There are many ways to die in KQ6.

Isle of the Crown Edit

  • If Alexander walks too far off of the beach, he can get swept out to sea and drown.
  • If the player listens to the boy in the water beckoning him to dive in, Alexander will drown and the boy will betray him. If the player ignores the boy, the boy will disappear in a puff of smoke, and Alexander will say, "That's funny, the boy disappeared. He must have dove under water."
  • Alexander can also fall off of the dock, resulting in death.
  • If the player gets to the Isle of Wonder, but doesn't have all of the required items, or doesn't use them properly, the vizier's gnomes will throw Alexander out to sea, causing him to drown.
  • Alexander will die in the swamp water without the necessary items.
  • If Alexander touches the black widow's web, the black widow will bite and kill Alexander.
  • If Alexander walks into the boiling hot pond with out the necessary items on the Isle of the Beast, he will die.
  • If Alexander attempts to approach the man on the other side of the gate on the Isle of the Beast without the necessary items the stone statue on the gate will shoot Alexander with an arrow, killing him.