Development HistoryEdit

Unlike previous chapters, Sierra and The Odd Gentlemen had a lot more overlap with the timing of the development for Chapters 4 and 5. This made the gap between Chapters 3 and 4 longer, but it greatly reduced the time between the release of Chapters 4 and 5[1]

Cut or unused materialEdit

This chapter doesn't have a lot of unused material compared chapter 2 or chapter 3 but there appears to be some. If any of this material is accesible in game, please mention in the talk page.

QTE and Real-Time Action EventsEdit

It was said around the time of Chapter 2 or Chapter 3, that due to complaints in Chapter 1 about the QTE events (see Dragon escape in Chapter 1, or some of the events with Achaka), that many of these ideas were cut from episodes. It is not known if it had any impact on this chapter, although there is a couple of minor QTE events (baby burping), and the wolf chase sequence.

Statue of EdwardEdit


Apparently the statue of Edward was still going to be in the King's Glenn. It was apparently supposed to be next to Graham's statue.

Graham: [VO_C4VacayStatue17Brave02_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="One day you will have a statue of your own, right next to mine. ")

Graham: [VO_C4VacayStatue18_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This is King Edward. We owe everything we have to this man.")

Alexander: [VO_C4VacayStatue19_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Manannan used to curse his name a lot.")

Graham: [VO_C4VacayStatue20_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I bet he did. ")

Further more there is artwork on the mirror collections screen for the chapter which shows Edward's statue covered in snow with a space for Graham's statue next to it on the right.

Merchant of Miracles Tour Guide commentsEdit

There is lots of material for Merchant of Miracles that may not be accessible in game, hinting that the trip between Daventry and Tanalore or Avalon would have been much longer at one point. Some of this material might have made it into the game, and it might be based on some random choices, if anyone has heard these in their game let us know.


[VO_C4MerchantTrip03Alt_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Cooooooooone-iiiiitchy-wa, royals.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip08_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm thinking about willing the Miracle Empire to Mr. Fancycakes, Other One will inherit my shorts.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip09_MM SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="You might think that I am freezing in this outfit, ") Subtitles[1]=(Text="and you might think I regret wearing these thigh-hugging shorts, ",Time=2.250000) Subtitles[2]=(Text="and you would be right and wrong, both, in that order.",Time=4.850000)

[VO_C4MerchantTrip10_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I hear kids break down a lot. I hope you kept the receipt.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip11_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You don't need a mother do you, unicorns?")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip12_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Alright, unicorns, let's boogie.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip13_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm suspecting your twins were born exactly 60 seconds apart? Told ya, Mr. Fancycakes, there's one born every minute.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip14_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You see any elusive yarblesnoofs honking around here? No? Forget I asked.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip15_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You see any elusive squaddlenogs honking around here? No? Forget I asked.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip16_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Back away, goblin, I see you. Oh, it's just a rock. Or is it?")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip17_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="The secrets of merchanting are great customer service and integrity. If you can fake those two, you've got it made.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip18_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Other One, next time you see me, remind me not to speak with you.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip19_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Marriage is an institution, one I'm glad I'm not committed to.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip20_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Woah, Mr. Fancycakes, you're saying you want an upgrade? But you're such a pure unicorn?")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip21_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Have you ever heard of those wondrous creatures called the Dry-gon-icus? Breathes fire, spiked-tail, and a real, live horn?!")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip23_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Well, I know you can't breath fire. Other One, don't lie. You can't either... Oh, maybe you can. Mr. Fancycakes did you know that?!")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip24_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yes, Other One, you're looking mighty fine today. Yep, no need for fire at all. ")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip25_MM SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh, so it was a one-time thing? Well, I was impressed... ") Subtitles[1]=(Text="And maybe the slightest bit scared out of my gourd, ",Time=3.400000) Subtitles[2]=(Text="but... You've failed to keep your air of mystery and wonder. ",Time=5.400000) Subtitles[3]=(Text="You're just a normal unicorn like the rest of em. ",Time=9.400000) Subtitles[4]=(Text="Except you, Mr. Fancycakes, never believe you are anything but incredible.",Time=11.500000)

[VO_C4MerchantTrip30_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I know! They're so loud. If it wasn't for the lovely sounds of your clips and clops, I might really lose touch with my hospitable nature.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip31_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I really am.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip32_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Other One, have some dignity. You can't compliment your way to my love.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip33_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="And to your left is... Well, that's a tree! Ooooh.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip34_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Look quick! On the right there's the rare and really hard to see flontoculus... Oh, you missed it. Well, maybe in another thousand years you'll see one.")

[VO_C4MerchantTrip35_MM SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Mr Fancycakes loves when I sing to him. [singing]")

King GrahamEdit

[VO_C4MerchantTrip22_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I think it's called a dragon.") [VO_C4MerchantTrip27_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh no, quite happy. He just loves talking with his goats. I mean, majestic unicorns. Can't you hear them?") [VO_C4MerchantTrip29_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You have to hear them in your heart.")


[VO_C4MerchantTrip26_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Is he a little bit mad?") [VO_C4MerchantTrip28_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I haven't heard a peep, bleat, or eep this entire time.")


Graham mentions songs to be sung by Amaya/Whisper, The Feys, and Acorn but there being no time to tell that part of the story. Theses lines dont' appear to have been used in the game. Nor any references 'songs' in those parts. Some of these lines may have been used but not as part of a song, and in a different context.

Graham in Chapter 5 makes reference to the songs of Wente, Acorn and Whisper, that would have been heard in Chapter 4 (and mentions that he cut them from his story), and gives you a chance to listen to them after solving a music box puzzle.

The songs transcripts can be read below.

Old GrahamEdit

[VO_ABShopNoSong01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Actually, Amaya was right. I really don't have time for a song.") [VO_ABShopNoSong03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Well, it's not critical to the story... so, sorry, it's cut.") [VO_ACShopNoSong01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I think he sang a song here, something about not waking the bull. Hmm... I can't seem to remember the tune, sorry.") [VO_ACShopNoSong03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It's not really critical to this story, dear. Perhaps another time.")

[VO_BakeShopNoSong01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It was a nice sentiment, but I think I might be remembering this wrong. Hmm... Did he sing a song about hugs here? I can't recall.") [VO_BakeShopNoSong03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It probably was. He probably worked really hard on it too, but it's not critical to this story... so let's move on.")


[VO_C4AmayaShop18_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Please don't sing that song again.") [VO_C4AmayaShop20_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I said shut it, biscuits!") [VO_C4AmayaShop21_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I apologize for both of us.")

King GrahamEdit

[VO_C4AcornShop22_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Did he just leave to play music?") [VO_C4AcornShop24_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Me too. How long have you been rehearsing that song?")

[VO_C4AmayaShop22_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I thought that was was lovely, actually.")


[VO_C4AcornShop20_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hold on, one second...") [VO_C4AcornShop25_AC SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Decades. I kept rewriting the lyrics every time someone new moved in... waiting for my chance to shine.")

The complete Acorn Song (as it is heard in Chapter 5):

[VO_AcornSong_AC SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="") Subtitles[1]=(Text="Sometimes you get into a bind, tangled up in a knot.",Time=6.474) Subtitles[2]=(Text="Don't wake the bull. Why set him free, when you can be crafty.",Time=15.180) Subtitles[3]=(Text="Hey, little buddy, so the world's gone and hemmed you in,",Time=27.067) Subtitles[4]=(Text="sure, little buddy, you might be thinkin of getting revenge.",Time=34.769) Subtitles[5]=(Text="Don't paw the ground, with nostrils streamin, grab a loom and needle, it's time for weavin.",Time=42.526) Subtitles[6]=(Text="When life treats you badly, that's when you get crafty!",Time=50.897) Subtitles[7]=(Text="No one ever fell apart, makin macaroni art.",Time=56.869) Subtitles[8]=(Text="Watch your anger, slip away, while you're braiding macrame.",Time=65.631) Subtitles[9]=(Text="Little buddy, learn to crochet, time to stitch your anger away.",Time=73.667) Subtitles[10]=(Text="Life can get nasty, but you can stay classy, if you get arts and crafty!",Time=81.146) Subtitles[11]=(Text="I need a nap.",Time=93.445) Subtitles[12]=(Text="",Time=95.572)


[VO_ABShopNoSong02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Wait. I wanna hear a song. ") [VO_ACShopNoSong02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Aw, I want to hear the Acorn song. ") [VO_BakeShopNoSong02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="A song about hugs! That sounds amazing.")


[VO_C4Bakery08BSong_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Umm, where is this music coming from? ") [VO_C4Bakery09Song_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Actually, I'm good. Thanks.")

[VO_C4AcornShop21_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Where did he go?") [VO_C4AcornShop23_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Musical learnings, this is a new experience for me.") [VO_C4AcornShop26_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm going to have to take you up on that.")


[VO_C4Bakery07Song_WF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You've never heard of a huuuuug?")

[VO_C4Bakery10Song_WF SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="...Um, I respect your boundaries and accept that while hugs bring me the utmost joy, ") Subtitles[1]=(Text="not everyone needs to be hugged every day, every hour... every second.",Time=11.550000)

The complete Hugs Song (as it exists in Chapter 5)

[VO_HugsSong_WF SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="") Subtitles[1]=(Text="Welllllllllll... Hugs are baked with magic, they're abstract works of art,",Time=10.022) Subtitles[2]=(Text="but hugs don't need equipment, 'cause they come right from the heart!",Time=15.323) Subtitles[3]=(Text="Hugs, you'll find are easy, if you learn my recipe:",Time=18.782) Subtitles[4]=(Text="First I'll grab you high and you'll grab low. Don't twist me up, like pretzel dough,",Time=23.129) Subtitles[5]=(Text="Next we squeeze, our bellies huddle. Don't make this weird, it's just a cuddle!",Time=28.122) Subtitles[6]=(Text="Waft my musk and count to three. Or mayhaps to infinity?",Time=31.730) Subtitles[7]=(Text="Don't mind my sweat, I'm just obese. Rub my back and then release,",Time=34.984) Subtitles[8]=(Text="The purest form of love and greetings, one cup friendship, ten parts feelings!",Time=38.340) Subtitles[9]=(Text="Platonic or romantic, could be comic or dramatic, sympathetic, maybe tantric. Every hug is sourced organic,",Time=41.673) Subtitles[10]=(Text="they're a handshake from the heart, heart, heart, heart,",Time=49.180) Subtitles[11]=(Text="hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, hugs, heart and hugs, hugs and heart, heart and hugs, hugs and hugs!",Time=54.495) Subtitles[12]=(Text="Give me a hug!",Time=60.712) Subtitles[13]=(Text="",Time=63.311)


[VO_C4AmayaShop17_WH SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It's pretty bold to love someone other than Whisper.") [VO_C4AmayaShop19_WH SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm sorry I can't hear you over my beating heart.") [VO_WhisperSong01_WH SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Always seek adventure, I often used to say. But \"Whisper can do it!\" has now become cliché.") [VO_WhisperSong02_WH SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="In the past Whisper may have raved, about how Whisper was brave…")

The complete Whisper Song (as its heard in Chapter 5):

[VO_WhisperSong_WH SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="") Subtitles[1]=(Text="In the past Whisper may have raved, about how Whisper was brave...",Time=1.387) Subtitles[2]=(Text="But my boldest feat on land or sea is loving you, more than I love me.",Time=7.795) Subtitles[3]=(Text="Love is patient, love is kind, it does not envy, it does not boast... hey, love can boast, right?",Time=18.761) Subtitles[4]=(Text="Whoever wrote that has some learning to do! Now bask in the words I'm about to sing at you!",Time=25.069) Subtitles[5]=(Text="Life, was once full of danger and enemies.",Time=29.925) Subtitles[6]=(Text="Whisper was brave! Vanquished all foes, I mean ran away, speedily!",Time=36.101) Subtitles[7]=(Text="And you, tempered my armor and then my heart.",Time=43.318) Subtitles[8]=(Text="Right from the start, you mended all my shiny parts.",Time=49.313) Subtitles[9]=(Text="You're bold, daring, endowed with a muscular lower jaw.",Time=56.357) Subtitles[10]=(Text="Oh wait, hold on, is that a description of you or moi?",Time=62.954) Subtitles[11]=(Text="And side by side, together you and I, watch as Whisper can soar, Whisper can roar, after I'm all done with my chores.",Time=69.560) Subtitles[12]=(Text="Whisper now cooks, Whisper now cleans, does any fetch quest for his queen.",Time=84.176) Subtitles[13]=(Text="But my boldest feat on land or sea, is loving you more than I love, and you know, that I love meeeeeeeeee!",Time=92.318) Subtitles[14]=(Text="I love me!",Time=111.293) Subtitles[15]=(Text="",Time=113.209)

Road Trip Grumbling & ScandiaEdit

There is a line or couple of lines where Rosella asks to stop for a picnic and Graham or others mention they already have. One variation of this also is for her to ask to stop in Scandia long the way to see the floating island there. Which involves another reference to floating island in Daventry. It's not yet clear if it spossible to access this line, or if it only shows up under certain choices or paths.

[VO_C4TripCovAreThere_RO SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Are we almost there?")

King Graham: [VO_C4TripCovIsland01_RO SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Can we please pull over to see Scandia's spectacular floating island?")

Rosella: [VO_C4TripCovIsland02_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="We have one of those in Davenrty.")

Graham: [VO_C4TripCovIsland03_RO SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Aww, but theirs actually floats. ")

VO_C4TripCovLonger_RO SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="How much longer?")

VO_C4TripCovKick_RO SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Stop kicking me.")

[VO_C4TripCovKickB_RO SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Dad, Alexander keeps kicking me.")

[VO_C4TripCovUrgePicnic_RO SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Seriously, I can't hold the urge to picnic much longer.")


[VO_RTrip03_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It's probably that goat creature with one eye.")

Travel Game Edit

Some alternate lines were cut... Such as the amount of games in Graham's record. The final game leaves it at 7.

[VO_RTrip15Record4_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'll start. Let's see how far we can get. My record is 4 rounds.")

[VO_RTrip15Record5_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'll start. Let's see how far we can get. My record is 5 rounds.")

[VO_RTrip15Record6_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'll start. Let's see how far we can get. My record is 6 rounds.")

Extra Labyrinth Wolf Puzzle: The Cliffs of LogicEdit

There was apparently another puzzle around the time Graham and Alexander run into the wolves, in which they would have to climb a cliff with hand holds, which apparently had to be climbed in a certain order. Alexander calls them the "Cliffs of logic", a nice foreshadowing of KQ6 (and perhaps a hint that Alexander has read the Guidebook already).

[VO_PuzWolfClimb01_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You better take the lead.")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb02_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can't see the holds, so I'll have to follow you.")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb03_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can't go that way. Come back!")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb04_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can't hear you over here but I can see you.")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb05_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Not there!") [VO_PuzWolfClimb06_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nope!")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb07_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Sorry!")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb08_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nice move!") [VO_PuzWolfClimb09_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Almost there!")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb10_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Got it!")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb11_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That won't work for me.")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb12_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="We have to jump to the stones that matter.")

[VO_PuzWolfClimb13_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="What are these? Cliffs of logic?")

Extra Labyrinth or tower puzzleEdit

There are some lines related to Alexander and Graham in which it appears that they are in a room similar to the one that Alexander destroyed with his fireball spell, but in this case Graham and Alexander are working on it together, with Graham ordering Alexander to cast fireballs at targets, wile raising and lowering doorways and staircases. Gwen, even has a commentary that seems to relate to this room.


[VO_BackTogLose01_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That can't be right.") [VO_BackTogLose02_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No, that's wrong.") [VO_BackTogLose03_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Let's try this again.") [VO_BackTogPuz03_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I am in fact, sir.")

VO_BackTogPuz05_AL SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="Let's see four E's, right? Experimenting. Fire blast! ") Subtitles[1]=(Text="Wow, the door really was frozen in that cube. ",Time=4.400000) Subtitles[2]=(Text="Educated guessing. Um, I'm going to surmise that we need to shuffle that door down to the ground in order to escape. ",Time=7.400000) Subtitles[3]=(Text="Execution. Let's see, you choose which block to melt and I'll blast it with my fire magic. ",Time=14.150001) Subtitles[4]=(Text="Enlightenment. Uh, I'll let you know how that goes when we finish. Sound good?",Time=21.150000)

[VO_BackTogPuz07_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Take your pick.")

[VO_BackTogPuz08_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Which one now?")

[VO_BackTogPuz09_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Fire blast!")

[VO_BackTogPuz10_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Burno inferno! ")

[VO_BackTogPuz11_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nasty blasty!")

[VO_BackTogPuz12_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Crazy blazy.")

[VO_BackTogPuz13_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Aiming and flaming!")

[VO_BackTogPuz14_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Dare to flare! ")

[VO_BackTogPuz15_AL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Any of these catch phrases working for you?")

[VO_BackTogPuz16_AL SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="Instead of the Dueling Archers can we be the Conjurers of Conflagration?") Subtitles[1]=(Text="I know it doesn't roll of the tongue, but we won't get confused with any other acts. ",Time=4.000000)

King GrahamEdit

[VO_BackTogether01_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You ready for this?") [VO_BackTogether02_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Flaming arrows?") [VO_BackTogether03_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Great!") [VO_BackTogether04_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nice shot.") [VO_BackTogether05_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You really are my son.") [VO_BackTogether06_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can't wait to get home and play some wits, race around the snutes, feast on jelly beans... or you know whatever you kids are into nowadays.") [VO_BackTogether07_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You tell me what to do.") [VO_BackTogether08_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Got ya.") [VO_BackTogether09_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="We can solve this however you want.") [VO_BackTogether10_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That sounds good.") [VO_BackTogether11_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I am so proud of you, son.") [VO_BackTogether12_KG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I am so glad to have you back.")

Grandpa GrahamEdit

[VO_BackTogLose04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No, that made it impossible. One second while I reset my thoughts.") [VO_BackTogLose05_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Sorry, senior moment. Let me start over. ") [VO_BackTogPuz01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="A complex set of levers and switches guarded the answer to the next puzzle. However, the time seemed right for a little subversion. ")


[VO_NarDadTrunk_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You know dad still has a magic trunk in the basement that says \"Conjurers of Conflagration\," right?")

Three-headed dragonEdit

There is a conversation between Gwendolyn and old Graham asking about why the 'three-headed dragon' doesn't show up in this version of the KQ3 events. Currently its not clear if this line is accessible or not. But it does add an interesting dimension to understanding the differences between the Reboot Canon universe and the Original Canon universes as far as stories.

VO_NarRoseDragon01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You know, Grandpa, I've always heard that when Alexander came back, he rescued Rosella from a three-headed dragon.")

VO_NarRoseDragon02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yes, well that story has gotten a little away from itself.")

[VO_NarRoseDragon03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I seriously hope you're not implying that three-headed dragons don't exist.")

[VO_NarRoseDragon04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I didn't say that.")

Gwendolyn's extra commentaryEdit

Gwendolyn seems to have a sizeable number of comments that don't seem to be excessible in the final game (if you know how to access any of these let us known).


[VO_NarDadCantBel_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can't believe he did that.")
[VO_NarDadEdgy_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hold on a second. Are you telling me that my dad was... edgy?")
[VO_NarDadFamiliar_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That seems a little too familiar. ")
[VO_NarDadGetFrom_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh so that's where I get that from.")
[VO_NarDadGrass_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That's so awesome! That definitely pushes out whistling on a blade of grass as the coolest thing Dad has done.")
[VO_NarDadMusterFire_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I've tried to spawn flames a few times, could never muster up the fire inside.")
[VO_NarDadThumbWar_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can't believe that. Dad's idea of an adventure now is skipping silent reading hour to play three rounds of thumb war. ")
[VO_NarDadYepDad_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yep, that's my dad.")

Knight Training and languages:

[VO_UseLearnNo10_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Did I tell you we learned \"no\" in 10 different languages yesterday in knight training?")
[VO_UseLearnNo15_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Did I tell you we learned \"no\" in 15 different languages yesterday in knight training?")
[VO_UseLearnNo20_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Did I tell you we learned \"no\" in 20 different languages yesterday in knight training?")
[VO_UseLearnNoAye_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Aye.")
[VO_UseLearnNoDim_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Dim.")
[VO_UseLearnNoEi_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ei.")
[VO_UseLearnNoEz_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ez.")
[VO_UseLearnNoHakuna_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hakuna, that's \"no\" in Swahili.")
[VO_UseLearnNoHindi_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hindi.")
[VO_UseLearnNoJo_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Jo.")
[VO_UseLearnNoKhong_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Không.")
[VO_UseLearnNoLie_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Lie.")
[VO_UseLearnNoLo_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Lo.")
[VO_UseLearnNoNa_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Na.")
[VO_UseLearnNoNee_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nee.")
[VO_UseLearnNoNei_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nei.")
[VO_UseLearnNoNein_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nein.")
[VO_UseLearnNoNem_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nem.")
[VO_UseLearnNoNon_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Non.")
[VO_UseLearnNoNun_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nun.")
[VO_UseLearnNoOhi_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="O'hi.")
[VO_UseLearnNoTidak_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Tidak.")
[VO_UseLearnNoVotch_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Votch.")

Chapter 5 Ice Labyrinth PuzzleEdit

There is a puzzle in Chapter 5 claimed to have been cut from Graham's story. It is unclear if this is literal cut puzzle or simply, just part of Graham's story. However, the puzzle does exist to play in Chapter 5.

Concept artEdit

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