."
  14. message 14 "The soft grass of the forest has been replaced by the coarse grass of the seashore."
  15. message 15 "There is no need to climb this tree."
  16. message 16 "You see seagulls flying overhead."
  17. message 17 "You look through the remaining mistletoe, but find none that is dry."


  1. message 1 "There is a ship docked at the pier."
  2. message 2 "A charming village sits atop a bluff overlooking the ocean."
  3. message 3 "The cliffs are very steep."
  4. message 4 "A weathered dock leads into the ocean."


  1. message 1 "You see nothing but ocean in every direction."
  2. message 2 "%m1 You notice a couple of colorful fish swimming nearby."
  3. message 3 "Your arms are getting very tired. You had better turn around and head for shore."
  4. message 4 "This ocean is full of colorful fish."
  5. message 5 "They are too difficult to catch."
  6. message 6 "They don't understand you."
  7. message 7 "The jar of storm brew slips from your fingers as you try to open it. In dismay, you watch it sink out of sight. It is gone forever."
  8. message 8 "\"See that boy swimming here?\" one colorful fish says to a friend. \"He's really from the Kingdom of Daventry. \"Do you think he's trying to swim back there?\""
  9. message 9 "States the second fish, \"No, that's impossible. Daventry's too far! It's way across this ocean, and once there, he'd still have to climb a huge mountain range. He'd never make it this way.\""
  10. message 10 "You listen with interest as two fish speak to each other. \"There's that boy from Daventry,\" one states. \"I wonder if he would like to return there?\""
  11. message 11 "\"I doubt it,\" responds the second fish. \"I hear Daventry's going through some hard times; even worse than Llewdor. No, he wouldn't want to go there.\""
  12. message 12 "\"How are your smallfry doing in school?\" one frolicking fish asks another."
  13. message 13 "Answers the other, \"Not well, I'm afraid. The school's much too crowded. They don't know if they're coming or going!\""
  14. message 14 "\"That boy ought to swim back to shore,\" you overhear one fish say to another. \"I'm afraid he'll drown way out here.\""
  15. message 15 "\"Well, humans are pretty stupid creatures. They're always trying to defy Mother Nature,\" the second fish declares. \"There's nothing you can do about it, anyway.\""
  16. message 16 "You have reached the limits of your strength. You panic and start to struggle hopelessly."
  17. message 17 "\"My, that was a tasty little bug.\""
  18. message 18 "Exit edge = %v176 "
  19. message 19 "The sky is a clear, cloudless blue."
  20. message 20 "You dip your head under the water, but see nothing. It's too deep, anyway."
  21. message 21 "Shhhh. If you're quiet, maybe you can hear them."
  22. message 22 "Gosh! You barely made a mouthful for that hungry shark!"


  1. message 1 "You look around and see no familiar landmarks. A tight knot of fear begins to form in your stomach as you realize you don't know how to get out of this desert."
  2. message 2 "Drinking the salty ocean water intensifies your thirst."
  3. message 3 "You have no water. Your desperate mind must be playing tricks on you."
  4. message 4 "You are getting very hot and tired. You'd better find your way out of this desert soon."
  5. message 5 "You can't take the relentless sun anymore, and collapse from heat stroke. Miserably, you die in this dreadful desert."
  6. message 6 "The mountain to the north seems to float on the horizon."
  7. message 7 "The snake scurries around without noticing you."
  8. message 8 "That is not a wise idea. The snake is probably dangerous."
  9. message 9 "What snake?"
  10. message 10 "You have entered a great desert."
  11. message 11 "You see buzzards circling high above you."
  12. message 12 "The hot ground is parched and dry."


  1. message 1 "The winding path spirals steeply down the mountainside. It leads from the wizard's house at the top, to the forests of Llewdor below."
  2. message 2 "The sky is darker near the top of the mountain as there are dark, swirling clouds surrounding its summit."
  3. message 3 "Dark clouds surround the mountain peak, adding a cold and sinister feeling."
  4. message 4 "The lone mountain, with its steep path, rises from the forests of Llewdor to a cloud-encircled peak."
  5. message 5 "The foliage is very scant on this steep mountainside."
  6. message 6 "It is very difficult to see the wizard's house from this viewpoint."


  1. message 1 "Not now!"
  2. message 2 "The lone mountain rises from the forests of Llewdor to this cloud-encircled peak. Here is the somber house of Manannan, where you and he reside."
  3. message 3 "The treacherous path is the only route down the mountain. If you are contemplating taking it, you should be very cautious."
  4. message 4 "The foliage is very scant on this steep mountainside."
  5. message 5 "The sky is dark here due to the swirling clouds surrounding this summit."
  6. message 6 "Dark clouds surround this peak adding a cold, sinister feeling to this lonely mountain."
  7. message 7 "The mountain is too steep to climb. Use the path."
  8. message 8 "The ground is hard and rocky on this lonely mountaintop."
  9. message 9 "This is the gloomy home of Manannan, the evil wizard who is your master."
  10. message 10 "You can't reach it from here."
  11. message 11 "The door of the wizard's house is closed at the moment."
  12. message 12 "Why don't you just open it; you DO live here."
  13. message 13 "Your arms are not long enough to reach it from here."
  14. message 14 "A couple of chickens strut about their chicken coop. As all chickens do, they peck, scratch, and cluck. The poor things; they will end up as the old wizard's dinner one day. %m25"
  15. message 15 "The gate is closed."
  16. message 16 "Shhh. If you're quiet, perhaps you'll hear them."
  17. message 17 "You cannot reach the chickens."
  18. message 18 "The little varmint scoots out of reach."
  19. message 19 "Gotcha! You've managed to catch a chicken. But, what are you going to do with it?"
  20. message 20 "The chicken flies out of your grasp, and again struts around the coop."
  21. message 21 "You have to catch a chicken first."
  22. message 22 "Tucking the chicken firmly under one arm, you gently pluck a small feather, then let it go."
  23. message 23 "The chicken struggles in your arms, trying to peck you. Apparently, it doesn't enjoy being held."
  24. message 24 "You already took a chicken feather."
  25. message 25 "There is a bag of chicken feed behind the fence, beside the chicken coop."
  26. message 26 "The bag behind the fence is full of chicken feed."
  27. message 27 "You only need the chicken feed if you want to feed the chickens."
  28. message 28 ""
  29. message 29 "What's wrong with the chicken you're holding?"
  30. message 30 "The chickens pay no attention to you."
  31. message 31 "You never were very good at doing that. You'd really rather not."
  32. message 32 "Sorry, Colonel; they're not even dead yet!"
  33. message 33 "\"The poor boy,\" clucks one of the hens. \"He thinks his name is Gwydion.\"
  34. message 34 "\"Wouldn't he be surprised to find out he's a prince!\" replies the other hen."
  35. message 35 "\"Yes,\" cackles the first hen. \"He's really Prince Alexander.\""
  36. message 36 "You hear one chicken say to the other, \"I feel so sorry for the boy. The old wizard treats him miserably.\""
  37. message 37 "\"Yes, dear,\" replies the other one, \"but YOU ought to worry about your own neck. Look at the situation WE'RE in.\""
  38. message 38 "\"Remember Gertrude,\" one of the chickens reminisces. \"Remember how one day the old wizard came out and got her.\""
  39. message 39 "\"Oh, I know,\" clucks the other. \"It was horrible! I hear she ended up in his stew. I can't bear to think about it!\" "
  40. message 40 "You overhear one of the hens speaking to the other, \"Whatever happened to your last batch of chicks, my dear?\""
  41. message 41 "Answers the other, \"My poor babies were doing so well! I was just teaching them the proper methods of scratching when that old rascal came out and took them away!\""
  42. message 42 "\"Where do you think he took them?\" wondered the first hen."
  43. message 43 "\"I hate to think,\" the distraught mother hen replies. \"I just heard them peeping as they were carried off.\""


  1. message 1 "You have flown through the hole at the base of the tree and are now inside the hollow trunk. You see a rope leading up into a small hole above you. This area is cramped and confining, even for a fly."
  2. message 2 "You hope you'll be able to fit inside the tree in your normal form."
  3. message 3 ""
  4. message 4 ""
  5. message 5 "Obviously, your hopes were ill-founded. Too late, you realize you are inside a tree, and... the results are too gruesome to discuss."
  6. message 6 ""


  1. message 1 "The Oracle remains silent for a long time. Finally, you hear a hollow voice that seems to come from far away, \"I've been waiting for you a long time, Gwydion. I have sorrowful news for you.\""
  2. message 2 "\"Years ago, a terrible three-headed dragon invaded Daventry, and keeps the people in a state of terror. This monster requires, once a year, the sacrifice of a young maiden.\""
  3. message 3 "\"Sadly, your own sister, Princess Rosella, is the chosen one this year. Time is running out for her, your parents, and Daventry.\""
  4. message 4 "Silence again...then, \"Behold the crystal ball!\" Within the ball, the medley of colors swirl together to form a vision of a dragon with three hideous heads. Then, the image changes to reveal a beautiful blond girl, crying. Your heart goes out to her."
  5. message 5 "\"You, Gwydion,\" the hollow voice continues, \"are the only one who can save them. But, you must hurry! I have something to give you...a small stone of amber. Use it wisely, my friend.\""
  6. message 6 "The Oracle grows silent again, and seems to fall into a deep sleep. You attempt to thank the Oracle, but the Oracle does not respond."
  7. message 7 "You have entered the cave of the Oracle, whose image shimmers indistinctly above a crystal ball."
  8. message 8 "The Oracle is in a deep state of meditation. You are not heard."
  9. message 9 "The Oracle`s image is vague and indistinct, and seems to shimmer slightly as he (she, it?) hovers over a large crystal ball. The Oracle gazes intently into it."
  10. message 10 "The clear, polished ball of crystal rests upon a stone dais. Within it, you see a kaleidoscope of bright colors and flashing lights, occasionally blurred by dark, ominous shadows."
  11. message 11 "That is impossible. No mere mortal may touch the mystic ball."
  12. message 12 "You see the green countryside of Llewdor out the opening of the cave."
  13. message 13 "You can't get an oracle!"
  14. message 14 "The Oracle appears to be deep in meditation."
  15. message 17 "The Oracle is in a deep state of meditation. You are not heard."
  16. message 18 "You have entered the cave of the Oracle. You are almost afraid to speak."


  1. message 1 "You are standing outside a shack that has been built in the branches of the spreading oak tree. A rope ladder leads down toward the ground."
  2. message 2 "There seems to be somebody moving around inside the treehouse."
  3. message 3 "You can see very little of the interior from out here. But there seems to be a figure sleeping in a chair."
  4. message 4 "The doorway of the treehouse is only a rough opening in the planks."
  5. message 5 "There is no window, only a hole cut in the side."
  6. message 6 "The rope ladder drops down through the leaves of the huge tree toward the ground below."
  7. message 7 "The tree looks very difficult to climb around on, but you can try if you wish."
  8. message 8 "The thick leaves of the oak tree allow only rare glimpses of the sky above."
  9. message 9 "The thick leaves and massive branches obscure the ground below."
  10. message 10 "You can see someone moving about, but can not make out details from here."
  11. message 11 "You see no one else around."
  12. message 12 "It's hard to tell without entering."
  13. message 13 "On second thought, you decide not to make a storm. You remember how dangerous it is to be in a tree during a storm."


  1. message 1 "You have entered the bandits' hideout; one of them is coming after you now!"
  2. message 2 "You have entered the bandits' hideout; one of them is sleeping at a small table."
  3. message 3 "The hideout is made of rough planks, sparsely furnished with a table, a chair, and a small, wooden bin in the corner."
  4. message 4 "The ugly bandit is dressed in dirty clothes. He looks, and smells, as if he hasn't had a bath in months. He has a very threatening look in his eyes!"
  5. message 5 "The scoundrel is fast asleep at the table. He is dressed in dirty, ragged clothes, and emits a very unpleasant odor."
  6. message 6 "There is a leather coin purse lying on top of a wobbly table."
  7. message 7 "The wobbly, wooden table is made out of rough planks."
  8. message 8 "You very carefully lift the coin purse off the table; practically out from under the sleeping bandit's nose!"
  9. message 9 "That is not possible!"
  10. message 10 "This must be where the bandits store their loot! You see all of your stolen possessions inside the bin."
  11. message 11 "There is nothing in the bin."
  12. message 12 "The shabby, wooden bin is built into a corner of the treehouse. It is covered by a hinged lid."
  13. message 13 "The bin is already open."
  14. message 14 "You slowly lift the lid, and hope the squeaky hinges do not wake the bandit."
  15. message 15 "He looks pretty big and mean. Perhaps you should run instead."
  16. message 16 "What kind of person would kill a sleeping man?!"
  17. message 17 "The bandit opens his eyes and sees you in his hideout. He jumps up from the chair and chases you."
  18. message 18 "You see the limbs and leaves of the tree swaying in the breeze."
  19. message 19 "Ok."
  20. message 20 "There is nothing in the bin."
  21. message 21 "The lid is closed."
  22. message 22 "You need to be closer."
  23. message 23 "You see the stained and dirty floor, and through the cracks, between the planks, you see the ground far below."
  24. message 24 "The heartless thug drags you out the door and pushes you off the porch."


  1. message 1 "The door is open fully to the sea breezes."
  2. message 2 "The store is full of general merchandise and supplies to meet the needs of the village. A friendly storekeeper bustles busily behind the counter."
  3. message 3 "The shelves are filled with all sorts of useful items. There are a few items of particular interest to you: leather pouches, salt, fish oil, and lard."
  4. message 4 "The short, balding storekeeper seems to be an amiable fellow."
  5. message 5 "Outside, you see the village and the ocean."
  6. message 6 "The woodstove is hard at work heating the little store. It is chilly here, so close to the ocean."
  7. message 7 "That is not a smart idea. The storekeeper is keeping an eye on you!"
  8. message 8 "The storekeeper asks \"Now, what can I do for you?\""
  9. message 9 "\"I'll be right with you sir,\" the storekeeper tells you."
  10. message 10 "You don't have any money."
  11. message 11 "\"Try the tavern across the street,\" the friendly storekeeper says."
  12. message 12 "\"The store is full of supplies,\" the balding shopkeeper tells you. \"What would you like?\""
  13. message 13 "\"I've got some dusting to do,\" the shopkeeper says, turning around. \"Just let me know when you need something.\""
  14. message 14 "The shopkeeper offers, \"Let me know if I can be of any help to you, sir.\""
  15. message 15 "You have no use for %w2."
  16. message 17 "This is a business, not a charity. You have to buy the things you want."
  17. message 18 "How high? Are you a rabbit?"
  18. message 19 "You need to move closer to the counter."
  19. message 20 "That will be one gold coin."
  20. message 21 "Smiling, the storekeeper says, \"You will be very happy with this %w2, %m20\""
  21. message 22 "\"A fine choice indeed, young man,\" the storekeeper says, smiling. \"%m20\""
  22. message 23 "\"You have purchased the finest %w2 in the land,\" the friendly storekeeper informs you. \"%m20\""
  23. message 24 "With a smile the storekeeper says, \"I guarantee you will be happy with this %w2, young sir. %m20\""
  24. message 25 "\"A wise purchase sir,\" the balding storekeeper states. \"You will find no better %w2 in the land. %m20\""
  25. message 26 "\"Good day to you, young man,\" greets the store keeper. \"What can I do for you?\""
  26. message 27 "\"What else can I get for you?\" asks the amiable storekeeper."
  27. message 28 "Don't jump the counter. The storekeeper would get mad."
  28. message 29 "You do not have it."
  29. message 30 "You already bought it. You don't need any more."
  30. message 31 "You speak to the storekeeper. He answers, \"Feel free to browse, sir. If you want to buy something, let me know.\""
  31. message 32 "\"The weather is unsettled. We may have a storm soon,\" the storekeeper comments."
  32. message 33 "\"What may I do for you today, sir?\" the storekeeper offers."
  33. message 34 "The clerk responds, \"The day's turned a bit nippy, eh?\""
  34. message 35 "\"How do you do, sir. Hope the day is treating you well,\" the shopkeeper says with a smile."
  35. message 36 "\"Wasn't it a shame about the wreck of the Lisa May?\" the storekeeper responds."
  36. message 37 "The storekeeper looks you over, \"Looks like you could use some new clothes, sonny.\""
  37. message 38 "You need to be closer."
  38. message 40 "As you pet him, Kenny licks your hand and thumps his tail in appreciation."
  39. message 41 "%m40 A small wad of dog fur collects in your hand, and you tuck it into your pocket for later use."
  40. message 42 "You already have some dog fur."
  41. message 43 "You speak to the dog in a soothing voice, and his ears perk up. \"Go ahead and pet him,\" says the storekeeper. \"Kenny loves attention.\""
  42. message 44 "The dog lying on the floor is obviously a mutt. The name, \"Kenny\", is embossed on his leather collar."
  43. message 45 "You must be kidding."
  44. message 46 "Why, \"Ration\", of course!"
  45. message 47 "A brown-spotted dog lies on the floor."
  46. message 49 "Kenny belongs to the storekeeper."
  47. message 50 "You're not that cruel!"
  48. message 51 "He won't let you!"


  1. message 1 "One of the rowdy seamen yells to the barmaid, \"Wench! Come o'er here with more rum!\""
  2. message 2 "Bottles of rum and wine sit atop shelves behind the bar."
  3. message 3 "%m2 A pretty barmaid stands there."
  4. message 4 "%m2 A loud group of seafaring men are drinking rum at the table. They are swapping yarns about past voyages. You overhear as they speak of setting sail today for a distant land across the ocean."
  5. message 5 "%m2 Two surly-looking characters are drinking ale at the table. Looking closer, you see that they are the bandits from the forest!"
  6. message 6 "\"There ya go, boys. Now, drink up an' behave yer selves."
  7. message 7 "There is nobody here except you and the barmaid."
  8. message 8 "The sailors have obviously been drinking heavily for some time, and are very loud and rowdy!"
  9. message 9 "The two ruffians at the table see you looking at them, and glare back at you menacingly. It's the bandits from the forest!"
  10. message 10 "The buxom barmaid has an air of hardened determination. You get the feeling that she doesn't take any guff from anybody."
  11. message 11 "You overhear snatches of the two bandits' conversation, \"...squirmed jist like a pig. An' that rope ya rigged inside o' that big oak tree works great! Now nobody'll 'ere find ar' hideout. Why, I'll bet even that wizard...\""
  12. message 12 "You see the buildings of the village, and the ocean beyond."
  13. message 13 "Surely, you jest!"
  14. message 14 "It is a little pot-bellied woodstove."
  15. message 15 "The bar is a rough-hewn slab of oak."
  16. message 16 "A tattered, faded tapestry hangs next to a pair of rusty swords."
  17. message 17 "The decorations are firmly attached to the wall, and will not come off."
  18. message 18 "You lift a corner of the tapestry, and see the dirty wall behind it."
  19. message 19 "She tosses her head, and replies, \"What'll it be fer ya, sir? A good pull o' ale, or'd ya rather a dram o' rum? My, aren't ye the han'some one!\""
  20. message 20 "The barmaid retorts, \"Go on, ya deadbeat. Drinks cost money, ya know!\""
  21. message 21 "The barmaid hands you a glass, and the potent liquid burns as it slides down your parched throat. It hits bottom, and you suddenly feel a bit woozy."
  22. message 22 "That one tasted even better than the last. Just one more sounds like a good idea."
  23. message 23 "There is nobody here except the pretty barmaid."
  24. message 24 "Talk to whom?"
  25. message 25 "The sailors just ignore you."
  26. message 26 "One of the ugly rogues scowls at you as he says, \"Beat it, kid!\""
  27. message 27 "\"I'll be right with ya sir,\" the barmaid says, winking."
  28. message 28 "The sailors peer at you through bleary eyes, and continue swilling their rum. One, who looks like the captain, pauses, and drunkenly slurs, \"Aye, me bucko, be ya wantin' passage on me ship? Whatcha runnin' from? Aw, s'no matter, 's long as ya got gold. Lets me see how much ya got!\""
  29. message 29 "The drunken sea captain looks angry as he asks again, \" Don't ignore me laddie! I asked ya how much gold ya got fer passage on me ship?\""
  30. message 30 "\"Too late bucko,\" the sea captain slurs. \"I ain' in'ersted in ya no more. Go pester some'un else.\""
  31. message 31 "As you bring out the purse, the captain snatches it from your hand and says,"
  32. message 32 "%m31 \"Aye lad, I sees ya do have a wee bit 'o gold. It's less'n me reg'lar fare, but I'll gives ya passage anyways. We'll be waitin' fer ya at the wharf, but not fer long.\" The captain and his men down their rum in one long draught, then leave the tavern."
  33. message 33 "\"Ya little cheat! Ya've got not a farthing! Ya was tryin' t' weasel aboard me ship!! Go on with ya, git outta me sight!\""
  34. message 34 "%m36 \"What can I do fer ya sir? Can I get ya somethin'? I can't spend much time with ya, 'cause I gotta handle these seafarin' scoundrels that come inta town t'day.\""
  35. message 35 "%m36 Without taking her eyes off the two men, she says, \"I'll be happy to take yer order, but be quick 'bout it 'cause those two are keepin' me hoppin'.\""
  36. message 36 "\"Keep yer shirts on, ya ornery buzzards,\" the barmaid yells. \"I'll be there quick enough!\""
  37. message 37 "You are too far away."
  38. message 38 "The two scroungy thieves are dirty and unkempt, and their clothes are smelly. Cruelty darkens their faces. These look like good people to avoid."
  39. message 39 "You signal the barmaid, \"I'd like to buy these two gentlemen a round.\""
  40. message 40 "%m39 When she brings the drinks, you discover that you only have one coin. With a look of scorn, she takes your last coin and leaves one drink for the two oafs to fight over."
  41. message 41 "%m39 If ya says so, sir,\" she replies. \"That'll be two gold, if ya please.\" The bandits down the drinks with nary a thank you."
  42. message 42 "%m31 %m33"
  43. message 43 "The bandits are pointedly ignoring you. Don't press your luck."
  44. message 44 "You don't have time to be sitting around in taverns."
  45. message 45 "Your presence would not be appreciated."
  46. message 46 "Kegs of ale line the wall."
  47. message 47 "You need to buy it first."
  48. message 48 "\"Watch it, fella!\""
  49. message 49 "A table, devoid of customers, rests against the wall."
  50. message 50 "One of the surly-looking characters yells to the barmaid, \"Wench! Come o'er here with more ale!\""
  51. message 51 "\"Right ya go, sir.\" says the pretty barmaid. \"This round's on you!\" \"It'll be one gold coin.\""
  52. message 52 "\"Right ya go, sir.\" says the pretty barmaid. \"The next round's on you!\" \"That'll be one gold coin.\""
  53. message 53 "The window does not open."
  54. message 54 "Bottles of rum and wine sit atop shelves behind the bar. Kegs of ale line the wall."


  1. message 1 "You are in the charming home of the Three Bears. Mama Bear certainly does keep her house nice and cozy."
  2. message 2 "The large wooden table is clean and polished."
  3. message 3 "There is a cheery fire crackling in the fireplace, even though it's summer."
  4. message 4 "You see the forest and Mama Bear's flower garden outside."
  5. message 5 "A rustic wooden stairway leads to the second floor."
  6. message 6 "There is only a splintered pile of wood that was once a small chair."
  7. message 7 "The medium-sized chair looks very soft and comfortable."
  8. message 8 "The wooden chair is very large, and solidly built. It must be Papa Bear's."
  9. message 9 "You can't reach it from here."
  10. message 10 "This chair feels just right."
  11. message 11 "You sink deeply into the overstuffed chair... too deeply! This chair is much too soft."
  12. message 12 "You feel very small and uncomfortable in this big chair. This chair is much too hard."
  13. message 13 "You taste the porridge and decide that this bowl of porridge is "
  14. message 14 "This bowl of porridge is "
  15. message 15 "%m13much too hot."
  16. message 16 "%m13much too cold."
  17. message 17 "%m13just right! You take another bite, then another, and another. Before you realize it, you have downed the entire bowl."
  18. message 18 "You ate it all."
  19. message 19 "You're not close enough."
  20. message 20 "%m14much too hot."
  21. message 21 "%m14much too cold."
  22. message 22 "%m14just right! So, you take it with you."
  23. message 23 "There are only two bowls on the table; one is too hot, and the other too cold."
  24. message 24 ""
  25. message 25 "%m6 You can't sit on that!"
  26. message 26 "The cute little wooden chair looks sturdily built."
  27. message 27 "There are two bowls of porridge on the table. One is too hot, and the other is too cold."
  28. message 28 "There are three bowls of porridge on the table. You are surprised that bears eat porridge. You always thought they ate honey and berries."
  29. message 29 "%m2 %m27"
  30. message 30 "%m2 %m28"
  31. message 31 "The window does not open."
  32. message 32 "Where?"
  33. message 33 "You drop to your hands and knees and look under the pine table. You see nothing but a clean floor."
  34. message 34 "The chairs are arranged in a cozy conversational grouping around the dining table."
  35. message 35 "It appears however, that a previous conversation may have gotten out of hand."
  36. message 36 "Oh, oh!"


  1. message 1 "You jump onto the medium-sized bed and sink deep into its fluffy depths."
  2. message 2 "You flop onto the biggest (and hardest) bed!"
  3. message 3 "You lie upon the smallest bed, and snuggle down into the pillow."
  4. message 4 "There is nothing of interest under the bed."
  5. message 5 "You open the drawer, take the thimble, and close the drawer in one fluid movement."
  6. message 7 "You open the drawer, and among the clothes, you see a pretty silver thimble."
  7. message 8 "You pick up the thimble and carry it with you."
  8. message 9 "The drawer is already closed."
  9. message 10 "You see a few bear-sized clothes and a silver thimble."
  10. message 11 "You see a few bear-sized clothes."
  11. message 12 "It is already open."
  12. message 13 "You have already taken it!"
  13. message 14 "You open the drawer and see some bear-sized clothes."
  14. message 15 "You are in the Bear family's cozy bedroom. You see three beds and a chest of drawers."
  15. message 16 "A dresser sits in the corner of the room."
  16. message 17 "You need to move closer."
  17. message 18 "This bed is MUCH too hard!"
  18. message 19 "Shhhh! You'll wake yourself up."
  19. message 20 "Oh No! Papa Bear has found you sleeping in Baby Bear's bed! You are in for it now!"
  20. message 21 "The drawers are shut."
  21. message 22 "Ahhhh! This bed is just right. You've fallen asleep."
  22. message 23 "Good idea. You've got too much to do to be lying around in a strange bed."
  23. message 24 "I'm not asleep, are you?"
  24. message 25 "This bed is MUCH too soft!"
  25. message 26 "They wouldn't fit you."
  26. message 27 "This is a big, old bed. It must be Papa Bear's."
  27. message 28 "This looks like a nice, soft bed. Maybe it's Mama Bear's."
  28. message 29 "This bed looks just the right size for you."


  1. message 1 "You know you must work with the utmost care. Every step is critical; each must be done in the proper way, in the proper sequence. You tremble in anticipation."
  2. message 2 "You scratch your head at the confusing old book, and turn away in puzzlement."
  3. message 3 "A strange feeling comes over you. You wonder if you could have made a mistake!"
  4. message 4 "A mysterious music fills the laboratory!"
  5. message 5 "The mysterious music stops. What could this mean?"
  6. message 6 "Successfully completing the spell, you again look at the wizard's laboratory."
  7. message 7 "]"
  8. message 8 "What would you do with the brazier?"
  9. message 9 "It is already burning."
  10. message 10 "Making sure there is fresh charcoal in the brazier (there is a small supply here), you light it with the flint. Soon, the brazier is hot."
  11. message 11 "The brazier has burned all the charcoal, and is now cool."
  12. message 12 "For a moment you consider doing that, but then realize it wouldn't work."
  13. message 13 "The small brazier is made of metal shaped into a bowl, with four small legs. It is filled with charcoal and topped with a metal grill. It is used for heating or cooking things."
  14. message 14 "%m17 You could heat things quickly with the brazier right now."
  15. message 15 "%m18stone cold."
  16. message 16 "The charcoal belongs in the brazier. You have no need for it anywhere else."
  17. message 17 "%m18very hot!"
  18. message 18 "The charcoal in the metal brazier is "


  1. message 1 ""
  2. message 2 "Adventure Game Development System"
  3. message 3 "(C) 1987 by Sierra On-Line, Inc."
  4. message 11 "Viewmaster:"
  5. message 12 "Dale Carlson"
  6. message 21 "Quality Assurance:"
  7. message 22 "Larry Weissenborn"
  8. message 23 "Bob Ballew"
  9. message 24 "Andrea Monsalve"
  10. message 25 "Russ Truelove"
  11. message 26 "Kim Covert"
  12. message 27 "Linda Bye"
  13. message 31 "Packaging and Documentation:"
  14. message 32 "Annette Childs"
  15. message 33 "Greg Steffen"
  16. message 41 "Key Grip:"
  17. message 42 "Ken Williams"


  1. message 1 "Gwydion is a lonely lad of seventeen who has lived for as long as he can remember with an evil and cruel wizard, by the name of Manannan. Gwydion gazes upon the countryside of Llewdor with longing, wishing he were free to leave. But, alas, such is not the case."
  2. message 2 "Manannan treats the poor boy like his slave; ordering him about, constantly threatening him, and refusing to ever let him leave the premises. Often, Gwydion wonders who he really is, and how he came to live with the old wizard. But, Manannan offers no help in that area."
  3. message 3 "Suddenly, the front door opens and out stalks Manannan, the wizard! \"GWYDION!!\" he shouts harshly."
  4. message 4 "Oh, oh! Gwydion rushes to his side, afraid he may be in trouble. \"Why are you not WORKING, boy?\" the wizard sneers. Gwydion mumbles a faint reply. \"The kitchen floor is FILTHY!\" Manannan grumbles. \"Go sweep it. NOW!!\" Turning on his heel, the wizard re-enters the house, slamming the door behind him."
  5. message 5 "Such is the story of young Gwydion's life to this point. What's a poor boy to do? Oh, well. In resignation, Gwydion obediently follows Manannan into the house."


#message 1 "Gosh! You barely made a mouthful for that hungry shark!"

  1. message 2 "A prowling shark waits offshore."
  2. message 3 "You've got to be kidding?!"
  3. message 4 "The pirate ship is anchored just offshore. You'd best be on your way."
  4. message 5 "The pirate's ship is nowhere in sight!"
  5. message 6 "You are on a small beach to the south of a looming mountain range."
  6. message 7 "To the north, a mountain range beckons."
  7. message 8 "Yep. It's sandy here."
  8. message 9 "You see no trees."
  9. message 10 "You have no way of killing a shark."
  10. message 11 "He doesn't understand you."


  1. message 1 "Not again! One of the nasty pirates is here on the beach, and he would like to capture you. You'd better run!"
  2. message 2 "Gosh! You barely made a mouthful for that hungry shark!"
  3. message 3 "You've got to be kidding."
  4. message 4 "A prowling shark waits offshore."
  5. message 5 "He can't understand you."
  6. message 6 "You are on a small beach to the south of a looming mountain range."
  7. message 7 "To the north, a mountain range beckons."
  8. message 8 "Yep. It's sandy here."
  9. message 9 "You have no way of killing a shark."
  10. message 10 "You have better things to do than to try to climb this tree."
  11. message 11 "A lone palm tree graces this beach."
  12. message 12 "How could you! You let yourself get caught again! Well, it's curtains for you this time."
  13. message 13 "He doesn't understand you."
  14. message 14 "A nasty pirate is here!"
  15. message 15 "\"Arrr! I'm gonna git ya laddie!\""
  16. message 16 "You're no match for him!"


  1. message 1 "You are at the foot of a high, snowy mountain range. A cliff looms before you with a tricky path winding its way up the steep face."
  2. message 2 "The narrow path winding up the steep cliff looks precarious and confusing. \"Must I climb this?\" you wonder."
  3. message 3 "The shrubbery is scant here, growing only between boulders."
  4. message 4 "The ground is strewn with large boulders."
  5. message 5 "You look upward and see the mountain range looming toward the beautiful blue sky."
  6. message 6 "There are no climbable trees here."
  7. message 7 "Not here."


  1. message 1 "You are at the foot of a high, snowy mountain range. A cliff looms before you with a tricky path winding its way up the steep face."
  2. message 2 "The narrow path winding up the steep cliff looks precarious and confusing. \"Must I climb this?\" you wonder."
  3. message 3 "The shrubbery is scant here, growing only between boulders."
  4. message 4 "The ground is strewn with large boulders."
  5. message 5 "You look upward and see the mountain range looming toward the beautiful blue sky."
  6. message 6 "There are no climbable trees here."
  7. message 7 "Not here."


  1. message 1 "The snow-capped mountains advance forever upward. A narrow path skims along the top of a precipitous ridge. As you look down, you see the steep cliff below you."
  2. message 2 "The thin path runs along the top of a steep ridge. You must be very careful as one wrong step will mean death!"
  3. message 3 "A forest begins, with tall evergreen trees and low bushes."
  4. message 4 "The ground goes... way up, or way down. Better be careful."
  5. message 5 "You look upward and see the mountain range looming toward the beautiful blue sky."
  6. message 6 "There are no climbable trees here."
  7. message 7 "There are few flowers among the tall evergreens.


  1. message 1 "You are at the foot of a high, snowy mountain range. A cliff looms before you with a tricky path winding its way up the steep face."
  2. message 2 "There is a narrow path winding up the steep cliff."
  3. message 3 "The shrubbery is scant here."
  4. message 4 "The ground is strewn with large boulders."
  5. message 5 "You look upward and see the mountain range looming toward the beautiful blue sky."
  6. message 6 "There are no climbable trees here."
  7. message 7 "Not here."


  1. message 1 "You've reached the heights of the mountain range and snow and ice surround you. You still see no end to the mountains. It's bitterly cold, and you shiver in your thin rags. A path, through the snow, leads onward."
  2. message 2 "A path has been forged through the heavy snow. You wonder who made the path as you see no sign of life."
  3. message 3 "Plants and trees are scarce in the snowy reaches of these mountains."
  4. message 4 "The ground is completely covered with cold, white snow."
  5. message 5 "The deep-blue sky contrasts sharply with the brilliant white mountain peaks. You must admit, even while shivering, it is a beautiful sight."
  6. message 6 "There are no trees here."
  7. message 7 "White snow blankets everything here in the upper reaches of the great mountains. It's beautiful, but it is VERY cold."
  8. message 8 "The runoff from melting snows feeds a tiny stream cascading down through the jumble of stones."
  9. message 9 "Wheee!"
  10. message 10 "Ahhh. It tastes like Sierra water!"
  11. message 11 "Your arms are not that long."


  1. message 1 "You have reached the summit, but still the snowy mountains continue relentlessly forward. What is this? A cave with a snowy path leading to it! Hmmmmm. What could it all mean?"
  2. message 2 "A narrow path forges its way through the snowdrifts, and another leads into a large cave! Nervously, you look around."
  3. message 3 "The snowy cave is very large with thick icicles hanging from its entrance. It's very dark inside."
  4. message 4 "The ground is completely covered with cold, white snow."
  5. message 5 "The deep-blue sky contrasts sharply with the brilliant white mountain peaks. You must admit, even while shivering, it is a beautiful sight."
  6. message 7 "White snow blankets everything here in the upper reaches of the great mountains. It's beautiful, but it is VERY cold."
  7. message 9 "Wheee!"
  8. message 13 "Plants and trees are scarce in the snowy reaches of these mountains."


  1. message 1 "You have made the very top of the snowy mountain range. The snow path ends here at a cliff. Far in the distance, you can see a vast green valley. \"Could it be Daventry?\" you wonder. Your excitement mounts."
  2. message 2 "The snow path leads to the edge of a very steep precipice. You look about, but see that there is no place to go but straight down."
  3. message 3 "Plants and trees are scarce in the snowy reaches of these mountains."
  4. message 4 "The ground is completely covered with cold, white snow."
  5. message 5 "The deep-blue sky contrasts sharply with the brilliant white mountain peaks. You must admit, even while shivering, it is a beautiful sight."
  6. message 6 "There are no trees here."
  7. message 7 "White snow blankets everything here in the upper reaches of the great mountains. It's beautiful, but it is VERY cold."
  8. message 8 ""
  9. message 9 "Wheee!"
  10. message 13 "Bravely, you grasp the ice laden rocks, and attempt to scale the nearly vertical wall. Be careful, Gwydion!"
  11. message 14 ""
  12. message 15 "That must be Daventry!"
  13. message 16 "\"But why is Half Dome here?\" you wonder."
  14. message 17 "\"But, of course,\" you think, \"it's a Sierra game!\""


  1. message 1 "This is a very steep (and dangerous) cliff! Numerous caves honeycomb its face. You could get lost in the caves, IF you survive the cliff."
  2. message 2 "A narrow path continues onward."
  3. message 3 "There are no plants on this rocky cliff."
  4. message 4 "The ground is far below you. Be careful!"
  5. message 5 "The cliff face before you towers into the deep, blue sky."
  6. message 6 "What trees?"
  7. message 7 "Unable to grasp the ice pack,%m22"
  8. message 8 "Your assessment was correct!"
  9. message 9 "%v40/%v41, Area=%v220 "
  10. message 10 "Boy, are these caves dark!"
  11. message 11 " "
  12. message 12 " S"
  13. message 13 "S "
  14. message 14 " W"
  15. message 15 "W "
  16. message 18 "The caverns in this mountain form a labyrinth of amazing complexity."
  17. message 19 "The snow here has formed an icepack so hard it is impossible to gain a handhold."
  18. message 20 "Not now!"
  19. message 21 "Removing your hands from the sheer rock wall to rub the magic stone,%m22"
  20. message 22 " you quickly assess your chances of surviving a 700-foot fall."
  21. message 23 "As you reach for your fly wings, a sharp gust of wind blows them from your grasp."
  22. message 24 "You watch as your feather floats up, up and away on a sudden blast of frigid air."
  23. message 25 "You congratulate yourself on successfully eluding the abominable snowman."


  1. message 1 "You carefully make your way down the eastern side of these mountains. The path travels along the top of a narrow ridge. Looking back, you see the snowy peaks through which you so recently journeyed. Whew! You wipe your brow as you feel the worst is now behind you."
  2. message 2 "You are walking along a steep ridgetop on a treacherous path. One wrong step could mean instant death. Be careful!"
  3. message 3 "You see numerous evergreen trees and bushes. The forest is very tranquil."
  4. message 4 "The ground is covered with a crunchy carpet of pine needles."
  5. message 5 "Looking back, you see snow-capped peaks thrusting their way upward toward an azure sky."
  6. message 6 "There are no climbable trees here."
  7. message 7 "You see no flowers around here."


  1. message 1 "You carefully make your way down the eastern side of these mountains. The path travels along the top of a narrow ridge. Looking back, you see the snowy peaks through which you so recently journeyed. Whew! You wipe your brow as you feel the worst is now behind you."
  2. message 2 "You are trekking along a steep ridgetop on a treacherous path. One wrong step could mean instant death. Be careful!"
  3. message 3 "You see numerous evergreen trees and bushes. The forest is very tranquil."
  4. message 4 "The ground is covered with a crunchy carpet of pine needles."
  5. message 5 "Looking back, you see snow-capped peaks thrusting their way upward toward an azure sky."
  6. message 6 "There are no climbable trees here."
  7. message 7 "You see no flowers around here."


  1. message 1 "This cave is disgusting! It reeks of rotting flesh. Half-chewed bones of numerous creatures are scattered everywhere. Your skin creeps as you look at the sight before you. This is definitely not a good place to be!"
  2. message 2 "You have absolutely no interest in these horrible bones! Your only interest is in getting OUT OF THERE!"
  3. message 3 "The cold snow sparkles on the mountaintop as you glance out of the cave. It would be better to be OUT there than IN here."
  4. message 6 "Horrors! You have just entered the awful cave of the Abominable Snowman, and to your extreme bad luck he happens to be home!"
  5. message 7 "No message."
  6. message 16 "You can't do that now."
  7. message 17 "The mountain air is too thin to support insect flight."


  1. message 1 "You look upward and view the mountain range you so arduously crossed. Well, you made it to Daventry! But, what is this? It looks like a cave leading deep into the mountain. You see evidence that a door once covered this cave entrance. Huge boulders lie scattered about, apparently from tumbling down the mountain."
  2. message 2 "You gaze into the cave-like entrance. You see nothing but crumbly stone steps leading upward."
  3. message 3 "A deep chasm has split the earth on this side of the mountain. You wonder if an earthquake had once struck Daventry and caused the destruction you see before you. You see nothing of interest across it."
  4. message 4 "A once green woodland spreads out before you. Now though, many trees and bushes have been cruelly charred."
  5. message 5 "The ground is strewn with large boulders. A deep chasm cuts into it."
  6. message 6 "You see a mysterious cloud cover straight above you in the sky."
  7. message 7 "You see no flowers about."
  8. message 8 "The stone steps within the cave entrance look mighty crumbly. Curiously, they lead straight up into the mountain!"
  9. message 9 "There are no climbable trees around."
  10. message 10 "You successfully fall for twenty meters before you hit the bottom. You get a 4.1 from the Russian judge."
  11. message 11 "Whoops, you slipped!"
  12. message 12 "The chasm is much too wide to jump across, and too treacherous to climb."


  1. message 1 "This cave is merely the entrance to crumbly stone steps that lead upward into the depths of the mountain. Pebbles and little rocks lie scattered upon the cave floor."
  2. message 2 "The stone steps go up into the very depths of this mountain. Not only are they crumbly, but they are also very steep!"
  3. message 3 "Little stones and pebbles from the steps have fallen and lie scattered around the cave floor."
  4. message 4 "You see the charred trees of Daventry outside the cave."
  5. message 5 "Watch out for that first step. It's a dilly."


  1. message 1 "Crumbled stone steps go upward into the depths of this mountain. To your amazement, you see light coming down from above. Looking down, you see the stairs steeply descending below you."
  2. message 2 "The stone steps go up into the very depths of this mountain. Not only are they crumbly, but they are also very steep!"
  3. message 5 "Darn those steps!"


  1. message 1 "Finally, the top of the cave! You notice bright light streaming in from outside the cave. Looking down, you see the crumbly stone steps precariously descending into the bowels of the mountain."
  2. message 2 "You gaze nervously down the steep stone steps leading into the pit of the mountain. Swallowing hard, you realize how dangerous they are."
  3. message 3 "It's very bright outside. You think you see clouds."
  4. message 5 "No fair taking short cuts!"


  1. message 1 "Looking around, you see clouds surrounding this small bit of land like a white, cottony sea. Charred stumps of trees spoil the scene."
  2. message 2 "All of the trees and plants in this area have been burnt to stumps by the evil three-headed dragon!"
  3. message 3 "The ground is moist from the constant presence of clouds, but yet the trees are burnt and blackened."
  4. message 4 "The sky is blue and cloudless above this strange cloud land."
  5. message 5 "You have skillfully detected the boundaries of cloud land. The rest of your quest will go quickly..."
  6. message 6 "...downward!"
  7. message 7 "As you unroll the delicate map, it crumbles in the intense heat!"

Logic.066 (corrupt file)


  1. message 1 "Looking around, you see clouds surrounding this small bit of land like a white, cottony sea. Charred stumps of trees spoil the scene."
  2. message 2 "All of the trees and plants in this area have been burnt to stumps by the evil three-headed dragon!"
  3. message 3 "The ground is moist from the constant presence of clouds, but yet the trees are burnt and blackened."
  4. message 4 "The sky is blue and cloudless above this strange cloud land."
  5. message 5 "This is a very strange cloud land. There is just a bit of land dotted with charred trees encircled by a sea of white, fluffy clouds. This gives you the odd feeling of floating upon a cottony ocean. A cave entrance leads into a steep mountainside."
  6. message 6 "The mountain rises steeply from this bizarre cloud land. A cave goes into its depths."
  7. message 7 "The mountain is unclimbable as it is much too steep and rocky."
  8. message 8 "It feels strangely hot up here."
  9. message 9 "The cave leads deep into the steep mountainside. Within, crumbly stone steps lead downward to murky depths."
  10. message 10 "This mystical cloud land may never cease to amaze you, but..."
  11. message 11 " has ceased to support you! Enjoy the trip."
  12. message 12 "As you unroll the delicate map, it crumbles in the intense heat!"


  1. message 1 "The countryside of Daventry looks as if it had once been beautiful. But now, trees are charred, a chasm splits the earth, and wildflowers no longer grow. Nearby is an old, broken-down well that someone has filled with rocks. It's useless now."
  2. message 2 "Some plants and trees around Daventry have been burnt black and leafless."
  3. message 3 "Wildflowers no longer grow here."
  4. message 4 "There is nothing interesting on the ground but grass."
  5. message 5 "The sky is blue and the sun is shining, but yet a feeling of sadness lingers here."
  6. message 6 "There are no good climbing trees that you can see."
  7. message 7 "The old well has been filled with rocks. It's useless. Like everything else in Daventry, the well gives a feeling of futileness."
  8. message 8 "A deep chasm splits the earth. Possibly, an earthquake ripped through Daventry at one time. Looking across the chasm, you see nothing but more charred countryside."
  9. message 9 "A stone wall travels to the north and south. You see if you can climb it, but find it too high. There is nothing of any interest on the other side of the wall, anyway."
  10. message 10 "%m9"
  11. message 11 "The chasm is much too wide to jump across, and too treacherous to climb."
  12. message 12 "The treacherous chasm has claimed another victim."


  1. message 1 "You stare at the run-down shack. Upon the porch, a withered gnome rocks in a creaky old rocking chair, whistling a merry tune. The shack leans heavily to one side and you wonder why it doesn't fall."
  2. message 2 "You stare at the run-down shack. It leans heavily to one side. You wonder why it doesn't fall."
  3. message 3 "A stone wall travels to the north and south. You try to go over it, but find it too high. There is nothing of any interest on the other side of it, anyway."
  4. message 4 "The ramshackle wooden fence runs to the north and south. You try to go over it, but find it too high. There is nothing of any interest on the other side of it, anyway."
  5. message 5 "It is a little too high to climb."
  6. message 6 "You can't see anything through the window."
  7. message 7 "The door is locked. The gnome is wary of thieves."
  8. message 8 "In the distance, you notice a castle. Your excitement mounts as you realize it is your home. Your parents, King Graham and Queen Valanice, whom you do not remember, reside there."
  9. message 9 "There is nothing on the porch but the rocking chair (which isn't rocking)."
  10. message 10 "A wizened old gnome rocks in a creaky rocking chair on the front porch of his rickety shack. He whistles a merry tune."
  11. message 11 "The last time you saw him he was headed north."
  12. message 12 "This gnome looks to be at least a hundred years old. He's stooped with age, and his face is as withered as an old prune. Grey, wispy hair tops his head, and gnarled hands clutch the chair. As old as he looks, however, his twinkling eyes suggest a youthful mischievousness as he whistles a merry tune."
  13. message 13 "You'll have to talk extra loud because he's not here."
  14. message 14 "You speak directly to the old gnome. He chuckles softly to himself, then replies, \"It's about time you got here, lad... I mean, Prince Alexander. Welcome home! Heaven knows, we need you. Daventry's been suffering for years now, since that despicable dragon came.\""
  15. message 15 "The old gnome narrows his eyes to slits and leans forward in his chair. \"That monster demanded the sacrifice of your poor sister, Princess Rosella, and I'm afraid time is running out. Your parents, the King and Queen, are suffering such grief they have locked themselves in yon castle and refuse to see anyone.\""
  16. message 16 "Staring intently at you, the gnome goes on, \"It's up to you, Alexander. Your country and family need you. It's written in the wind.\" The wizened gnome relaxes and settles back in his chair. He begins whistling again."
  17. message 17 "\"You must hurry, Prince Alexander,\" the old gnome urges. \"Time is a-wasting. Go save us.\""
  18. message 18 "The gnome now chooses to ignore you. He whistles and rocks in his creaky chair."
  19. message 19 "\"Oh YIPPEE! You did it, your majesty!! The gnome squeals in delight. \"I KNEW you could save us all. King Graham and Queen Valanice will be overjoyed to see you two.\" He claps his gnarled hands. \"I must run ahead to announce your arrival!\" The gnome spryly scampers toward the castle."
  20. message 20 "There are no climbable trees around."
  21. message 21 "Some plants and trees around Daventry have been burnt black and leafless."
  22. message 22 "Wildflowers no longer grow here."
  23. message 23 "There is nothing interesting on the ground but grass."
  24. message 24 "The sky is blue and the sun is shining, yet a feeling of sadness lingers here."
  25. message 25 "He belongs to himself."


  1. message 1 "Dark storm clouds gather until you are completely enveloped. You hear the loud reports of thunderclaps, and lightning flashes frighteningly close."
  2. message 2 "It seems that your storm has backfired."


  1. message 1 "You gaze sadly at the deteriorated castle. It's obvious that it was once proud and beautiful. But now, its banners are torn, its stones and statue work crumbling, and the moat has been drained. It's as if no one cares anymore."
  2. message 2 "The castle doors are wide open to welcome home a long-missing son, and a much-loved daughter. Atop the castle, the banners proudly wave. The heavy feeling of oppression is gone; hope has at last returned to Daventry!"
  3. message 3 "The massive wooden doors of the castle are closed."
  4. message 4 "%m2"
  5. message 5 "The huge doors of the castle are bolted shut. Try as you might, you cannot open them."
  6. message 6 "You rap loudly upon the massive wooden doors of the castle. Hollowly, emptily, the sound reverberates within. No one answers."
  7. message 7 "You obviously do not have the key to this castle."
  8. message 8 "Your body is no match for these huge wooden doors."
  9. message 9 "Sadly, the torn banners of the shabby castle fly at half staff."
  10. message 10 "The worn banners atop the crumbling castle proudly wave."
  11. message 11 "The moat is too wide and too deep to cross. There is nothing of interest there, anyway."
  12. message 12 "And just how do you intend to do that from where you're standing."
  13. message 13 "No one answers."
  14. message 14 "A once green woodland spreads out before you. Now, its many trees and bushes are cruelly charred."
  15. message 15 "You see no flowers about."
  16. message 16 "There are no climbable trees around."
  17. message 17 "The sky is blue and the sun is shining, but yet a feeling of sadness lingers here."
  18. message 18 "There is nothing interesting on the ground but green grass."


  1. message 1 "You gaze sadly at the shabby castle. It's obvious that it was once a proud and beautiful place. But now, its banners are torn, its stones and statue work are crumbling, and the moat has been drained. It's as if no one cares anymore."
  2. message 2 "Atop the castle, the banners are proudly waving. The heavy feeling of oppression is gone; hope has at last returned to Daventry!"
  3. message 9 "Sadly, the torn banners of the shabby castle are flying at half-mast."
  4. message 10 "The worn banners atop the crumbling castle proudly wave."
  5. message 11 "The moat is too wide to cross. There is nothing of interest there, anyway."
  6. message 14 "A once green woodland spreads out before you. Now, its many trees and bushes are cruelly charred."
  7. message 15 "You see no flowers about."
  8. message 16 "There are no climbable trees around."
  9. message 17 "The sky is blue and the sun is shining, but yet a feeling of sadness lingers here."
  10. message 18 "There is nothing interesting on the ground but green grass."


  1. message 1 "You and Princess Rosella have entered a hallway of the dilapidated castle. Cracks mar the walls and dusty floor. Cobwebs drape an overhanging lamp. Sadly, your sister remarks, \"Alexander, I wish you could have seen it in better days. It wasn't always like this, you know.\""
  2. message 2 "Cobwebs have not been cleaned from the overhanging chandelier."
  3. message 3 "The doors of this castle are wide open."


  1. message 1 "You nervously enter the throne room with your sister, Princess Rosella."
  2. message 2 "Before the twin thrones stand your parents, King Graham and Queen Valanice."
  3. message 3 "Graham and Valanice are overjoyed to see you. \"Alexander, where have you been all these years?\" your mother exclaims. Adds your father, \"I'm so proud of both of you!\""
  4. message 4 "What a joyous family reunion! You are home at last!"
  5. message 5 "King Graham points to the mirror. \"That was once a magic mirror, son,\" he says sadly. \"But, it has been clouded ever since the night you disappeared from your cradle.\""
  6. message 6 "Before your astonished eyes, the magic mirror clears, and shines anew with brilliant clarity. Queen Valanice cries in delight, \"The terrible dragon is dead, our children are home, and the future looks bright for us all!\""
  7. message 7 "King Graham lovingly retrieves his adventurer's hat with the red feather."
  8. message 8 "With emotion he tells you, \"Alexander, Rosella, this old hat and I have been through a lot together. Now, it's time he had a new travelling companion.\" He flings it in your direction."
  9. message 9 "Up and up it gently arcs. You raise your arms to catch it, and, so does Princess Rosella! Down it comes, nearer and nearer..."
  10. message 10 "The End\n\n"
  11. message 12 "Congratulations on your successful completion of \"King's Quest III!!\" We hope you have enjoyed playing as much as we enjoyed creating it for you."
  12. message 14 "May the adventuring continue with \"King's Quest IV!\""
  13. message 16 "This is no time for that!"


  1. message 1 "A large ship is tied to the dock."
  2. message 2 "What ship?"
  3. message 3 "There is no way to do that."
  4. message 4 "A charming village sits atop a bluff overlooking the ocean."
  5. message 5 "Sounds like a good idea. Just walk across the gang plank."
  6. message 6 "The life of a seaman has definitely taken its toll on this grizzled old sea dog. His skin is brown and cracked from years in the salty air, his voice rasps from too many smokes and too much rum, and he stoops from countless swabbings of countless decks. His clothes are none too clean, either."
  7. message 7 "The old seaman draws his sharp cutlass, runs you clean through, and you drop to the dock... dead."
  8. message 8 "You hear one of the sailors shout down to you, \"Get yer self aboard, laddie. We be sailin' on th' tide, wi' or wi'out ye.\""
  9. message 9 "From the deck of the ship you hear, \"Are ye deaf, or just daft, boyo? I said come aboard a'fore we leave ye here.\""
  10. message 10 "You have a sneaking suspicion that you have made a big mistake. These are pirates!"
  11. message 11 "You politely speak to the old sailor on the dock. In response, he growls, \"Quit yer yammerin', boy. I ain't got no time fer ya. I gotta keep trespassers away from this here jolly-boat. Scram!\""
  12. message 12 "Insistently, you speak to the old salt again. He seems displeased as he snarls, \"I'm warnin' ya, boy. I gots a tricky sword hand. Better go away afore I cain't stop meself!\""
  13. message 13 "\"That's it!\" he shouts. \"I warned ya to quit hangin' aroun'.\""
  14. message 14 "As the gangplank is drawn in you hear the Captain shout to his men, \"Take 'is things an put 'im in the 'old until I figures out what ta do with 'im.\""
  15. message 15 "%m14 You notice the captain looking at you and laughing with one of the crew, and you decide they are as happy to be starting this voyage as you are."
  16. message 16 "%m14 You have this dreadful feeling that you've missed something important as you walk down the now-deserted pier."
  17. message 17 "\"You'd bet'er get aboard boy, or we'll sail without ya.\""
  18. message 18 "\"Ya better skedaddle, sonny!\""
  19. message 19 "\"Climb aboard, laddie! We won't be awaiting all day for ye.\""
  20. message 20 "The Captain and his crew are waiting for you to come aboard."
  21. message 21 "There is nobody here but you."
  22. message 22 "A weathered dock leads into the ocean."
  23. message 23 "You're no match for him."
  24. message 24 "Surely, you jest?"
  25. message 25 "You had better stop talking, and run for your life."
  26. message 26 "With a sinking feeling, you notice that the large ship is no longer tied to the pier. It looks like you missed the boat!"
  27. message 27 "Nobody can hear you!"


  1. message 1 "A large ship is tied to the dock."
  2. message 2 "What ship?"
  3. message 3 "There is no way to do that."
  4. message 4 "A charming village sits atop a bluff overlooking the ocean."
  5. message 5 "A weathered dock leads into the ocean."
  6. message 6 "With a sinking feeling, you notice that the large ship is no longer tied to the pier. It looks like you missed the boat!"


  1. message 1 "Nothing like a little salt air to perk up a boy's spirits. All things being equal, you might have enjoyed this ocean voyage..."
  2. message 2 "...however, you have found your accommodations to be slightly less than satisfactory."

Logic.078 (corrupt file)


  1. message 1 "This is the galley of the pirate ship. A large iron stove dominates one wall. Pots, pans, and barrels surround it. There is a long dining table at the other end of the room."
  2. message 2 "The ship's cook is fast asleep in the evening meal. His snores are so loud they seem to rattle the walls."
  3. message 3 "Get out of here before the ship's cook cuts you up!"
  4. message 4 "It's just an old wood stove used for cooking. Nothing special about it."
  5. message 5 "The pots and pans are used for cooking the pirate's meals."
  6. message 6 "The barrel seems to be full of rum, but you have better things to do at the moment than drink."
  7. message 7 "The wooden dining table is not too clean. The remains of many meals are lodged between the oaken planks. Its top is deeply gouged and stained."
  8. message 8 "It's obvious the pirate's eating habits are less than desirable. You see nothing but crumbs and stains under the table."
  9. message 9 "You have better things to do than sit around."
  10. message 10 "The sight of the rolling swells make you a little queasy. To your relief, you see no pirates coming."
  11. message 11 "\"What d'ya think yer up ta, boy!?\""


  1. message 1 "Darn that flimsy ladder!"
  2. message 2 "This is the upper deck of the pirate ship. A ladder leads to the lower deck."
  3. message 3 "The solid mast is swaying slightly. A rope ladder leads up into the rigging."
  4. message 4 "The rope ladder looks flimsy. A careless step might be fatal!"
  5. message 5 "The hatchway leads below decks. The bright sun affords little illumination of what may lie below."
  6. message 6 "The doorways at the stern give way to darkness."
  7. message 7 "The railing is too high for you to get over."
  8. message 8 "You scan the horizon. You see land to the east."
  9. message 9 "The ocean seems to be endless. In every direction, you see nothing but deep, blue water."
  10. message 10 "The ship has anchored just offshore of a small beach. Further north, in the distance, looms a mountain range."
  11. message 11 "At the moment, you see no pirates."
  12. message 12 "The sky is a deep, cloudless blue. You see sea birds high above you."
  13. message 13 "Shore birds can be seen in the cloudless sky."


  1. message 1 "The nasty pirate growls, \"I gotcha, boy!\""
  2. message 2 "The lower deck has no railing."
  3. message 3 "The forward mast is slightly shorter than the others."
  4. message 4 "The wooden ladder leads to the upper deck at the stern of the vessel."
  5. message 5 "The hold is open to the elements."
  6. message 6 "The sky is a deep, clear blue. You see birds high above you. The ocean seems to go on forever."
  7. message 7 "The sky is a deep, clear blue. Sea gulls wing nearby. To the east you see what might be land."
  8. message 8 "This pirate is fast asleep. If people look more innocent when asleep, it certainly wasn't true with this one!"
  9. message 9 "You'd better run!! That uncouth character is after you!"
  10. message 10 "Just walk off the side. I hope you know how to swim!"
  11. message 11 "The sky is a deep, clear blue. Sea gulls wing nearby. The ship is anchored in a small bay. Further north, a mountain range looms."
  12. message 12 "You don't see any pirates at the moment."
  13. message 13 "The pirate is so terrified by your display of magic that he cannot move!"


  1. message 1 "You are standing at the aft end of the ship."
  2. message 2 "The sky is cloudless. Some sea birds can be seen in the far distance."
  3. message 3 "The sky is cloudless. Some shore birds are wheeling overhead. It appears that the ship is near land!"
  4. message 4 "The deep, blue ocean stretches out to the horizon. There is no land in sight."
  5. message 5 "As you sink beneath the waves you hear the crew rooting for the shark!"
  6. message 6 "Now you've gone and done it!"
  7. message 7 "You endeavor to climb over the railing, but change your mind as you feel it might be unsafe!"
  8. message 9 "The ocean is calm and untroubled. Sea gulls wing nearby. To the east you see what might be land."
  9. message 10 "The ocean is calm and untroubled. Sea gulls wing nearby. The ship is anchored in a small bay. Further north, a mountain range looms."


  1. message 1 "You can't see that very well from here."
  2. message 2 "This must be the Captain's cabin. He seems to be a bit more tidy than his mates, as the room is clean and orderly. Against one wall rests his bunk with a large chest at its foot. Across the room is his desk with a chart tacked to the wall."
  3. message 3 "You look curiously around. Out a porthole you see the swell of the ocean. A device for turning the ship's rudder sets in the floor. A rope ladder extends up through an opening in the ceiling."
  4. message 4 "You peer into the dark opening. It's impossible to make out any details."
  5. message 5 "You can't see anything from here."
  6. message 6 "The Captain's bunk has been very neatly made. You look it over carefully, but find nothing of interest."
  7. message 7 "The rope ladder is still there."
  8. message 8 "You see the rise and fall of the ocean as you gaze out the porthole."
  9. message 9 "The chest at the foot of the Captain's bunk is closed."
  10. message 10 "How do you propose to do that from where you're standing?"
  11. message 11 "You gaze with interest at the Captain's desk. The desk top is very neat, holding only writing implements. Curiously, you open a drawer or two. There is nothing of interest among the charts and logbooks. Quickly, you close them again."
  12. message 12 "You stare at the chart tacked to the wall. It traces the route the ship is now sailing. It leaves Llewdor, crossing a wide ocean, and arriving at the foot of a mountain range. An \"X\" has been marked at the arrival point."
  13. message 13 "You really have better things to do than lie around. It would be wise to get out of there."
  14. message 14 "You really have better things to do than sit around. It would be wise to get out of there."
  15. message 15 "Through one doorway, you see the rope ladder snaking its way down into the cargo hold. Out the other, you see nothing but the endless ocean."
  16. message 16 "The Captain doesn't want you snooping in his quarters. You're in trouble now!"
  17. message 17 "You look in the chest and find nothing."
  18. message 18 "\"Yer more trouble than yer worth!\" the Captain thunders. \"'Tis the plank fer ya now!\""
  19. message 19 "\"I'll not tolerate ya snoopin' around me quarters!\" the Captain thunders. \"If I ketch ya in here again ya'll walk the plank!\""
  20. message 20 "You've found all of your missing possessions! You take them with you."
  21. message 21 "The open chest bears closer examination."
  22. message 22 "The chest is already open."
  23. message 23 "The chest is already closed."
  24. message 24 "Adding insult to injury, all of your belongings have been taken from you again."
  25. message 25 "You look out the window and see the bright, blue ocean."
  26. message 26 "You see nothing you haven't seen before."
  27. message 27 "The captain is snoring peacefully in his bunk."


  1. message 1 "This is where your average pirate sleeps. Actually, these bunks don't look much more comfortable than your own miserable cot used to be and the space is just as cramped."
  2. message 2 "You have found yourself below the lower deck. They keep the ship's lifeboat stored here. There are open doorways at either end of the compartment."
  3. message 3 "You scrutinize the boat inside and out, but find it to be empty and uninteresting."
  4. message 4 "Rows of hard bunks line the walls of the crew's quarters. They don't look very inviting to lie upon. You can't imagine the pirates would get a good night's sleep down here in the cramped bow of the ship."
  5. message 5 "The beds look incredibly hard and uncomfortable. No, thank you."
  6. message 6 "You already have the shovel."
  7. message 7 "The pirate growls, \"What ar' ya doin' snoopin' around me digs, laddie. I gotcha' now, boy!"
  8. message 8 "You can't see it from here."
  9. message 9 "You'd better leave before the pirate catches you."
  10. message 10 "You don't see anyone else in the area."
  11. message 11 "A pirate is fast asleep in his bunk."
  12. message 12 "You stare out the open doorway and see the wooden lifeboat."
  13. message 13 "You peer through the doorway and see rows of bunks. It must be the crew's quarters."
  14. message 14 "Oh no! One of the crew has spotted you! You'd better run."
  15. message 15 "%m2 There is a shovel lying by the lifeboat."
  16. message 16 "%m3 There is a shovel lying by the lifeboat."
  17. message 17 "Poofing in."
  18. message 18 "Your magical transformation has frozen the pirate in his tracks."


  1. message 1 "You are in the dank cargo hold of the pirate ship. With caution, you look around the dim surroundings. Mostly, you see stacks of wooden crates. Looking upward, you notice a rope ladder dangling partway through an opening in the hold ceiling. The ladder is directly over the largest crate."
  2. message 3 "You see the opening for the cargo hold high above you. A thin rope ladder hangs halfway down."
  3. message 4 "Good idea! How?"
  4. message 5 "The ladder is just out of reach."
  5. message 6 "The ladder is sagging under your weight."
  6. message 7 "The ladder is far above you."
  7. message 8 "Adding insult to injury, all of your belongings have been taken from you again!"


  1. message 1 "You look warily around the dark, dank cargo hold. There seems to be nothing but stacks of wooden crates piled around."
  2. message 2 "Shhhh. If you're quiet, maybe you can hear them."
  3. message 3 "You see an open grating far above you. Too bad you can't reach it."
  4. message 4 "Good idea! How?"
  5. message 5 "What mice?"
  6. message 6 "A couple of little gray mice scurry to and fro on the floor of the hold."
  7. message 7 "The little mice totally ignore your attempted conversation."
  8. message 8 "The mice move much too quickly for you to ever catch."
  9. message 9 "How cruel!! You wouldn't want to do that!"
  10. message 10 "\"Do you know where the pirates are taking us?\" one gray mouse asks the other."
  11. message 11 "\"I heard them talking about a buried treasure chest,\" the other mouse answers. \"I think it's buried on a beach, and they're going to dig it up.\""
  12. message 12 "\"Oh, I remember!\" squeaks the first mouse. \"Remember when they first buried the treasure? It was on a small beach, and behind the beach was a high mountain range. I remember hearing one pirate say that nobody has ever crossed those mountains alive.\""
  13. message 13 "\"You know the pirate's buried treasure?\" you hear one of the mice say to the other."
  14. message 14 "\"What about it?\" asks the second mouse."
  15. message 15 "Says the first, \"Well, I just heard the captain talking about it with one of his men. He said it was buried... now let me see if I can remember. Oh, yeah! He said it was buried near a lone palm tree. From the palm, you walk five paces to the east and then start digging.\""
  16. message 16 "\"Too bad we can't do anything about it,\" muses the other mouse."
  17. message 17 "\"What do you think the pirates will do with the boy they shang-hai'd,\" a little gray mouse squeaks to a companion."
  18. message 18 "\"They'll probably make him a cabin boy,\" answered the other mouse."
  19. message 19 "\"What happened to the last cabin boy they had?\""
  20. message 20 "\"Didn't you hear? They fed him to the sharks just for sport.\""
  21. message 21 "You listen as two mice talk to each other. One says, \"I heard the pirates talking about bringing a CAT on board!\""
  22. message 22 "\"No! Don't scare me like that!\" exclaimed the other mouse."
  23. message 23 "Retorts the first, \"I mean it! They said there's getting to be too many mice on this ship. We need to call a \"mouse counsel\" and decide what to do about this situation!\""
  24. message 24 "\"It's getting so musty and damp down here, don't you think?\" you hear one gray mouse ask the other."
  25. message 25 "\"That's water seeping through the hull,\" explains the second mouse. \"But, I agree with you, it is getting uncomfortable. Why, I have a hard time keeping mildew off my nest!\""
  26. message 26 "\"Yes, but it is safer down here,\" returns the first. \"I guess we gotta take the bad with the good.\""


  1. message 1 "Dark storm clouds begin to gather around until you are enveloped by them. You hear loud reports of thunderclaps and lightning flashes frighteningly close."


  1. message 1 "And so it shall be!"
  2. message 2 "The map looks blank there!"
  3. message 4 "The magic map's faded ink has brightened, but only in those places where you have been!"
  4. message 7 "The magic map's ink has faded away. So far, it isn't much help."
  5. message 8 "Press F6 to teleport.\n\nPress F8 to put the map away."


  1. message 1 "Wiz is home, after his nap."
  2. message 2 "Wiz is in town."
  3. message 3 "Wiz is home, before bed."
  4. message 4 "Wiz is in nappy-poo land."
  5. message 5 "Wiz will change in %v84:%v83|2."
  6. message 6 "Last wiz temper was = %v129."
  7. message 7 "Wiz status = %v128."
  8. message 8 "You have %v110:%v109|2 without him to "
  9. message 9 "Wiz IS on screen."
  10. message 10 "Wiz IS NOT on screen."
  11. message 11 "%m8clean the kitchen."
  12. message 12 "%m8dump his crap."
  13. message 13 "%m8fix him din-din."
  14. message 14 "%m8dust his office."
  15. message 15 "%m8feed your chicks."
  16. message 16 "%m21cleaning the kitchen."
  17. message 17 "%m21dumping his crap."
  18. message 18 "%m21fixing din-din."
  19. message 19 "%m21dusting his office."
  20. message 20 "%m21feeding your chicks."
  21. message 21 "Your last chore was "
  22. message 22 "Make.wiz.come = %v123."
  23. message 23 "This room's wiz.x/y is %v32/%v31."
  24. message 24 "You've been in this room %v47 seconds."
  25. message 25 "A Few Interesting Statistics about"
  26. message 26 "YOUR LITTLE WIZZER"
  27. message 27 "Current.status = %v44.


  1. message 1 "You are magic (to me)."


  1. message 1 "Sailing, sailing."


  1. message 1 "We be goin' mountain!"


  1. message 1 "You got 'em, Porky."


  1. message 16 "He's sleeping."
  2. message 17 "Coming, Dear!"
  3. message 18 "He's dead."
  4. message 19 "He won't show up until you \"do chore.\""
  5. message 20 "Unknown wor \""
  6. message 21 "%m20%w1\""
  7. message 22 "%m20%w2\""
  8. message 23 "%m20%w3\""
  9. message 24 "%m20%w4\""
  10. message 25 "%m20%w5\""
  11. message 26 "%m20%w6\""
  12. message 27 "%m20%w7\""
  13. message 28 "%m20%w8\""
  14. message 29 "H"
  15. message 30 " "
  16. message 31 "Done."
  17. message 32 " %v45|2 %o45"
  18. message 33 "(Sorry. Do the best you can!)"


  1. message 1 "_"
  2. message 2 "]"
  3. message 3 "KQ3"


  1. message 1 "KING'S QUEST III"
  2. message 2 "Help"
  3. message 3 "F1 displays this message."
  4. message 4 "F2 turns the sound off and on."
  5. message 5 "F3 retypes the last line typed."
  6. message 6 "F4 shows objects you are carrying."
  7. message 7 "F5 saves your current game."
  8. message 9 "F7 restores a saved game."
  9. message 11 "F9 restarts the game."
  10. message 12 "F10 changes speed"
  11. message 13 "TAB shows the status screen."
  12. message 14 "ESC displays the menus."
  13. message 15 "For a Hint Book, call (209) 683-6858."
  14. message 16 "F1 or HELP displays this message."
  15. message 17 "ESC displays the menus, as does"
  16. message 18 "clicking the joystick button or"
  17. message 19 "the right mouse button."


  1. message 2 "Ouch!"


  1. message 1 "You don't need to break windows. Use the front door."
  2. message 2 "That detestable pet of Manannan's is a constant annoyance."
  3. message 3 "The thought of doing anything nice to that obscene ball of fur makes you sick."
  4. message 4 "You're too far away."
  5. message 5 "The despicable cat slips away from your grasp with a fierce scratch to your arm."
  6. message 6 "A horribly intense thunderstorm is raging outside."
  7. message 7 "Good idea, but how? As much as you'd love to, you haven't the heart."
  8. message 8 "Nimbly, you grab the nasty cat by the scruff of its neck, avoiding its needle-sharp claws. Now that you have it, what are you going to do with it?"
  9. message 9 "You don't have it."
  10. message 10 "The detestable cat leaps from your arms, snarling and screeching!"
  11. message 11 "You don't have the cat."
  12. message 12 "\"Screeeeeeeeeeeeech!!!!!!!!\""
  13. message 13 "(heh, heh, heh)"
  14. message 14 "\"Get lost, Gwydion, you creep!\""
  15. message 15 "%m5 As he does so he snickers, \"Ha, ha! Missed me!\""
  16. message 16 "The cat's only response is an arched back and a hiss."
  17. message 17 "The cat stares at you with cold eyes, his tail twitching slightly."
  18. message 18 "Manannan's pet totally ignores you as you speak to him."
  19. message 19 "You manage to pluck some fur before he viciously scratches, and leaps from your arms. With grim satisfaction, you survey your wounds. \"Stupid cat,\" you scoff, \"whether you know it or not, you just helped me.\""
  20. message 20 "You can see most of the countryside of Llewdor from this vantage point."
  21. message 21 "What window?"
  22. message 22 "These windows do not open."
  23. message 23 "\"Ha, ha! Missed me!!\""
  24. message 24 "\"HEY! That hurt!!\""
  25. message 25 "\"Ow! I'll get you for that, Gwydion!\""
  26. message 26 "\"Wait till I catch you on the steps, you creep!\""
  27. message 27 "\"The next scratch is gonna be on your jug'lar, Chicken Boy!!\""


  1. message 1 "Manannan appears older than old. His long, white beard straggles thinly past his waist, his skin resembles old parchment paper, and his hands are gnarled and twisted. But, don't be fooled! The old wizard is smart and powerful, and his magic is formidable."
  2. message 2 "Your own death would result from that! He's too powerful for you."
  3. message 3 "Ugh!! You don't want to do THAT, do you!?"
  4. message 4 "Do you really think you can catch a wizard?"
  5. message 5 "How can you without proper materials? Besides, you have to get up pretty early to out-spell this old wizard."
  6. message 6 ""
  7. message 7 ""
  8. message 8 "Wiz in %v125."
  9. message 9 "\"Out of my way, Gwydion!\""
  10. message 10 "\"I mean it, boy... stay away from me!\""
  11. message 11 "\"Gwydion, let this be a lesson to you!\""
  12. message 12 "\"Attempt to use magic around me, will you?!\""
  13. message 13 "Manannan is bothered by your interruption. \"Gwydion, I've many things on my mind. Get to work, or I'll find you something to do.\""
  14. message 14 "With annoyance, Manannan looks your way, \"Don't bother me, boy. I've got important things to think about.\""
  15. message 15 "\"Shoo, boy! I don't want to be bothered!\""
  16. message 16 "\"Your kitchen is filthy! Go clean it, now!\""
  17. message 17 "\"Gwydion, my chamber pot needs servicing. Go empty it, immediately!\""
  18. message 18 ""
  19. message 19 "\"My office is dusty. Clean it at once!\""
  20. message 20 "\"You've been neglecting my chickens again, Gwydion. Feed them, and quickly!!\""
  21. message 21 "\"When I assign a chore, I want it done immediately!\""
  22. message 22 "\"You aren't to be in this room without my express permission!\" Manannan says gruffly. \"Go find something to do.\""
  23. message 23 "\"Instead of fooling around in here, you should have finished that chore I assigned to you earlier!\""
  24. message 24 "Oh, oh. It's him, again!"
  25. message 25 "You feel Manannan's cold gaze is quite unnerving."


  1. message 1 "\"%m6, I have awakened.\""
  2. message 2 "\"%m6, I have decided to take a journey.\""
  3. message 3 "\"I have returned, %m6, and am ready to eat.\""
  4. message 4 "\"I am going to bed, %m6. Do not disturb me.\""
  5. message 5 " When will you learn to OBEY!\" Up goes the dreaded finger."
  6. message 6 "Gwydion"
  7. message 7 "Manannan"
  8. message 8 "\"%m6! You were assigned a chore. You know what happens to lazy boys!\" %m7 shakes his head in disgust. \""
  9. message 9 "%m8The kitchen is still dirty.%m5"
  10. message 10 "%m8You failed to empty my chamber pot.%m5"
  11. message 11 "%m8I am still hungry.%m5"
  12. message 12 "%m8You did not dust my study.%m5"
  13. message 13 "%m8You failed to feed my fowl.%m5"
  14. message 14 "You are forbidden to be here!"
  15. message 15 ""
  16. message 16 "\"Perhaps you'd like a closer view of the ground, %m6,\" says %m7."
  17. message 17 "\"Try hanging around in the kitchen a while, %m6,\" growls %m7."
  18. message 18 "\"You need to work off a little of that weight, %m6,\" snarls %m7."
  19. message 19 "%m7 leers, \"Like a bad little boy, you need to spend some time in your room!\""
  20. message 20 "\"%m14\" hisses the old wizard, displaying no emotion, his face stony and cold."
  21. message 21 "%m7's eyes narrow to slits. \"%m6!! %m14 I've a good mind to...\" His face softens as he continues, \"Well, maybe next time. For now... GO HOME!\""
  22. message 22 "\"Attempting magic around me will always fail,\" %m7 laughs. \"Be gone, %m6; you bore me!\""
  23. message 23 "\"I am ravenous. Fix me something immediately!\""
  24. message 24 "\"My magic wand is missing!! It's time to teach you a LESSON, boy!\""
  25. message 25 "\"I've tried to be patient with you, %m6, but this is the final straw.\" With a snaggle-toothed grin, %m7 raises his finger."
  26. message 26 "\"You're up to no good, %m6\" %m7 snarls through clenched teeth. \"Never again will you discover my secrets!\""
  27. message 27 "\"There's no way you could have collected these things without disobeying me, %m6\" the hateful wizard hisses as he takes the offensive objects from you."
  28. message 28 "\"You'll create no magic around me, %m6\" the hateful wizard growls as he takes the offending ingredients from you."
  29. message 29 "\"You've discovered the secrets of `The Sorcery of Old.' Never again will you disobey me, %m6!!\""


  1. message 1 "It's just an ordinary shovel."
  2. message 2 "You already have it."
  3. message 3 "You can't get it from there."
  4. message 4 "You have uncovered a small chest. You remove it from the hole and open it. Inside you find precious gems and ingots of gold and silver. You close the chest and take it and its contents with you."
  5. message 5 "You dig and dig, but unfortunately... find nothing."
  6. message 6 "You dig in the sand with your bare hands, but to no avail."
  7. message 7 "You're too close to the ocean to dig. The hole would fill in too quickly."
  8. message 8 ""
  9. message 9 "Now is not the time to think about digging a hole!"


  1. message 1 "The crates are sealed tightly. You can't open them no matter what you do."
  2. message 2 "You try to jump up on the large crates, but they are too tall!"
  3. message 3 "You're not close enough."
  4. message 4 "All of the crates are nailed shut. You have no means of opening them."
  5. message 5 "You're not carrying a box, are you?"
  6. message 6 "You notice many crates and boxes in the cargo hold. One, in particular, captures your attention, for it lies directly under the dangling rope ladder!"
  7. message 7 "%m6 There is also a smaller crate here."
  8. message 8 "Large wooden crates are stacked along one wall of the hold."
  9. message 9 "%m8 There is also a smaller crate here."
  10. message 10 "All of the large crates are too heavy to move."
  11. message 11 "Why don't you try jumping."
  12. message 12 "As your sleep spell takes effect, a silence suddenly descends over the ship."
  13. message 13 "\"Wait a second...\""
  14. message 14 "\"Who's steering the ship?\" you ask."
  15. message 15 "Unfortunately, there is no reply."
  16. message 16 "You can't jump while you are carrying a crate around."
  17. message 17 "Now is not the time to be jumping."
  18. message 18 "You can't do that... at least not now!"
  19. message 19 "With no one to steer the ship, you are doomed to drift at sea forever."


  1. message 1 "There is a rushing stream flowing through the forest floor."
  2. message 2 ""
  3. message 3 "Clear water flows over and around the rocks of the stream. Wet mud lines its banks."
  4. message 4 "The thought of carrying around a handful of mud doesn't appeal to you."
  5. message 5 "With the wooden spoon you kneel and scoop a spoonful of wet mud from the stream's bank. You carry it with you."
  6. message 6 "You only need one spoonful of mud."
  7. message 7 "You have no need to carry around the stream water. If you are thirsty then just get a drink."
  8. message 8 "Cupping your hands, you bring the refreshing water to your lips and drink deeply. Aaahhhh!!"
  9. message 9 "You are already carrying it."
  10. message 10 "There is no mud around here."
  11. message 11 "You need to move closer."
  12. message 12 "You need a spoon to get mud.


  1. message 1 "The soft grass soothes your aching feet."
  2. message 2 "The many beautiful trees bring a sense of peace to this forest."
  3. message 3 "If you look way off to the west, you can see the desert."
  4. message 4 "This is the wrong time of the year for wildflowers."
  5. message 5 "%m1"
  6. message 6 "The clear, blue sky is brilliant with an occasional white cloud."
  7. message 7 "There are no flowers in this area."
  8. message 8 "You see no suitable trees for climbing."
  9. message 9 "If you've seen one rock, you've seen them all."
  10. message 10 "You see two pretty birds looking at you."
  11. message 11 "You see two squirrels chattering to each other."
  12. message 12 "They're too difficult to catch."
  13. message 13 "You don't see any right now."
  14. message 14 "Maybe if you're quiet, you'll hear them."
  15. message 15 "All of the cactus around here are too prickly to be touched. You could wind up with a handful of thorns."
  16. message 16 "Where?"
  17. message 17 "It is a handsome example of the species, but not one you'd care to handle. Look at those thorns!"
  18. message 21 "You listen with great interest as one little bird chirps to the other, \"Notice that boy down there? He's got a sister he doesn't even know. A TWIN sister.\""
  19. message 22 "Answers the second bird, \"How sad. I don't know what I'd do without all my brothers and sisters. I'd be so alone.\""
  20. message 23 "\"I know what you mean,\" agrees the first."
  21. message 24 "Your ears perk up as you hear one twittering bird say to her friend, \"Do you think that young man looks anything like his twin sister in Daventry?\""
  22. message 25 "\"I don't know, but I hear her beauty is legendary,\" chirps the other bird."
  23. message 26 "\"Well, he ain't exactly chopped liver, either,\" the first little bird states."
  24. message 27 "\"I'm getting so frustrated!\" one little bird twitters to the other. \"No matter how early I get up, I just can't seem to ever catch that darn worm!!\""
  25. message 28 "\"Poor dear,\" says her friend. \"I know you can do it. You can't let a dumb worm outsmart you!\""
  26. message 29 "\"Hah!\" the first bird laments. \"That's easy for you to say. I bet you've never even tried!\""
  27. message 30 "You hear one of the birds speak to the other, \"See that young fellow over there? When that old wizard, Manannan, kidnapped him, I heard tell his real parents were heartbroken over his loss.\""
  28. message 31 "\"I would think so!\" chirped the other bird. \"I'd sure miss my brood if they disappeared!\""
  29. message 32 "You notice one squirrel chattering to the other squirrel, \"See that young man over there?\""
  30. message 33 "\"Yes, what about him?\" the second one inquires."
  31. message 34 "\"Poor thing, he doesn't even know who his parents are,\" says the first squirrel."
  32. message 35 "Asks the other, \"Well, who are they?\""
  33. message 36 "\"He's really a prince. His parents are King Graham and Queen Valanice of Daventry,\" replies the first."
  34. message 37 "\"That boy over there lives with the terrible wizard,\" one scampering squirrel remarks to its companion."
  35. message 38 "\"How awful for him,\" says the other squirrel. \"I wonder how he can stand it.\""
  36. message 39 "Comments the first, \"I bet he can't. He ought to learn magic. He's got to fight fire with fire.\""
  37. message 40 "Chatters one squirrel to the other, \"Manannan's terrorizing the countryside again. I'm afraid for my life.\""
  38. message 41 "\"I know how you feel,\" replies the second. \"I understand he's fond of squirrel tails.\""
  39. message 42 "You overhear the squirrels chattering. \"Have you got your winter's supply of nuts gathered?\" one inquires."
  40. message 43 "\"Not quite yet,\" answers the other. \"Do you?\""
  41. message 44 "\"Oh sure,\" states the first squirrel. \"Ages ago. You'd better get to it, I'd say.\""


  1. message 1 "The gulls soar gracefully on the sea breezes."
  2. message 2 "The gulls are too wary of humans for them to be easily caught."


  1. message 1 "The water looks inviting, but be careful if you go out there."


  1. message 1 "Ok, it's a feather."
  2. message 2 "What feather?"
  3. message 3 "You can't reach it."
  4. message 4 "Ok."
  5. message 5 "You see a majestic eagle."
  6. message 6 "I don't see a bird. Do you?"
  7. message 7 "Funny, no response."
  8. message 8 "There is a feather on the ground."


  1. message 1 "They are dirty and unkempt, their hair is wild and their clothes smell. Mean looks darken their faces. These are two to avoid!"
  2. message 2 "These two are certainly unsavory rogues! They look like they'd rob you blind!!"
  3. message 3 "%m5Taking stock of your holdings, you discover that all of your possessions have been stolen."
  4. message 4 "%m5At least you had nothing for the two bandits to steal."
  5. message 5 "After recovering from a whack on the head at the hands of the bandits, you stand unsteadily. "
  6. message 6 "This is no time for conversation! Get out of here!! "
  7. message 7 "If you think you can capture these two you'd better think again."
  8. message 8 "You think you can hurt two husky bandits!? Think again."
  9. message 10 "Bandits in %v240."


  1. message 1 "You hear one of the pirates shout, \"Land ho, Captain!\""
  2. message 2 "You hear the first mate shout, \"Drop anchor, an' prepare ta go ashore!\""
  3. message 3 "You hear the sounds of the ship setting sail. With a grim sense of foreboding, you realize that you are doomed to the life of a cabin boy."


  1. message 1 "What is this thing? OH, NO! It's the abominable snowman!!"
  2. message 2 "The abominable snowman seems quite confused by this! He stares in amazement, then heads back to his cave."
  3. message 3 "The terrible, hairy creature grabs you with bone-crushing force! You resist, but it is no use."
  4. message 4 "He carries you away to his cave, where you meet an early (and unspeakable) demise."
  5. message 5 "The despicable creature grabs you roughly around the neck and... and... it's too horrible to describe! Suffice it to say, you are quite dead."
  6. message 8 "The hairy creature is huge and monstrous!! It advances toward you menacingly. Don't just stand there, RUN!!!"
  7. message 9 "You attempt to speak to the hairy monster, but are cut off by a ferocious ROOAAARRRRR!!"
  8. message 10 "Now THAT'S the most ridiculous thing I've EVER hoid!!"
  9. message 11 "Get serious!!"
  10. message 12 "Sure. Right. Uh huh."


  1. message 2 "You are too far away for her to see it."
  2. message 4 "Medusa is now just a stone statue, perfectly harmless."
  3. message 5 "Good idea! But, how can you do that?"
  4. message 8 "Apparently, Medusa doesn't speak. The only sounds that emit from her mouth are terrible grunts and groans."
  5. message 9 "The statue is much too heavy to carry."
  6. message 10 "Averting your eyes, you aim the wizard's hand mirror at Medusa's face. A scream pierces the air as she beholds her own hideous reflection... then... nothing. You dare to look. Medusa has turned herself to stone!"
  7. message 11 "Even as a statue, Medusa is indescribably ugly."
  8. message 12 "You need to move closer."
  9. message 15 "The most hideous-looking being has made its appearance! It's Medusa!"
  10. message 16 "Your eyes fall upon a face so hideous, so gruesome, that the horror of it is beyond description. People who look upon the face of Medusa, with her hair of writhing, live snakes, turn instantly to stone. Suddenly, your body feels cold and stiffens hard as a rock. You make a nice statue, Gwydion."
  11. message 17 "Oh no! Medusa's touch is like ice! A cold chill shivers down your spine, turning to a stiffness that soon hardens your body like a rock. You are now nothing but a statue."


  1. message 1 "Bashfully, you introduce yourself to your long-lost sister. \"How can I be sure you're really my brother?\" Princess Rosella wonders. \"I know! My mother always said that Alexander had a cute birthmark on his bottom. Let me see if you have it.\" Embarrassed, you reveal your cute birthmark. \"Oh Alexander!\" she cries,\"You really ARE back! Mum and Dad will be SOOOOO happy!\""
  2. message 2 "You ask Rosella about your parents. \"Mum and Dad were heart-broken when you disappeared as a baby,\" she explains. \"Dad searched EVERYWHERE for you. Obviously, he never found you.\" Pausing, she looks at you questioningly. \"By the way, where HAVE you been?\" You explain that you have been living with an evil wizard in the land of Llewdor, and that you turned him into a cat by using magic. \"How awful for you!\" she exclaims. \"Well, I'm so glad you're back!!\""
  3. message 3 "You ask Princess Rosella to tell you about Daventry. She replies, \"Hard times hit Daventry right after you were kidnapped. Dad and Mum tried, but it was like they had lost their will.\" Clenching her fist, Rosella continues. \"We were down on our guard, and the terrible dragon came. We all thought it was the end.\""
  4. message 4 "\"I was scared, you know,\" your sister answers. \"But, I DID want to be brave. I was hoping my sacrifice might somehow help.\" She brightens a bit. \"Maybe, it did. Because of me, YOU came. Now, we're together again, and together we can put Daventry right!\""
  5. message 5 "You comment upon the spoiled scenery of Daventry. Princess Rosella looks disgusted as she replies, \"The dragon did all that. He burnt our countryside, and we were all terrified to even come out of our houses. You don't remember, but it used to be very beautiful.\""
  6. message 6 "You and Princess Rosella engage in idle pleasantries. You discover that your sister is not only beautiful, but very strong-willed and brave. You admire that in a woman."
  7. message 7 "This is no time for magic. Take Princess Rosella home."
  8. message 8 "She's already with you."
  9. message 9 "What manner of monster are you?"
  10. message 10 "You plant a brotherly kiss upon Princess Rosella's soft cheek."
  11. message 11 "WATCH IT, FELLA!!"
  12. message 12 "She can't hear you. She's too busy screaming!"
  13. message 13 "\"Help me!! Untie me!!\" Princess Rosella screams."
  14. message 14 "\"There's home!\" your sister cries in delight. \"Mum and Dad will be SOOOOOO happy!!\""
  15. message 15 "You are not close enough to her."
  16. message 16 "You rapidly untie Princess Rosella from the wooden pole. She looks bewildered as to who her benefactor may be. \"I'm your long-lost brother, Prince Alexander,\" you proudly exclaim. The girl looks doubtful."
  17. message 17 "You've already untied her."
  18. message 18 "\"I'll explain it all later,\" you continue, realizing that now is not the time for this. \"Just follow me. Let's go meet the folks!\" With mixed emotions, the girl agrees to follow you."
  19. message 19 "Princess Rosella is gorgeous! Why, you'd be interested in her if she weren't your own sister! Her hair is long, silky, and golden. Her eyes are as blue as the bluest sky. Her skin is creamy white. And her BODY... well!! Embarrassed, you clear your throat and avert your eyes."
  20. message 20 "The girl is securely tied to the stake."
  21. message 21 "Not now!"


  1. message 1 "The lush foliage of the forest has given way to the hardy plants of the shore. Sawgrass, bracken, and gnarled trees are all that grow here."
  2. message 2 "The trees are bent and twisted by years of constant sea breezes."
  3. message 3 "The sandy beach stretches north and south below steep, grassy cliffs."
  4. message 4 "Your eyes sweep the vast ocean before you. Blue water stretches as far as you can see. Way in the distance it melts with the sky."
  5. message 5 "You see seagulls flying overhead."
  6. message 6 "The water looks inviting, but be careful if you go out there."
  7. message 7 "The birds wheel and glide overhead."
  8. message 8 "You fill your cup with ocean water."
  9. message 9 "You need a cup for the water."
  10. message 10 "You need to move closer."
  11. message 11 "Drinking salt water will only make you sick."
  12. message 12 "Your cup is already full of water."


  1. message 3 "The eagle feather is too big for this particular recipe. It won't work."
  2. message 4 "You place the soft, downy chicken feather in your clay mixing bowl."
  3. message 5 "feather of fowl and bone of fish,"
  4. message 6 "molded together in this dish,"
  5. message 7 "give me wisdom to understand"
  6. message 8 "creatures of air, sea and land."
  7. message 11 "You put the tuft of cat hair in the clay bowl."
  8. message 12 "You put the tuft of dog hair in the clay bowl."
  9. message 13 "You put the dried snake skin in the clay bowl."
  10. message 14 "You can't do that."
  11. message 15 "You have two feathers. Which do you mean?"
  12. message 16 "You pour a spoonful of fish bone powder into the clay bowl."
  13. message 18 "It is difficult to use that which you do not have."
  14. message 19 "You pour the thimbleful of dew into the clay bowl."
  15. message 20 "You knead the ingredients in the clay bowl with your hands. It turns into a stiff, dough-like substance."
  16. message 21 "You grasp the doughy mixture in the bowl and divide it into two pieces."
  17. message 22 "Which tuft of fur?"
  18. message 23 "You VERY gently place the two pieces of dough in your ears and pull your hair down over them. You prepare to recite the magical incantation."
  19. message 25 "You wave the magic wand over your dough-filled ears."
  20. message 29 "What snake skin?"


  1. message 1 "It is difficult to use that which you do not have."
  2. message 2 "You carefully sprinkle the precious saffron into the vial of rose petal essence."
  3. message 3 "You wave the magic wand over the vial of rose petal essence."
  4. message 4 "oh winged spirits, set me free"
  5. message 5 "of earthly bindings, just like thee."
  6. message 6 "in this essence, behold the might"
  7. message 7 "to grant the precious gift of flight.


  1. message 1 "You cannot use that which you do not have."
  2. message 3 "You place a spoonful of coarse salt grains in the mortar. Then, using the stone pestle, you grind the salt until it is very fine."
  3. message 5 "Placing the dried sprig of mistletoe in the stone mortar, you crush it with the pestle."
  4. message 6 "Soon, you have a crushed mixture of salt and mistletoe in the mortar. You remove the pestle and lay it aside."
  5. message 7 "You place the beautiful amber stone in the stone mortar."
  6. message 8 "Very carefully, so as not to miss a single spot, you rub the amber stone around in the mixture of ground salt and mistletoe. When you have finished, you remove the amber stone and discard the remaining powder."
  7. message 9 "Smack!"
  8. message 10 "with this kiss, I thee impart,"
  9. message 11 "power most dear to my heart."
  10. message 12 "take me now from this place hither,"
  11. message 13 "to another place far thither."
  12. message 14 "You wave the magic wand over the encrusted amber stone."


  1. message 8 "You pass the magic wand over the table."
  2. message 9 "Putting the dried acorns into the stone mortar, you use the pestle to grind them into a rough acorn powder."
  3. message 10 "Turning the heavy stone mortar upside down, you carefully pour the acorn powder into the bowl, then return the mortar to the table."
  4. message 11 "You very carefully pour a cupful of nightshade juice into the clay bowl so as to not to spill a single drop."
  5. message 12 "There is now an ugly, brown, mealy, liquid mixture in the bowl."
  6. message 14 "You pour the contents of the cup into the bowl."
  7. message 15 "You gently stir the unappetizing liquid."
  8. message 16 "You gingerly place the clay bowl of ugly brown liquid on the charcoal brazier."
  9. message 17 "How you wish you had lit the burner!"
  10. message 18 "Soon, the hot brazier brings the mixture to a bubble, then a boil, releasing a bitter smelling steam."
  11. message 19 "You let it boil until the nightshade juice is nearly gone, then remove it from the brazier."
  12. message 20 "You pour the bowl's contents onto the oaken table, then spread the hot sticky mixture over the table top. In a few minutes, it has dried to a very crumbly, coarse sleeping powder."
  13. message 22 "You untie the small leather pouch, scoop the powder from the table, and place it within. You now have a pouch full of sleep powder."
  14. message 23 "You try to pick up the sleep powder and drop it all over the laboratory floor, where it mixes into the dirt. How you wish you had brought a pouch in which to carry it!"
  15. message 25 "You don't have a bowl."
  16. message 26 "You must grind the acorns first."


  1. message 1 "How can you use that which you do not have?"
  2. message 3 "You pour the mandrake root powder into the bowl."
  3. message 4 "mandrake root and hair of cat,"
  4. message 5 "mix oil of fish and give a pat,"
  5. message 6 "a feline from the one who eats"
  6. message 7 "this appetizing magic treat."
  7. message 8 "You put the ball of cat hair in the mixing bowl."
  8. message 11 "You pour the fish oil into the bowl and keep the empty jar."
  9. message 12 "You mix the ingredients together. The mixture turns into an oily, disagreeable dough with cat hairs sticking out of it."
  10. message 13 "Scrunching your nose in distaste, you grab the oily dough from the clay bowl and put it on the oaken table."
  11. message 14 "Pushing the palm of your hand on the oily dough, you flatten it until it is in the shape of a cookie. After a bit, the cookie hardens."
  12. message 15 "You wave the magic wand over the cookie, then take it from the table, and carry it with you."


  1. message 1 "How can you use that which you do not have?"
  2. message 4 "elements from the earth and sea,"
  3. message 5 "combine to set the heavens free."
  4. message 6 "when i stir this magic brew,"
  5. message 7 "great god thor, i call on you."
  6. message 9 "Carefully, you pour the cup of ocean water into the mixing bowl."
  7. message 10 "You place the clay bowl of ocean water on top of the little charcoal brazier. To your consternation, you discover that the brazier is unlit, and stone cold."
  8. message 11 "Being cautious not to burn yourself, you gently place the bowl of ocean water on the hot charcoal brazier. You watch as the salt water slowly warms, then begins to steam. You remove it just before it boils."
  9. message 12 "Adding a spoonful of mud to the hot ocean water, you slowly stir the mixture. The mud turns the water a cloudy brown."
  10. message 13 "You put just a pinch of toadstool powder in the bowl of hot, brown liquid."
  11. message 14 "Leaning over the hot brew, you forcefully blow your longest breath of air into the bowl, whirling the brew around and around."
  12. message 15 "You wave the magic wand over the bowl of hot, brown liquid."
  13. message 16 "Waiting until the liquid has cooled, you carefully pour the storm brew into an empty glass jar."


  1. message 1 "How can you use that which you do not have?"
  2. message 4 "cactus plant and horny toad,"
  3. message 5 "i now start down a dangerous road."
  4. message 6 "combine with fire and mist to make"
  5. message 7 "me disappear without a trace."
  6. message 11 "Using your kitchen carving knife, you cut a gash in the small cactus. Juice begins to drip."
  7. message 12 "Grabbing one of the measuring spoons from the oaken table, you grasp the slit cactus in your hand, and squeeze it until you have a spoonful of cactus juice. The small cactus is quite devoid of liquid now, so you toss it away."
  8. message 13 "You scrape the lard into the mixing bowl, and keep the now-empty jar nearby to store your finished formula."
  9. message 14 "You carefully add the spoonful of cactus juice to the bowl."
  10. message 15 "You cautiously pour the two drops of toad spittle into the bowl."
  11. message 16 "Using one of the stirrers lying on the table, you mix the lard, cactus juice, and toad spittle until it is smooth and blended."
  12. message 17 "You wave the magic wand."
  13. message 18 "You scoop the invisibility ointment out of the clay bowl and return it to the lard jar."


  1. message 1 "You find yourself at the edge of a great desert, stretching as far as the eye can see to the west."
  2. message 2 "The flora in this hot, dry desert is scant. The only plants that grow are cactus, thorny shrubs, and an occasional stunted tree."
  3. message 3 "Trees are practically non-existent in this dry desert. The few trees that do survive are stunted and dry-looking."
  4. message 4 "They are just some old uninteresting bones."
  5. message 5 "Occasionally, after a rare rain, flowers spring up everywhere in this great desert. There are no flowers now, as it has not rained for a long time."
  6. message 6 "The hot, dry sands of the desert reach seemingly forever to the west. It is a parched land."
  7. message 7 "All of the cactus around here are too prickly to be touched. You could wind up with a handful of thorns."
  8. message 8 "They're just lizards, scurrying across the desert floor."
  9. message 9 "The sky in this desert is a cloudless, deep, deep blue. Overhead, the sun is very bright and very hot."
  10. message 10 "There are no wildflowers to pick here."
  11. message 11 "The few, scanty trees in this desert are not suitable for climbing."
  12. message 12 "The little lizards are much too quick for you."
  13. message 13 "Any experienced traveller knows better than to mess with snakes!"
  14. message 14 "You overhear one of the scaly lizards say to the other, \"There's that boy, Gwydion. You know how he came to be here in Llewdor, don't you?\""
  15. message 15 "\"No, I haven't heard that story,\" replies the other lizard. \"How did he get here?\""
  16. message 16 "\"Well,\" began the other one, \"When he was a baby, he was stolen from his cradle one night by that awful wizard, Manannan, who brought him here and raised him. I hear he treats the boy terribly.\""
  17. message 17 "\"That's too bad,\" comments the second lizard."
  18. message 18 "Says one lizard to the other, \"I wish I could do something for the poor boy. He seems so lost and confused.\""
  19. message 19 "\"I agree. What do you think he is doing here, anyway?\" questions the second lizard."
  20. message 20 "\"I would guess that he's probably trying to run away from the wizard,\" states the first one. \"I hate to think what will happen to him if Manannan finds him.\""
  21. message 21 "\"How do you get cactus stickers out of your tail?\" you hear one scaly lizard say to the other. \"I nearly had a brush with disaster this morning.\""
  22. message 22 "\"That's terrible,\" says the second lizard. \"I know how much they hurt. Best thing is--rub your tail against a rough rock. The stickers should come right out, and possibly your tail with it.\""
  23. message 23 "They can't understand you."
  24. message 24 "Maybe if you're quiet, you'll hear them."


message 1 "The soft, loamy soil of the forest here gives way to the sands of the great desert stretching off to the west."
message 2 "The flowers are pretty, but otherwise uninteresting to you."
message 3 "The trees here cast a refreshing shade."
message 5 "There are no flowers in this area."
message 9 "The clear, blue sky is brilliant with an occasional white cloud."
message 10 "There are no wildflowers to pick here."
message 11 "None of these trees are suitable for climbing."


0 your, you, wooden, will, why, when, what, want, underground, tuft, to, tin, those, this, these, the, that, tail, sprig, soon, some, small, slowly, silver, sacks, sack, rose, quickly, powdered, please, petal, papa, palm, pair, old, oh, of, oak, now, my, mine, metal, mama, llewdor, little, leather, later, large, its, it, is, iron, invisible, invisibility, into, in, if, hurry, hot, have, guess, good, front, for, every, dried, dining, deerskin, deer skin, dead, daventry, cold, cloudland, cloud land, clay, ceramic, carving, buried, brass, black, big, been, bad, baby, at, around, another, and, an, abominable 1 anyword 2 examine, feel, look, look on, see, show, view 3 cast, do, fix, perform, prepare 4 tp 5 quit, stop 6 position 7 slow 8 normal 9 fast 10 fastest 11 priority 12 sp 13 restart 14 capture, catch, get, pick, pick up, take 15 reset 16 banner, banners, flag, flags 18 bye, good bye, so long 19 chart 20 bedroom 21 var 22 hall, hallway 23 office, study 24 who 25 bar, tavern 26 kitchen 27 rise, stand 28 lab, laboratory 30 tower 31 deck, earth, floor, grass, grasses, ground 32 spyglass, telescope 33 stair, staircase, stairs, stairway, steps, upstairs 34 glass, pane, window, windows 35 bug, fly, fly wings, wings 36 lift, open 37 move, pull, push, replace, shove, turn 38 board, enter, exit, get out, go, leave 39 climb 40 enchanter, magician, manannan, sorcerer, wiz, wizard 41 call, say, shout, speak, talk, yell 42 desert, land, plain, plains 43 looking glass, mirror 45 bed, beds, bunk, bunks, pillow 47 below, beneath, under 48 above, across, over, top of 49 treasure, treasure chest 50 cabinet, closet, cupboard, wardrobe 51 drawer, drawers 52 carpet, carpets, rug, rugs 53 out, outside 54 key 55 last 56 add, conceal, dip, drop, drops, hide, include, place, put, return, scrape, set, sprinkle, stack 57 lay, lie 58 aim, point, shake, swing, touch, wave 59 top 60 drain, draw, empty, extract, pour, remove, spill, withdraw 61 drapery, picture, tapestry 62 back, behind 63 door, doors, doorway, doorways 64 clothes, gown, gowns, hat, hats, robe, robes, slipper, slippers 65 bolt, latch, lock 66 break, destroy, rip, shatter, smash, tear 67 bureau, chest of drawers, dresser 68 all, belongings, everything, inventory, item, items, object, objects, possessions, stuff, things 69 hear, listen 70 counter, desk, table 71 bookcase, bookshelf, bookshelves, shelf, shelves 72 book, books, page, sorcery of old, volume 73 rod, wand 74 handle, lever 75 hatch, trapdoor 76 duster 77 read 78 clean, dust, sweep, wipe 79 lard 80 fireplace, hearth, mantle 81 forest, log, logs, tree, trees, wood, woods 82 begin, build, start 83 burn, candle, candles, ignite, light, torch, torches 84 fire, flame, flames 85 chamber pot, kettle, kettles, pan, pans, pot, pots, skillet, skillets 86 nightstand, vanity 87 holder, rack 88 basket, baskets, waste basket, wastebasket 89 butter churn, churn 90 ceiling, roof 91 beam, beams, rafter, rafters 92 herb, herbs, spice, spices 93 food, meal 94 bread, loaf, loaf of bread 95 apple, fruit, grapes 96 chop, meat, mutton, mutton chop 97 drink, eat, swallow, taste 98 ladle, spoon, spoonful, spoonfuls, spoons 99 dagger, knife 100 carve, chop up, cut, cut up, slice 101 basin, bowl, bowls 102 broom 103 get in, sit, sit down 104 moose, moosehead 105 feed, give, offer, serve 106 passage, tunnel 107 poison, poisoned 108 cap, cork, cover, lid, plug, stopper 109 bottle, bottles, empty jar, jar, jars 110 saffron 111 beaker, beakers, flask, flasks, measuring cup, measuring cups, stirrer, stirrers 112 bone, bones, fish bone, fishbone, skeleton, skeletons, skull, skulls 113 equipment, implements, instruments 114 essence 115 compound, dough, mixture 116 capsule, capsules, vial, vials 117 off 118 night shade, nightshade 119 mandrake 120 mushroom, toad stool, toadstool 121 spit, spittle 122 frog, toad 123 mortar, mortar and pestle, pestle, pestle and mortar 124 brazier, burner 125 crumble, crush, grind, pound 126 flour, grain, grains, powder 127 charcoal, coal 128 boil, cook, heat, warm 129 cup, empty cup 130 ball, balls, piece, pieces 131 brew, storm brew 132 bird, birds, buzzard, buzzards, chicken, chickens, crow, crows, gull, gulls, seagull, seagulls, vulture, vultures 133 fur, hair 134 reptile, serpent, snake 135 reptile skin, skin, snake skin, snakeskin 136 thimble, thimbleful, thimbles 137 dew 138 fingers, hand, hand full, handful, hands 139 knead, mix, stir 140 divide, halve, separate, split 141 form, make, shape 142 chore, job 143 ears 144 try, use, using, with 145 porridge 146 status 147 carry, grab, grasp, hold, reach 148 hang, suspend 149 alexander, boy, gwydion, i'm, me, myself, self 150 grains of salt, salt, salt grains 151 mistletoe 152 rock, rocks, stone, stones 153 pat, pet, rub, smear 154 embrace, hug, kiss 155 acorn, acorns 156 flatten, press, spread, squash, squeeze 157 sleep, sleeping, slumber 158 fish oil, oil 159 cookie, patty 160 liquid, water 161 mud 162 bit, pinch 163 blow 164 let go, let go of, release, unfasten, untie 165 finger 166 brush, bush, bushes, plant, plants, shrub, shrubs 167 cactii, cactus 168 bucket, pail 169 juice 170 fill 171 spell, spells 172 away 173 on, on to, onto 174 look in, look inside, look into, look through 175 up 176 down 177 pouch, pouches 178 flint 179 root 180 fish, fishes 181 chest, trunk 182 ointment 183 shovel 184 unlock 185 from 186 close, shut 187 coin, coins, gold, money 188 furnishings, furniture 189 area, chamber, room 190 magic, magical 191 cage, coop, fence, pen, wall, walls 192 corner 193 cat, kitty 194 dog, kenny, lance, mutt 195 storm, storms 196 shop, store 197 inside 198 foot 199 ship, vessel 200 boat, lifeboat 201 feather, feathers 202 amber 203 number 204 bench, benches, chair, chairs, seat, seats 205 one 206 two 207 three 208 four 209 five 210 six 211 seven 212 eight 213 nine 214 ten 215 gimme 216 smell, sniff 217 glint 218 throw, toss 219 begone 220 ii 221 iv 222 vii 223 xiv 224 xxv 225 lxxxiv 226 clxix 228 head 229 kill, murder, slay, stab 230 half, one-half 231 pluck 232 wake, wake up 233 knob, knobs 234 programmed, wrote 235 save 236 restore 237 game 238 map, scroll 239 barrel, barrels, keg, kegs 240 crows nest, crowsnest 241 flower, flowers 242 sky 243 mast 244 canyon, chasm, gorge, valley 245 ladder, rope ladder 246 bluff, bluffs, cliff, cliffs, hill, hills, mountain, mountains, peak, peaks 247 cloud, clouds, fog 248 path, trail 249 how 250 length, long 251 time 252 play, playing, ski 253 help 255 hole, porthole 256 rope 257 creek, river, stream, waterfall 258 bear, bears 259 garden, yard 260 bang, knock 261 hit, kick, punch, strike 262 spiderweb, web 263 cave, cavern, caves 264 spider, spiders 265 building, buildings, cottage, hide out, hide-out, hideout, house, houses, shack, tree house, treehouse 266 town, village 267 dock, pier, wharf 268 bay, ocean, sea, waves 269 beach, sand 270 gate 271 here, there 272 anchor 273 dive, swim 274 crystal, crystal ball 276 goods, supplies, wares 277 rob, steal, swipe 278 ale, beer, booze, liquor, rum, wine 281 sword, swords 282 buy, order, purchase, spend 284 bandit, bandits, captain, captains, clerk, crew, customers, dwarf, ghost, gnome, guard, guy, guys, image, king, man, men, oracle, pirate, pirates, rogue, rogues, sailor, sailors, sentry, shop keeper, shopkeeper, storekeeper 285 barmaid, bartender, girl, medusa, princess, princess rosella, queen, rosella, statue, waitress, woman 286 animal, animals, squirrel, squirrels 287 lizard, lizards 289 oven, stove, woodstove 290 jump 291 bin, bins, box, boxes, crate, crates 292 well 293 castle, palace 294 porch 295 name 296 snow 297 thank, thank you, thanks 298 find, locate, search, where 299 ass, asshole, cunt, dirty word, fart, fuck, fucking, mother fucker, piss, pussy, screw, shit, tit, tits 300 hello, hi 301 dragon, monster, snowman, yeti 302 eagle 303 count 304 body 400 dig 401 mice, mouse, rat, rats 402 shark, sharks 403 moat 404 drinks, round, round of drinks 800 clock 801 visible 802 clear 803 henceforth 804 lightning, rain 805 thunder 806 yes 807 no 808 coin purse, purse 809 bag 813 nothing 9999 rol

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