Development history of the new King's Quest: Adventures of Graham games series.

First Look King's Quest Brings Retro Wonder to a New Generation04:15

First Look King's Quest Brings Retro Wonder to a New Generation

Roberta Williams and FamilyEdit

Roberta Williams, Ken Williams, and Roberta's mother got to play a beta version of KIng's Ques Chapter 1, and saw concept art and general storyline for the rest of the series. She enjoyed what she saw.

The beta build of the chapter included most of what was in the released version, though some of the puzzles were not yet in place, but the cutscenes weren't yet in place. It's was similar to the demo version shown at E3 in 2015.[1].

KQC3 detailsEdit

There is some unused, or removed material.

  • There appears that that the love poem towards the end of the chapter was going to be a much more of a puzzle, and require you to return to Whisper several times until you got the right one that Hagatha would accept.
  • There are several backstories for Hagatha, although its unclear if these are all accessible, or removed.
  • There is a number of extra details related to the prologue and Cedric, and his sister/brothers, that appear to not be accessible.
  • There appears to be references to a few more stops and treasures that Hagatha asks the princesses to go hunt for.

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