This is a transcript of text from King's Quest VI (Amiga) version. It mainly covers text that appears in this version of the game, but modified from the original version (the unchanged material can be found over on KQ6 Transcripts). Some of the material in this article may appear in the files of the SCI version of the game, but not appear in the game itself.


Peppermint bush;

  • "A bush with dark, shiny leaves grows against the east cliff wall."
  • "Alexander takes a few leaves from the plant. As he does so, a strong smell of pepperment is released. Ah!"
  • "A mighty winged horse the color of midnight is feeding from the peppermint bush. The creature must be Night Mare, the one the Druids spoke about."

Rare book;

  • Alexander snatches the scrap of parchment, curious to see what's written on it. The parchment appears to have come from the rare book, it says, "LOVE".
  • The wind blows the scrap of paper from Alexander's hand. But, he remembers what it said well enough.


  • "The island's currents keep us pretty isolated. I can only recall three visitors in my lifetime. When I was a boy a wanderer came, Alhazred himself arrived many years ago, and now you. We have almost no contact with the outside world, but we're content with our little kingdom. At least, we always were in the past." (this quote actually is in the script for KQ6 SCI but isn't used)


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