Cut MaterialEdit

Material cut from Chapter 5, as usually if you know if any of these are accessible in game, please let us know so we can correct the information.


In Chapter 2 towards the beginning of the story Graham is viewing an image of his older self in the mirror with Hornswaggle scorching the country side. In Chapter 5, at various points Graham discovers the countryside on fire, but never explains what is causing it (other than one cut line which he blames summer's scorching heat). First, he finds the back of Olfie on fire, then he discovers the King's Glen on fire. But Graham's memories start to become fractured, he faints, and goes on a tangent about stories he starting to remember, but never was able to tell to his grand daughter. When he 'wakes' up he continues his story after traveling to the town. The town bursts into flames as well (in the last bit it seems the fire comes from above) killing the tree in the center of the village.

Then the story has him returning to the castle (leaving a hole in his memory between the fire in the village and his return to castle). It seems clear that he must have had to have encountered the Dragon between fire in the town and his return to the castle. But its never shown, mentioned or explained.

Originally the developers had stated that choices made with the Dragon would be important and have rippling consequences in the future. In Chapter 2 this was shown by the dragon either being 'chained' while it attacked Daventry, or free with no chains.

In Chapter 3, the Hagatha's conversation with Mordon reflected the whereabouts of the dragon, and Graham's choice, and when Graham visited the Cave Bedroom he'd also comment on his choice with the Dragon, and if the Dragon was still captured it could be heard snoring below as well.

Graham even forshadows his future encounter with Hornswaggle in Chapter 3 (if on the wisdom/bell choice) in which he said it was not yet his day to face Hornswaggle again.

According to the producers in an early Game Informer magazine this would have lead up to these possible consequences:

"Whichever path you take, you see consequences of these actions ripple out into later events and episodes. A blind dragon might cause problems for the people of Daventry down the line, while one that Graham freed out of compassion could offer him assistance."[1]

It appears whatever sequences they had envisioned for chapter were cut. It is highly possible that this would have included another fast paced QTE-event, which the developers have stated they were removing from future chapters due fan/player's complaints.[2]

Korba confirmed that they’ve discontinued the inclusion of QTEs as a result of player feedback, but the developers would still prefer to give players something active to do during sequences like this, instead of a straight cutscene.

Rather than explain the plot hole off camera, they apparently replaced it with the idea that Graham's mind was deteriorating, leaving holes in his memory, and he was also losing concentration on his story drifting onto side tangents and other memories (cut from his stories).

Beyond this 'dragon' does get referenced a number of times, from Graham asking if Gwen wants to hear more stories about dragons, to her becoming known as a 'dragon slayer'. But Hornswaggle is never mentioned or shown. In chapter 6 after adventure with a baby dragon, its commented it can't be the same dragon.

Crossing OlfieEdit

There appears to be a number of lines from Olfie related to crossing him multiple times. In the final game you are forced across, and into the next scene after talking to Olfie the first time, and cannot cross the bridge until much later in the story, when the game takes forces you back to the castle via a cutscene.

Some of these lines do appear modified but a conversation between Graham and Gwendolyn instead (such as the talking bridge/troll on a bridge conversations).

VO_OlfieGameA_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ugh... Graham, you know I am a troll with a bridge on my back and not the other way around, right?")

[VO_OlfieGameB_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hey look, everybody, it's Olfie the talking bridge.")

[VO_OlfieGameC_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Watch your step.")

[VO_OlfieGameD_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Sorry, didn't mean to troll you.")

[VO_OlfieGameE_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="At what age do I switch from getting old to becoming a classic?")

[VO_OlfieGameF_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Those aren't grey back hairs. Nope, those are Olfie's wisdom highlights.")

[VO_OlfieGameH_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You should smile, Graham, while you still have teeth.")

[VO_OlfieGameI_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Does your body make weird crackling noises when you get out of bed too?")

Saving the TreasuresEdit

During the saving the treasures sequence at the King's Glen there was to be further descriptions of various treasures in the Glen (including the statue), for the chest, and the shield, and the trophy. These appear to be an alternate narrative comments that ties into those items history, rather than the non-descriptive comments that appear spoken in the game (no matter what order you pick up the items).

The choice of which comment appears could have originally intended to be based on the order you save the treasures (but who knows). Or would have been after you saved the treasures, and the fire went out, allowing your character to examine the them (but in the final game you cannot examine them).

This is the generic descriptions that appear in the game no matter what order you pick up the treasures:

[VO_TreasuresOnFire01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Is this how I would be remembered? I had to enter those flames before my legacy was burned to the ground.") [VO_TreasuresOnFire02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I couldn't leave until all my treasures were pulled from the fire.") [VO_TreasuresOnFire03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I saved one treasure, but it wasn't good enough. I pushed myself to grab another one.") [VO_TreasuresOnFire04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Two treasures saved. They were charred, but not beyond repair. I probably should have stopped there, but there was no turning back now.")

The more descriptive and cut commentary appears below:


[VO_BurnTreasChest01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I rescued the magic chest but it wasn't enough. I went back into the flames to save more of my treasures.")
[VO_BurnTreasChest02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I was relieved my quest to steal that chest back from a sleeping giant would not soon be forgotten.")


[VO_BurnTreasShield01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I rescued my magic shield but it wasn't enough. I went back into the flames to save more of my treasures.")
[VO_BurnTreasShield02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I was relieved the jig I did with the leprechauns would not be forgotten.")


[VO_BurnTreasStatue_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="My statue was charred, but not beyond repair.")


[VO_BurnTreasTrophy01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I rescued my trophy but it wasn't enough. I went back into the flames to save more of my treasures.")
[VO_BurnTreasTrophy02Brave_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I was relieved the day I was victorious in the knight tournament would not soon be forgotten.")
[VO_BurnTreasTrophy02Comp_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I was relieved the day I chose compassion and a custard pie over violence would not soon be forgotten. ")
[VO_BurnTreasTrophy02Wise_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I was relieved the day I outsmarted Manny with a set of bird bombs would not soon be forgotten.")

Items being hot when Graham went to pick them up:

[VO_BurnTreasRxnA_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hot hot hot!")
[VO_BurnTreasRxnB_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Zards!")
[VO_BurnTreasRxnC_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Aaarg!")
[VO_BurnTreasRxnD_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Aaah!")
[VO_BurnTreasRxnE_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nghh!")

Alternate announcement commentary: There are several different versions of the announcements Graham makes when he first discovers that his treasures are on fire. Only one set of the comments is accessible.

[VO_BurnTreas01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Please no!")
[VO_BurnTreas04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Is this how I would be remembered? I needed to act quickly before it was all burned to the ground.")

But there are two other versions as well that were cut.

[VO_BurnTreas02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That summer heat was torching my treasures.")
[VO_BurnTreas03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="My legacy! Everything I've worked for.")

Finally there is a line suggesting the fires would burn out, after Graham saved the treasures (perhaps leading to a different situation than the dream 'lost stories' dream sequence), and likely a more traditional storyline (perhaps Graham even discovery and facing missing dragon, assuming it was more than 'summer sun' starting the fires).

[VO_BurnTreasOver_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="The last flame was out. Crisis averted. My legacy would live on for generations to come. ")

VOD memoriesEdit

A series of events listed as "VOD" in the files ("Visions of Death/Development"?) show a number of elements cut from previous chapters that were cut during development.

There is a picture of fairies, and Graham explains he (speaking for the developers) could never figure out where to place them in the stories.

There is a character named Tree Dorman who is said to be Amaya's partner. There is also reference to her having a brother (this appears in the files, although its possible this line isn't mentioned in the game, and was cut itself, or depends on what alignment the player is set to when they enter the visions). These lines appear to suggest that it may have been possible to leave without listening to the songs, or maybe if the player tried to skip the songs, or maybe if the player waits too long to solve the puzzle.

[VO_QuestionStory06A_GG SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="But... I didn't even get to tell you about the goblins who rode rats or introduce you to Amaya's brother... and the prison story had a whole other act. ") Subtitles[1]=(Text="Oh... there was this song that Acorn sang. If I only had more time.",Time=13.050000)
[VO_QuestionStory06B_GG SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="But... I didn't even get to tell you about the goblins who rode rats or introduce you to Amaya's brother... and the prison story had a whole other act. ") Subtitles[1]=(Text="Oh... there was this song that Wente sang. If I only had more time.")
[VO_QuestionStory06C_GG SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="But... I didn't even get to tell you about the goblins who rode rats or introduce you to Amaya's brother... and the prison story had a whole other act. ") Subtitles[1]=(Text="Oh... there was this song that Whisper sang. If I only had more time.",Time=13.050000)

There is a goblin riding a cave rat, and he explains that the goblins rode rats in the caves. In the additional lines above, Graham would have explained that their was a whole another act while he was imprisoned in the Goblin caves where he would have encountered the rats (again some of these lines maybe partially cut, or depend on what alignment path your character took).

There are three songs one from Whisper, one from Acorn, and one from Wente Fey, which are said to have been cut from when Graham introduced those characters to Alexander in Chapter 4. They can be heard, once you solve music box puzzle in the vision.

Graham explains there was another puzzle he cut from his story about the Ice Labyrinth. Which the player has to solve.

Mordack helps Graham with puzzlesEdit

There is a comment by Mordack in which he mentions he wanted to help Graham without his 'brothers' consent, and left clues in the cups for Graham, if he figures out how to crack the code. This may have depended on how you treated Mordon back in Chapter 2, when the chapter had a whole extended section devoted to him (before leaving him behind). Maybe it also mattered if Graham cheated on the Duel of Wits back in Chapter 1 or not.

[VO_MordonCupsClues_MO SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Graham, I shouldn't have done this, but I left clues in the cups. If you can crack the code you will know which ones are safe.")

The Three Gifts (from Chapter 4)Edit

While Chapter 4 added these to your inventory and mentioned they would be important to Graham's future. They don't seem to be brought up again in chapter 5. However there are lines in the files where each of the ghost characters, Hobblepots, Feys, or Amaya tell you to 'remember those items' they will be important to you soon.


[VO_FeyHauntC_WF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Remember the recipe.")
[VO_FeyHauntD_WF SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Now would be a good time for that recipe.")


[VO_AmayaHaunt08_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Remember my gift.")
[VO_AmayaHaunt09_AB SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Now would be a good time for my gift.")

Muriel & Chester:

[VO_HobHauntM_MH SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Remember our gift.")
[VO_HobHauntN_MH SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Now would be a good time to open our gift.")

While there is nothing noteworthy about the pie recipe, there is a line for the 'arrow' in which it sounds like Achaka appears to help Graham guide the arrow and use against Manny in some way in the final battle. But this appears to have been cut.

[VO_NarGwenGoblets13_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="And then an old friend materialized to help guide his arrow. ")

Although they do not actually appear as inventory items in the chapter, the inventory descriptions for them do exist in the chapter files (which suggests they did have more importance at one point during development).

E5_GoldenArrow_ItemDescription=Gift from Amaya (golden arrow)
E5_HobblepotGift_ItemDescription=Gift from the Hobblepots (???)
E5_PieRecipe_ItemDescription=Gift from the Feys (starshroom pie recipe)

Other than that the item you received just shows up on a table in the ending sequence of the chapter.

Battle of ChanceEdit

In the final battle of Chance... in which Graham is given the option of drinking a deadly elixir. There is an a line in which Manny apparently would have gone first. Possibly would have had the chance to consume the wrong elixir (maybe leading to an alternate ending).

[VO_WitsLastIFirst_MA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'll drink first.")

There are two different versions of the speech before Manny attempts to eradicate the castle. One is the version where he references the 'archer' in reference to Achaka. The other version (which may inaccessible) has to do with eradicating Graham's legacy.

"I will always remember that look on your face when you realized that your own decisions eradicated your legacy."

It may have been possible to interact with the germite crystal during the final battle (maybe this is where the bow would have come into play, see Three Gifts) but Manny warns against interacting with the crystal.

[VO_WitsLastCrystal_MA SoundNodeWave]

Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'd stay away from that crystal if I was you.")

The 'clue' hidden in the flasks that Mordack mentions in a cut line may have to do with this final battle as well (see above).

Perhaps it was possible to get Manny to drink the wrong potion which would also lead to his death and inability to contain his own magic.

Additionally the battle of chance may have been very different at one point.... According to one of Manny's lines that did make it into the game;

[VO_WitsLast03_MA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="We will each take turns choosing a goblet to drink from, until they are all gone, and the better man wins. ")

Manny makes it sound as if there were a lot more cups than just two. Which may have influenced the outcome of the puzzle. There are couple of variant lines that make it sound like the characters were taking turns drinking (though at least one of these did make it into the final game).

[VO_WitsLastYouFirst_MA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You'll drink first.")
[VO_WitsLastYouGo_MA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Now you go.")
[VO_WitsLastYoureUp_MA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You're up.")

VO_EndCups01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That's a great start.") [VO_EndCups02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You're doing great, sweetheart.") [VO_EndCups03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No, Gwendolyn, you know that can't be right.") [VO_EndCups04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Close, but try again.") [VO_EndCups05_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You know what you have to do.") [VO_EndCups06_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I couldn't have chosen that cup, Gwendolyn. ") [VO_EndCups07_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You know if I chose that cup, it would have destroyed the very castle you are standing in.") [VO_EndCups08_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No, Gwendolyn.") [VO_EndCups10_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It couldn't have ended like that. ") [VO_EndCups11_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="If it did, this is what would have happened.") [VO_EndCups12_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Manny! No! Please!") [VO_EndCups13_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="He's never played fair. If he had that cup, he would have destroyed this castle. ") [VO_EndCups14_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="There was only one solution.") [VO_EndCupsDeath01_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You know that's not what happened, dear.") [VO_EndCupsDeath02_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I've created a monster.") [VO_EndCupsDeath03_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Try again, sweetheart.") [VO_EndCupsDeath04_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I see my sense of humor has rubbed off on you.") [VO_EndCupsDeath05_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It's really come full circle hasn't it?") [VO_EndCupsDeath06_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I feel like there is more to this story.") [VO_EndCupsDeath07_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Are you sure that's how you want to end it?") [VO_EndCupsDeath08_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Let's try that again.") [VO_EndCupsDeath09_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can't go out like that.") [VO_EndCupsDeath10_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Come on, Gwendolyn, use your imagination.")

In the current game, it doesn't matter which first cup you choose. One will kill you *(requiring you to simply back up the game from the 'death screen'), or one will always let you win, and Manny will discover the elixir in the other. Strangely while he's holding the elixir over the castle, you can see two cups on the table again, making there be 3-4 cups altogether.

Scenic proposalEdit

A line that appears to have been up on the scenic overlook now where Triumph's grave/memorial is located was to mention that Graham had proposed to Valanice up there. [VO_NarScenic_GG SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I didn't want to change anything about this space. It was always beautiful and perfect. Over the years many people had proposed here, including myself.")

Ending ScreenEdit

There is no ending screen showing your choices through the final chapter, like previous chapters.

The Tapestry of Time and the stuff you find in Graham's bedroom sort of replace the ending screen however.

Alternate endingsEdit

There maybe an indication of alternate endings from Chapter 4 and Chapter 5 files. The gift item collected in Chapter 4 (see above) as noted was said to be important and was originally going to be an item in Chapter 5. Of these items we only have indication that along the bravery path Graham was going to use the arrow to shoot something.

Perhaps Manny himself, or the germite crystal (which Manny warns him not to pay any attention to). This would have lead to a brave ending related to the item.

The wisdom gift beng usuable makes less sense (since it contains photos of the Hobblepots), and doesn't seem to apply to the task at hand. Unless the photos make Manny reminisce somehow, or distract him somehow. There is that evidence of possibility of somehow tricking Manny to go first, and into drinking the death elixir, and that could be the final outcome of the 'wisdom' path. But its unclear.

Finally there is the pie... Maybe there was a way to befriend manny, in the compassion path, and maybe even redeem him. Maybe simple act as offering to make him a pie?

In the current game (from Gwen's pov) involves touching the elixir to prevent it from destroying the castle, but slowly destroying Graham in the process, leading to his future death. Maybe this replaced the old paths, or maybe it was a 'neutral' path that ever path could end up choosing?


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