Material specific to the development of King's Quest Chapter II: Rubble Without A Cause. This mostly concerns the cut scenes and puzzle material.

Cut or unused materialEdit

QTE Sequences like in Chapter 1Edit

Chapter 1 had elaborate action set pieces with Quick-time Events choices to be made similar to Dragon's Lair. Due to complaints with chapter 1, many of these sequences were cut, or made to have more direct input in later chapters, or made short and simple.[1]

Changes caused by 'fan input' affected chapter 2, including the loss of the second half the chapter related to Acorn, Whisper, and Mordon (see below) has the hallmarks of QuickTime chase scenes in which those characters told you were to go, and if you somehow didn't follow them fast enough would lead to deaths and dead ends (similar to the factory cart puzzle in Willy Beamish). Quicksand, drowning, walls collapsing, etc. Perhaps it was the mounted goblins see below that would have also featured in those sections (see the large number of 'rats' related deaths, and Whisper's comment about rats as well).

So rather than being cut due to any issues with time or money, but by extreme fan criticism, there was not enough time to replace them with something more 'traditional' or with real direct input, and putting the time in to change it would have cost more money, it was easier to just cut the sequences completely (and scale back some of the material, and puzzles leading up to sections, in the earlier prison areas), and change the stories in future chapters (which were not yet in development) to fit with the change.

Mounted goblinsEdit

Chapter 2 appears to have had concept art for goblin rat mounts. Although no such mounted goblins appear in the chapter.

The Goblin King has his own rock spider/jinx type mount, that he sits on, a walking throne type machine or creature thing.

While the second photo with the horned llama things probably dates to about chapter 1, it at least seems to show an evolution in the idea of mounts for Goblins.

Chapter 5 has a scene (a vision of cut material really) that mentions these rats (and you can even see a model of one of the mounted rat and riders. A possibly 'cut line' suggests that they might have even been utilized in the 'second act' the chase scenes with Whisper, Acorn, or Mordon.

Graham (KQC5):

Did I tell you that the goblins rode around on rats in the caves?
But... I didn't even get to tell you about the goblins who rode rats or introduce you to Amaya's brother... and the prison story had a whole other act.

Crevice in the Porridge roomEdit

There is a crevice in the porridge room that Graham will try to climb but is not able to do it. It looks like he probably would have had to have had a partner character to reach the passage above it. Of course it might have been an alternate way into and out of the room for a different path.

One theory is this is just a nod to the crevice that Manny used to reach the Knight Tournament in Chapter 1, and with the broken porridge machine, maybe it is just an additional hint at him being the one who sabotaged the food supply.

Greetings and meetupEdit

[VO_GuardsTrapThank07_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whaddya say we stay down here and definitely, do not have a choco ice-cream party in the throne room?")

[VO_HellosAcorn_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Acorn.")

[VO_HellosAmaya_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Amaya.")

[VO_HellosBramble_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Bramble.")

[VO_HellosChester_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Chester.")

[VO_HellosHiAhem_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hiii... ahem... greetings.")

[VO_HellosHobblepots_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hobblepots.")

[VO_HellosMuriel_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Muriel. ")

[VO_HellosProceed_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Proceed.")

[VO_HellosSalutations_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Salutations.")

[VO_HellosSirAcorn_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Sir Acorn.")

[VO_HellosSirWhisper_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Sir Whisper.")

[VO_HellosWente_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Wente.")

[VO_HellosWhisper_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper.")

Heating PorridgeEdit

[VO_GCellExFloorPorridgeA_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That porridge is too cold.")

[VO_GCellExFloorPorridgeB_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That porridge is much too cold.")

[VO_GCellExFloorPorridgeC_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I stand by my assessment. It is too cold to eat.")

[VO_GCellExFloorPorridgeD_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I have my limits.")

[VO_GCellBucketPorridgeA_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Wow. It's really hot.")

Daily Chores PuzzlesEdit

[VO_GCellAfterChoresA_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="All right, I'm ready for bed.")

[VO_GCellAfterChoresB_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm getting sleepy. I should head to bed.")

[VO_GCellAfterChoresC_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Chores, check. Food stuff, check. Bed time, let's do this.")

[VO_GCellAfterChoresD_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Newton, I think we've done good today. I think we should rest up.")

[VO_GCellAfterChoresE_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I know, Sally! We were super-productive, but now it's time for bed.")

[VO_GCellAfterChoresF_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Don't worry, guys. I won't forget you. We've become great friends, but I really need to get some rest.")

[VO_GCellAfterChoresG_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Well, I probably shouldn't keep talking to the newts. I guess I'll go to bed.")

[VO_GCellAfterChoresH_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Tomorrow is another day, I guess. No use delaying the inevitable.")

Broom itemEdit


Crumbler PuzzleEdit

This appears to be part of the Amaya path, but would have mostly taken place inside the prison it seems.

The puzzle requires finding fuel for the Crumbler.

This may have been related to the chase sequence events that were cut, but down Amaya's version of the story.


[VO_HobGiveWrench_MH SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh... careful. Don't let the guards see you with that.")


[VO_FeyGiveWrench_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Keep that. Wouldn't want to put a wrench in our plans.")

Young GrahamEdit

[VO_FindCrumbler08_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'll go look for fuel.")

[VO_FindCrumbler09_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Is she ready yet?")

[VO_GCastleTicketOut_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="There. That's our ticket out.")

VO_FeyGiveFood05_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You didn't find an oil fryer in any of these cells, did you?")


[VO_GiveWrench_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Are you crazy? Hide that!")

[VO_FindCrumbler01_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="The Crumbler! Oh... I missed you. Did you miss me? Never leave me again.")

[VO_FindCrumbler02_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Move aside, Graham. It's crumbling time.")

[VO_FindCrumbler03_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Battle cry]")

[VO_FindCrumbler04_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Look, I'll try to get her started, but she needs fuel.")

[VO_FindCrumbler05_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Did you find any oil yet?")

[VO_FindCrumbler06_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I think we need a moment alone.")

[VO_FindCrumbler07_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Can you nurse her back to health, Graham?")

[VO_FindCrumbler10_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Almost. Give her time. She's in shock.")

[VO_FindCrumbler11_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Graham! Help!")

[VO_ABHealthMidtoMidB_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Like the Crumbler, I could use some fuel.")

Extended Bone PuzzleEdit

[VO_FeyAskBone01_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Can I have that bone?")

[VO_FeyAskBone03_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="So, what's the plan?")

[VO_HobAskBone01_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Can I have that bone?")

Magic MapEdit

[VO_MapFound_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ohh, a magic map! Ahem, I mean... oh, how fortuitous.")

[VO_MapLost_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Real adventurers don't need maps anyway.")

Goblin Rules (end chores)Edit

[VO_GobRules_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I was instructed to do my chores, and then ring the bell when I was ready to be locked up again.")

Cape Puzzles (holding more than one prisoner in cape) & Double Switch PuzzleEdit

[VO_CallOutSwitch_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="On the count of three, pull that switch!")

[VO_CallOutThere_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="There.")

[VO_CallOutTooEarly_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Wait, that was too early. Let's try again.")

[VO_CallOutTooSlow_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Okay, I was too slow. Again.")

[VO_CapeActNatural_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Act natural.")

[VO_CapeBackInThere_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="All right, back in there.")

[VO_CapeBickering_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Guys! Stop bickering.")

[VO_CapeDoFavor_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Could you do me a favor?")

[VO_CapeForgiveMe_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Forgive me.")

[VO_CapeHideIn_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ummm... here! You can hide in my cape.")

[VO_CapeKnowDrill_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You know the drill.")

[VO_CapeNeedYou_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I need you.")

[VO_CapeNoTalking_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="All right. I'm going to let you out, but no talking.")

[VO_CapeNoTime_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No time to explain.")

[VO_CapeQuick_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Quick! In my cape!")

[VO_CapeQuiet_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Quiet.")

[VO_CapeQuietDown_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Quiet down, you two.")

[VO_CapeSeriouslyRoomy_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Seriously. It's very roomy in there.")

[VO_CapeShh_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Shhhh.")

[VO_CapeSoftened_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I used fabric softener.")

[VO_CapeTickles_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hey! That tickles.")

[VO_CapeWashed_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I washed it yesterday.")

[VO_CapeYouTwoBack_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="All right, you two. Back in here.")

Dark Cell VoiceoversEdit


[VO_NarSurroundedYou_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="But what did you do when you couldn't see what surrounded you?")

Old GrahamEdit

[VO_DarkCell05_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="How big was this place?")

[VO_DarkCell04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I heard a beast groaning to my right.")

[VO_DarkCell03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Bones cracked under my feet.")

[VO_DarkCell02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It was squishy and felt like flesh.")

[VO_DarkCell01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I couldn't see my own hand in front of my face. And I'm not sure I wanted to see anything else down there.")

Young GrahamEdit

[VO_GCellDarkCell01_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Heavy breathing] I'm fine. I'm fine.")

[VO_GCellDarkCell02_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="What was that?!")

[VO_GCellDarkCell03_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nice kitty... I really hope you're just a kitty.")

[VO_GCellDarkCell04_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Sniff] Oh. Yuck. It can't be as bad as it smells.")

[VO_GCellDarkCell05_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hello? Is someone there?")


Old GrahamEdit

[VO_DeathRock16_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Sniff] I knew I smelled rubble.")

[VO_DeathRock15_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Let's start that part over with a clean slate.")

[VO_DeathRock14_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I didn't stop to marble at my surroundings.")

[VO_DeathRock13_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Snores] It seems I rocked myself to sleep!")

[VO_DeathRock12_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I surely didn't go that way, I was a rubble.")

[VO_DeathRock11_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Those rocks kept bouldering me.")

[VO_DeathRock10_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This rocky situation was no fault of my own.")

[VO_DeathRock09_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This game of stones was far too violent for my taste.")

[VO_DeathRock08_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I know what you're thinking. That I'm out of rock puns, but give me a second to dig some more up.")

[VO_DeathRock07_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="All I wanted to do was dig myself out of that hole.")

[VO_DeathRock06_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Craters gonna crate.")

[VO_DeathRock05_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Craters gotta hate.")

[VO_DeathRock04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This part of the tale gets a little bit rocky.")

[VO_DeathRock03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="We should stop this story before it erodes even further.")

[VO_DeathRock02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Looked like I was stoned to death.")

[VO_DeathRock01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="The goblins' rock armor was slate of the art.")

[VO_DeathRats05_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="These rats were plaguing me.")

[VO_DeathRats04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Those rats were weapons of mouse destruction.")

[VO_DeathRats03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Sniff] I smell a rat.")

[VO_DeathRats02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Funny, I usually know a rat when I see em.")

[VO_DeathRats01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ah, rats!")

[VO_DeathPrison03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Looks like the pen is mightier than... well, me.")

[VO_DeathPrison02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Welp, prison walls are never built to scale.")

[VO_DeathPrison01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Looks like this was no time for a cell-abration.")

[VO_DeathFood_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Maybe I shoulda been goblin the food myself.")

[VO_DeathDeadEnd_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This seemed to be a dead end.")


[VO_DeathA_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Well... that will certainly help me sleep well.")

[VO_DeathB_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Is that the advice you give to all small children about nightmares?")

[VO_DeathC_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Guess I won't be sleeping tonight.")

[VO_DeathD_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Fuel, meet Nightmare.")

[VO_DeathE_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hmm... next time I need help sleeping I'll just get warm milk.")

[VO_DeathF_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Mr. Springbottom does not approve.")

[VO_DeathG_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You are not going to scare me to sleep, if that's what you're thinking.")

[VO_DeathH_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I liked your stories better when they were silly and filled with dragons.")

[VO_DeathI_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That doesn't even make sense, Grandpa. Your last story seemed more thought-out.")

Young GrahamEdit

[VO_ExertDeathFreeze_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Shivering]")

[VO_ExertDeathHotCoalsEx03_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hot hot hot hot hot!")

[VO_ExertDeathLightning_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="[Shocked]")

Weird RoomsEdit

Baby Dragon roomEdit

[VO_ExBabyDragon_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Finally! We get to the good part.")

[VO_ExBabyDragon02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ahhhh... babies.")

[VO_ExBabyDragon03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hmmph... goblins ruin everything.")

Slippers roomEdit

[VO_GlassSlippers_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Glass slippers were piled high to the bottom of the ground.")

[VO_ExShoes_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That's even more shoes than my mom has! Whoa!")

Frog cellEdit

This is apparently related to Whisper path (possibly related to Quicksand puzzle).

[VO_FrogCell_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="An entire room filled with frogs.")
[VO_ExFrogs_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I want to pet them all.")
[VO_ExFrogsALT1_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I wanna pet them all!")

Spinning WheelsEdit

This is related to Acorn path.

[VO_SpinningWheels_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="What did the goblins need all these spinning wheels for?")

Skip Dialogue (story explanation)Edit

[VO_DiagSkipB01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Well then, my little biscuit, I can skip it if you like.")

[VO_DiagSkipA02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can skip it if you like.")

[VO_DiagSkipA01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Grandpa, you told me this part already.")

[VO_DiagSkipB02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Grandpa, this part is going on really long.")

Whisper conversationsEdit

Whisper appears to be caught surrounded by his 'fans'. With Graham and Amaya's help they help free him.

Saving Whisper with Amaya's helpEdit

Amaya: Which way, Your Highness
Graham: Ugh...
Amaya: Are you sure?
Graham: I froze. Paralyzed by the decision. Perhaps I had pulled the final rabbit out of my hat. It was worse than that. I didn't even have a cap anymore.
Amaya: Your gut has led us this far; let's not second-guess it now. Come on! Let's go! Acorn will be fine on his own.

or (alternate).

Amaya: "You're thinking way too much, Graham. Trust that gut. Come on! Let's go! Acorn will be fine on his own.

Whisper surrounded by GoblinsEdit

Don't fret, little rock Goblins. I will sign all the things.
No need to push, you crazy little fans.
Who should I make this out to? Rocky Stoneman?
Don't crowd! Don't crowd! Okay, crowd! Whisper loves a crowd!
Unique individual message for you. And unique individual message for you.
Oh yes, I totally remember you from Adventure Con.
Oh... I'm sorry, that's Whiffer. People get us confused a lot. All right. I'll sign it anyway.
My fan club rocks!
I would love to sign your baby.
Fans, right this way. Follow me.
Over here, fans. Keep up.
Gotta keep up, fans.
Can we push the line against this wall?
Back up, people!
The building has left Whisper.

Whisper SavedEdit

Whisper: Graham! It's been far too long! And I see you've earned your mane of excellence. Well, Whisper has, and will continue to be, a fan.
Graham: It's good to see you too, Whisper.
Whisper: Ready for more adventures? Looks like adventure sought out you. Ready for more?
Graham: Always.
Whisper: And... oh, hello. What is a lovely lady like you, doing in a place like this?
Amaya: Saving you. Or would you rather I not?
Whisper: Ohh... I like them cheeky.
Amaya: What a gentleman.
Whisper: Ohh, but of course! I could escape on my own, you know, but now that your here I wouldn't want to take that away from you.

or (alternate).

Whisper: I try. So... about you getting me out of here?

Whisper, Amaya, and Graham at forked RoadEdit

Graham: Two roads split off from the path. They both looked the same, and I had no idea which to pick. But taking too long to choose was hardly better than choosing nothing.
Graham: Hmm... another fork in the road.
Whisper: Whisper thinks left is right, and right is wrong.
Amaya: Well, Amaya thinks you need to shut that mouth and move those feet.
Graham: Hang on a sec. Let me think this one over.
Amaya: Graham, stop. Your indecision has gotten us into this mess.
Graham: I think we should...
Whisper: Right or left, Graham? Left or right? Hurry up, Graham. Patience is not a virtue that blessed Whisper.
Amaya: Look, you go that way and we'll go this way.
Whisper: Meet you at the castle.
Graham: Ah. Zards!
Whisper:That's not kingly language.

Quicksand puzzleEdit

Whisper: I'm not going in there, Graham. Sorry.
Graham: But, what are you so afraid of?
Whisper: I suppose I could ask you that same question.
Graham: Let's go together.
Whisper: Quicksand! Whisper's mortal enemy.
It was nice knowing you, Graham. Remember this face.
Graham can do it!

[Struggles] I would [struggles] Whisperrrr!

Sinking. Sinking. Sinking. Sinking. Ahhh.

Sinking. Sinking. Sinking. Sinking.


Whisper Agrees and DisagreesEdit

VO_WHAgreeLoud01_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Got it!")

[VO_WHAgreeLoud02_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper agrees!")

[VO_WHAgreeLoud03_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Lickety split! ")

[VO_WHAgreeLoud04_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="On it!")

[VO_WHAgreeQuiet01_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Got it!")

[VO_WHAgreeQuiet02_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper agrees!")

[VO_WHAgreeQuiet03_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Lickety split! ")

[VO_WHAgreeQuiet04_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="On it!")

[VO_WHDisagreeLoud01_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper disagrees. ")

[VO_WHDisagreeLoud02_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper can't do it!")

[VO_WHDisagreeLoud03_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper doesn't do scary.")

[VO_WHDisagreeLoud04_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Not one of your better ideas.")

[VO_WHDisagreeQuiet01_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper disagrees. ")

[VO_WHDisagreeQuiet02_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper can't do it!")

[VO_WHDisagreeQuiet03_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whisper doesn't do scary.")

[VO_WHDisagreeQuiet04_WH SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="Not one of your better ideas.")

Whisper Takes OrdersEdit

Graham: Don't be careless, Whisper.

Whisper: Whisper is... whispering.

Whisper IdleEdit

This might be the only time I'll say this... but don't look at me. You'll have to figure it out.

Whisper has nothing to add to the conversation.

You never did answer my mesage about a rematch.

Whatever happened to your silly squirrel pig?

Congrats on finally joining the sacred practice of leg day.

Whisper awaits your command.

Whisper is using his whisper voice.

Whisper hates the dark and Whisper hates being afraid, but Whisper loves glory. So Whisper is torn.")

Nope. Nope! No. Whisper doesn't do rats.")

Whisper and Amaya conversationsEdit


Whisper: Behold, my mane of excellence! That's boyfriend material.
Amaya: Hmm, I'd say it looks a little too clingy and hard to maintain.


Whisper: Your hero is here. And what were your other two wishes?
Amaya: That he'd be charming and handsome. I guess not all wishes come true.


Amaya: Whisper, I could use your baby hands over here.
Whisper: Please, call me Walter.")


Amaya: Whisper, I need you to run.
Whisper: That's easy! I've been running...
Amaya: And not through my mind!


Whisper: So, come here often?
Amaya: To this dark cave where we were imprisoned?
Whisper: Um, yes?
Amaya: Nope, this is a first.
Whisper: Oh. Well, me too. So...
Amaya: Can we not?


Whisper: Whisper's just so happy to be free! We must celebrate our victory!
Amaya: We're not done yet, you know that.
Whisper: Yes, but, we should celebrate the little victories.
Amaya: Sure... and how do you propose we do that?
Whisper: A jumping-up-and-down hug?
Amaya: Ugh, fine.
Whisper: Huzzah! Smash and flash, making it happen!
Amaya: You're ridiculous...
Whisper: good looking.


Amaya: You really need to try to keep it quiet.
Whisper: But how will our enemy know their doom is coming?
Amaya: While your moxie is overwhelmingly apparent, sometimes you have to plan a bit.
Whisper: WAIT, a minute! Did you say plan?
Amaya: Momentary lapse of judgment.
Whisper: You said plan.
Amaya: Quiet!
Whisper: You wanna think! You wanna think!
Amaya: No, I don't!
Whisper: Too late, you already said it.
Amaya: Well, if you'd shut it for two seconds, I actually could!
Whisper: Whisper shall comply. Think on, brave one.


Amaya: You know I'm a blacksmith, right? You've never been to my shop, yet you seem quite obsessed with armor.
Whisper: I don't think anyone knows. Well, I've got this guy and I've been going to him... for like ever. And, you know, loyalty and stuff.
Amaya: I can admire someone who sticks to what they like... even if it is second-rate.
Whisper: But, I'm in need of new boots!
Amaya: Oh, well, I'm not really a cobbler.
Whisper: Right... cobblers. Well, uh, I need a new shrimp fork?
Amaya: Oh, I mean, it's not really a sword, but if you ever wanted to come by and chat about the specifications of what's needed for said shrimp fork, we could, um, do that.
Whisper: They are very complicated.
Amaya: Yes, like they have to be really small. And how many tines are they actually supposed to have?!


Whisper: Thanks, Amaya. We couldn't have done it without you.
Amaya: Hey, you've got a fan for life.


What's the plan, oh Kingly One?
Which way, oh Sparkly Head?
What should Whisper do? ...It?
Whisper can do it! And all that stuff.
I don't think that's a "do it" for Whisper.
Settle down, fans!
Bye, Felicia!
Whisper can... I mean, we can do it!
King Graham! Whisper is in need of assistance!

Planning ExEdit

Home run!

Bramble agrees or disagrees with WhisperEdit

[VO_FeyAgreeWhisper01_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Got it!")

[VO_FeyAgreeWhisper02_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yup!")

[VO_FeyAgreeWhisper03_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Soup's on!")

[VO_FeyAgreeWhisper04_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="On it!")

[VO_FeyDisagreeWhisper01_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I strongly disagree.")

[VO_FeyDisagreeWhisper02_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I don't think so!")

[VO_FeyDisagreeWhisper03_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That smells like a bad idea.")

[VO_FeyDisagreeWhisper04_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I don't like what's cooking.")

King Graham calls out WhisperEdit

Whisper! Over here!

Whisper! You know what to do.

Whisper! Over there!

Gwendolyn Gart CritiqueEdit

[VO_GartCritiqueBB01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Wow! Grandpa, Whisper was a good choice.")

[VO_GartCritiqueBB03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No way. Whisper can do it!")

[VO_GartCritiqueBA02_GA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I guess. I mean, Whisper seemed interesting.")

[VO_GartCritiqueBA04_GA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ugh, Whisper can do it.")

Acorn conversationsEdit

Chester and Graham save AcornEdit

Chester: Which way, King Boy?
Graham: Ugh...
Chester: Mmmhmm!
Graham: I froze. Paralyzed by the decision. Perhaps I had pulled the final rabbit out of my hat. It was worse than that. I didn't even have a cap anymore.

or (alt)

I can't. I'm done. I have pulled the final rabbit out of my hat. Actually, it's worse than that. I don't even have a cap any more!
Chester: Well, I'm all for using your noggin, but indecision is worse than a dumb decision. Come on, Graham. This way. Whisper will be fine on his own.

Acorn and Chester IntroductionsEdit

Acorn: Chester.
Acorn: Sir Cumference.

Acorn and Chester conversationsEdit


Acorn: I hear your lease is almost up.
Chester: What did you say?
Acorn: Oh, nothing. How old are you again?
Chester: I still have many more snacks left to hit my belly. You needn't worry.
Acorn: Oh, good. I'm a worrier.


Chester: Acorn?
Acorn: Yes?
Chester: Can I have a piggyback ride?
Acorn: Absolutely not! Do I look like a Kyle to you?
Acorn: I hear you are pretty crafty.
Chester: The craftiest. You need a prank of the most perturbing persuasion? I'm here for you.
Acorn: Well, Princess Madeline has been pretty itchy lately. I'm guessing fleas.")
Chester: Mmmm. Fleas. They add the perfect amount of texture to my smoothies.
Acorn: Eww. Gross.


Acorn: So I hear there are fantastic retirement communities in Tanalore. I have a brochure back at home.
Chester: Retirement?! You seem very keen on me leaving my shop. I'm onto you.
Acorn: I just want to be crafty. Like you.
Chester: I've seen your crafts, and there's no witch or wizard in them. The lowest tier of crafting... folk.
Acorn: You take that back! I'm an artist.
Chester: You, sir, are a hobbyist. You don't even have a store.
Acorn: Well, I would if you'd just retire already.


Chester: Oh my. It seems I've worn a hole in my sock. You know who I'm not gonna take it to?
Acorn: HUH?
Chester: That big guy who doesn't have a shop.
Acorn: Wait a minute!
Chester: I guess I'll devise a crafty potion to fix it myself. Hopefully one with lizard tongue. Mmm...
Acorn: I've had enough of you, a shop doesn't make the artist! The art makes the artist!
Chester: Is this the bull?
Acorn: The bull is in the pen. The bull is in the pen.


Chester: You know, perhaps we could rent you our old fortune-telling space.
Acorn: I'd love that.
Chester: Perhaps our crafts can live in perfect harmony.

Fork Puzzle with BrambleEdit

Graham: Hmm... another fork in the road.
Acorn: Well, the scenic route looks nice!
Bramble: Go with your heart.
Graham: Hang on a sec. Let me think this one over.
Bramble: You're thinking too hard. Let love guide you.
Acorn: Charge ahead!
Graham: I think we should...
Acorn: Right or left, Graham? Left or right?
Acorn: This ain't art, just pick one!
Bramble: Look, you go that way, and we'll go this way."
Acorn: Meet you at the castle.
Graham: Ah. Zards!
Acorn: That's not very kingly language.

Fork Puzzle with ChesterEdit

Graham: Hmm... another fork in the road.
Acorn: Well, the scenic route looks nice!
Chester:The answer is right in front of you.
Graham: Hang on a sec. Let me think this one over.
Chester: Well, think it through, but quickly, my boy, please. My knees sure will appreciate it.
Acorn: Charge ahead!
Graham: I think we should...
Chester: If you can't think quickly, guess assuredly.
Acorn: This ain't art, just pick one!
Chester: Oh, too slow, let's split up. We'll go this way.
Acorn: Meet you at the castle.
Graham: Ah. Zards!
Acorn: That's not very kingly language.

Bramble helps save AcornEdit

[VO_FeySaveAcorn01_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Which way, Your Highness?")

[VO_FeySaveAcorn03_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Are you sure, Gumdrop?")

[VO_FeySaveAcorn06_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You're thinking too much, Graham. Follow your heart. Come on, this way. Whisper will be fine on his own.")

Bramble and Acorn IntroductionsEdit

Acorn: Why, Mrs. Bramble Fey. Always a pleasure.
Bramble: Acorn! The pleasure's mine.
Acorn: How's the little one doing?
Bramble: Good now, thanks to our king.
Acorn: Have you found out if it's a boy or girl yet?
Bramble: Oh, we want to be surprised. But either way, we like the name Taylor.
Acorn: Well, now I don't know which color to pick for the baby booties. Obviously, I'd never go pink or blue, traditional is blah.

Bramble and Acorn conversationsEdit


Acorn: What does it feel like to carry a baby in your belly?
Bramble: Probably about the same as carrying a squirrel in your belly.
Acorn: We should meet up for belly day. How's your Thursday looking?


Bramble: Where is Princess Madeline? Did she escape the clutches of these hoarders?
Acorn: Who knows. She has trumpet practice tonight.
Bramble: I hope she will come and save us. Even though a compassionate lady should not involve herself with racketeering.
Bramble: That was just one time!


Acorn: My hands are ghost-stitching. They miss the yarn tangled between my fingers.
Bramble: Oh, I hear ya. I've been kneading in my sleep. Or at least that's what Wente's told me. Can't wait to whip up a batch of choco-cakes once we're above ground again.
Acorn: Can you double the chips?
Bramble: Of course! Don't tell Wente, or Chester for that matter, but when I make 'em, I triple the chips.


Acorn: I really appreciate your help back there. It's not often I don't have the strength to handle a situation on my own.
Bramble: Two strong bellies powered by full hearts. Hug time!
Acorn: We deserve it.


VO_GartCritiqueBB02_GA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I guess. I mean, Acorn seemed interesting.")

[VO_GartCritiqueBB04_GA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh yeah? Well, what about Miss Madeline?") Gwendolyn critique: [VO_GartCritiqueBA01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Wow! Grandpa, Acorn was a good choice.")

[VO_GartCritiqueBA03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No way. Have you even heard of Miss Madeline?")

Acorn Beanstalk Capture and RescueEdit

Surrounded by GoblinsEdit
Can we cut this nonsense? You wouldn't want to see this big guy go boom.
Fee-fi-fo-fum. All right, I said it. Can I get down now?
All right, fine... Be he alive, or be he dead. I'll grind his bones to make my bread. Ooh, yeah, that's nasty.
I wish I had my trapping ropes.
If you let me down, I'll knit you all sweaters.
Come on, fun size, you know you want a sweater.
I'm really just a sensitive artist, ya know?
Wait till Princess Madeline hears about this. Too bad she's at music night.
You know, your Jack costume could use some work. Do you have any fabric allergies?
You know, your Jack cosplay could use some work. I know a guy...
Ya'll are lucky the bull is retired.
I think I'd rather have a golden harp stolen from me more than my dignity.
At least this will make a few good pages for my scrapbooking project.
Goblins goneEdit
Why did all you shorties get so quiet? I don't like the quiet.
Helloooo! Is anyone down there?
Princess Madeline, is that you?
Somebody, please get me down!
Beanstalk RescueEdit
Acorn: King Graham! Buddy! I am so glad to see you.
Graham: It's great to see you, Acorn
Acorn: It will be an honor to have another adventure with you, Sire.
Graham: I concur.
Call out to AcornEdit

[VO_CallOutAcornHere_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Acorn! Over here!")

[VO_CallOutAcornKnow_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Acorn! You know what to do.")

[VO_CallOutAcornThere_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Acorn! Over there!")

Acorn Agrees and Disagrees with commandsEdit

[VO_ACAgreeLoud01_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Got it!")

[VO_ACAgreeLoud02_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Sounds good!")

[VO_ACAgreeLoud03_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Up and at 'em!")

[VO_ACAgreeLoud04_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="On it!")

[VO_ACAgreeWhisper01_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Got it!")

[VO_ACAgreeWhisper02_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Sounds good!")

[VO_ACAgreeWhisper03_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Up and at 'em!")

[VO_ACAgreeWhisper04_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="On it!")

[VO_ACDisagreeLoud01_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No.")

[VO_ACDisagreeLoud02_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I don't think that's a good idea.")

[VO_ACDisagreeLoud03_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hmmm. No bull. Sorry.")

[VO_ACDisagreeLoud04_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nope. Not happening.")

[VO_ACDisagreeWhisper01_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No.")

[VO_ACDisagreeWhisper02_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I don't think that's a good idea.")

[VO_ACDisagreeWhisper03_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hmmm. No bull. Sorry.")

[VO_ACDisagreeWhisper04_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nope. Not happening.")

Acorn Idle commentsEdit

What's the plan, little buddy?
Let me know when you're ready.
I'm glad the Floating Island finally got repaired.
Don't you think it's time to approve the \"No Squirrel Left Behind Act\"?
Don't think just cause you're king you can skip belly day.
Which way?
I think I can do that.

Acorn PlanningEdit

What's the plan?
What's your plan?
Which way should we go?
Your call, string bean.
Where should I go?
Where do you want me?
Sounds easy enough.
Whoooo! The bull is back, baby!
Hold still!
Acorn could use a little help.

Acorn Planning ExEdit

Take this!
[Exert] Get out-! [exert]
Get aw- [exert]

Wheel Room puzzleEdit

Maybe used to get enough yarn for rope puzzle

Grandpa Graham: What did the goblins need all these spinning wheels for?
Acorn: The things I could do with treasures like those.

Rope PuzzleEdit

Acorn sews rope.Edit
Acorn: Let these fingers do the work.")
Give me a second, it's not ready yet.
Ugh. These colors aren't working together.")
It's just not ready yet. Sorry.
Graham: We don't have time for perfection, Acorn. Let's go!
Acorn: Perhaps you can take your own advice.
Graham: Touché.
Crossing RopeEdit
Easy now. Careful.
The stitch is holding.
Rope BreaksEdit
Chester! Hold still!
Bramble! Hold still!")
Don't move!
Stop wiggling!
Acorn Exert Needs Bramble's HelpEdit
[VO_ExertHelpMeEx01_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oooooh! Help!")
[VO_ExertHelpMeEx02_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Help!")
[VO_ExertHelpMeEx04_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Help me! Help me!")
[VO_ExertYellsEx07_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Help!")
[VO_ExertYumEx02_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yum!")
[VO_ExertYumEx04_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh, heavenly!")
[VO_ExertYumEx05_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Scrumptious!")
[VO_ExertYumEx06_BF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ah, scrumptious!")

Mordon encounter and maze exploration?Edit

Mordon has a very small part in chapter 2, but it was originally planned to be much larger. What remains includes finding some photographs of him at the top of the Prisoner Tower. Unfortunately Graham doesn't much comment on the photos, and you can only get a coin. But apparently it seems that the location where you get back stolen 'contraband' was also where Mordon or his goblin parents lived. After that he only appears in three other scenes, one where he is being bossed about by his 'parents?' and forced to move a pipe for Graham, and later being attacked by goblins, and you scare them away with a dragon shadow to which he is grateful and lowers a drawbridge to the Goblin Castle for you. Presumably you would have originally met him while exploring and trying to find a way to escape the castle (likely somewhere between the entrance and the library, as the Baby Swap book is mentioned during their conversations).

The last scene he appears in is set in the Daventry forest with Manny showing up to give the Goblin Pranks book to Mordon and show him Baby Swap chapter, while trying to manipulate Mordon into believing he cannot trust anyone.

It is now known that Manny was swapped with Mordon. Mordon grew up with the Goblins, while Manny grew up with human parents. The parents have not been revealed as of yet, but descriptions of the goblin parents haven been given in Chapter 3.

Most of Mordon's backstory, as well as the specific references to changelings is cut from Chapter 2 (and also does not appear in chapter 3 as well), but can still be read in the script. He would have also had a few lines and interactions with Graham, but these were removed.

The scenes that were cut involved Mordon and Graham meeting each other, having a conversation, and Graham promising to help free Mordon from goblins who were mistreating him. Graham ends up getting separated from Mordon at some point, leaving him behind. They get back together briefly but Mordon discovers that Graham knows about his secret from Goblin Pranks book.

Graham saves Mordon and introduces himself (mordon agrees to show Graham the way through the castle):

Graham: Hi... I'm Graham
Mordon: Me... Mordon.
Graham: You... speak English?")
Mordon: Mmmhmm.
Graham: You're pretty big for a goblin.
Mordon: Follow Mordon.

Mordon gives orders and directions to Graham (and/or vice versa) perhaps to show the way through a KQ5 style maze.

Mordon: Mordon know the way.
Mordon: Mordon help!")
Mordon (if Graham tries to leave): Don't leave! Don't leave!
Mordon (if Graham follows order correctly): Got it!")
Mordon (tells Graham where to go): Here.
Mordon: No. Will not!
Mordon: Over here.
Mordon: This way.
Mordon: Yes!
Mordon: Yes. Help.

Graham looks at Mordon's helmeted face.

Graham: Wha-?
Mordon: Don't Look.
Graham: Are you human?
Mordon: I am Goblin!
Graham: You think you're a goblin!
Mordon: Don't look at face.
Graham: Okay, okay. Sorry. How... um... hmm. Where are you from?
Mordon: Grew up here. Goblins are family. But Goblins hate Mordon's face.
Graham: Well, now you are with me. Let's get out of here.

Mordon Abandoned (likely for Graham to go looking through Library without him):

Graham: Stay here. I'll be right back.
Mordon: You're leaving me? I am always left.
Graham: Mordon. Mordon. Calm down. I'm not leaving you. I'll be right back.
Mordon: Promise?
Graham: I promise.

Mordon Alarmed

Mordon: [Freaks out]
Mordon: You left me. You promised.
Graham: Mor-Mordon. M-Mor-Mordon. I-I was. I was coming back for you, I...
Goblins hate Mordon. Humans abandon Mordon. Mordon leaves everyone. Mordon on own. Needs no-one. Wants no-one.

Mordon discovers Graham has (learned the truth about him) from Baby Swap book:

Mordon: You knew!
Graham: No... no... no. I... I. Oh, boy...

Mordon replies to Graham's comments about the books (3 alternate answers):

Alt 2: A STORY?!

Mordon felt betrayed by Graham, and with a little manipulation by Manny turned that into anger and revenge against the king.

In addition, it was possible to read the chapter in the Goblin Pranks book about baby swap, and history behind it, further explaining how Mordon ended up with the Goblins in the first place (the first two lines in this narration actually does appear in the game).

Growing up outside of Daventry, many tales were shared about the world around us. Some real, some legend, and others purely superstition.
But with every day I spent in Daventry, it seemed that more of the tales were coming true.
I couldn't help but wonder about changelings. The goblins were carelessly compulsive creatures. Nothing would stop them once they decided to bring a story to life. But would they really trade a baby of their own for a human?
When a baby cries too much, doesn't sleep, and has an altogether dislikeable disposition, it is not long before the parents wonder what they should do.
Many seek assistance from friends and family. Whereas others might seek out the fairies. A trip to the forest is often all it takes. A call out to the creatures within to make them aware that a change is desired.
If the creatures agree, they shall swap one of their own to live a human life while they will deal with the difficult child. A relationship that is best for both.
Each will be raised by their new families, in lives unexpected and unconventional. Whether they will find their original families again, is up to the changelings themselves.
Hmmm... just as I expected. Goblin Prank #573293. The Baby Swap. I had never heard of a child in Daventry going missing before. Perhaps Mordon's parents preferred the company of a goblin.
Goblin babies do have the tendency to go to bed on time and rarely cry.

Concept artEdit


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