Roberta Williams and FamilyEdit

Roberta Williams, Ken Williams, and Roberta's mother got to play a beta version of KIng's Ques Chapter 1, and saw concept art and general storyline for the rest of the series (though is likely the story direction that was originally intended, rather than the one the series ended up shifting to, after removal of content due to player criticism and delays). She enjoyed what she saw.

The beta build of the chapter included most of what was in the released version, though some of the puzzles were not yet in place, but the cutscenes weren't yet in place. It's was similar to the demo version shown at E3 in 2015.[1].

Cut or unused materialEdit

Race Lost and other 'deaths'Edit

Apparently it would have been possible to lose the race. In the final game, they just keep adding on new laps via Addendum 37-Z and Addendum 2, Section 5. There are additional deaths including some poking fun at immortality, ghosts and fairy godmother that didn't make it into the game (but their intended location and context is not known).

Some of these may be 'idle' deaths where as if you didn't make any choices Graham would fall asleep, and you would have to wake him up or get him back on track, i.e. 'restore'.

[VO_JustFine_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm just fine.")

[VO_ExactlyWhat_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="And that's exactly what happened.")

[VO_Erasing_GW SoundNodeWave] bMature=False bManualWordWrap=False bSingleLine=False SpokenText="" Subtitles[0]=(Text="If you lost the tournament, then how did you become a knight? And how did you become a king? And how did you meet Gramma? ... My whole existence is erasing.") Comment=""

[VO_Erasing_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="If you lost the tournament, then how did you become a knight? And how did you become a king? And how did you meet Grandma? [Gasps] My whole existence is erasing.")

[VO_Immortal_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Wait a minute... does this mean our family's immortal?") [VO_Iknow_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I know!") [VO_HappilyEver_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="And we all lived happily ever after.")

[VO_GodmotherSpell_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="But that couldn't have harmed you cause of your fairy godmother's protective spell right?...Right!?")

[VO_Ghost_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I knew it. You are a ghost! I can see the dead! ")

[VO_DeathGeneralA1_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Grampa!")

[VO_AnotherIdea_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I had another idea in mind.")

[VO_AndThenWhat_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Grampaaa. Grampaaaaaaaaa. And then what?!")

[VO_NeedBreak_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="We've been playing for a while now, are you sure you don't need a break?")

[VO_NoItsNot_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No, it's not.") [VO_NotGoodEnd_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That is not a good ending, Grampa.")

[VO_NotHappened_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That's not what happened! You're still here.")

[VO_NotSlightest_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Not in the slightest.")

[VO_Snoring_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Snoring]")

[VO_SoYou_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="So you...")

[VO_ThatIAm_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That I am.")

[VO_ThatsTheStory_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="And that's it. That's the story.")

[VO_TweakingThird_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Well I'm still tweaking the third act a bit.")

[VO_Well_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Well...")

[VO_YawnContagious_OG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Yawns] These are contagious, you know? Sure you don't need a nap?")

Moat AccidentsEdit

It appears that Royal Guard 1 and Royal Guard 2 could have had an accident falling into the moat. This also would have been one of the first introductions to RG2's syrup BO problem. 

[VO_MoatA_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Humming]")

[VO_MoatB_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Watch out!")

[VO_MoatC_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Gurgling]")

[VO_MoatD_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I've got you!")

[VO_MoatE_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You needn't worry.")

[VO_MoatF_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nevermind.")

[VO_MoatG_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You NEED to worry!")

[VO_MoatH_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Goodbye!")

[VO_MoatI_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Farewell!")

[VO_MoatK_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I had a good life!")

[VO_MoatL_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Gurgling]")

[VO_MoatM_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Gurgling]")

[VO_MoatN_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Whistling]")

[VO_MoatO_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Whistling]")

[VO_MoatP_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Is that better, Betsy?")

[VO_MoatQ_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Ooomh.]")

[VO_MoatR_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Distresssss!")

[VO_MoatS_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Argh.]")

[VO_MoatT_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Distresssss!")

[VO_MoatU_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can still smell syruuuuupppp!")

[VO_MoatV_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hang on, I'm coming for you.")

[VO_MoatW_RG1 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hold on, I'm coming for you.")

[VO_MoatW_RG2 SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I've got ya!")

General item examinationEdit

There are some one word or brief exclamations which Graham can use when examining various things. It's not clear if all or most of these were used. Since Graham usually is more specific when he picks things up or looks at things.

Concept artEdit

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