The transcript for King's Quest Chapter VI: Epilogue (aka King's Quest: Epilogue).


VO_E6 GwendolynEdit

[VO_EpOlfie01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm gonna show you some of my new moves!")

[VO_EpOlfie02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm gonna call this one the...")

[VO_EpOlfie03A_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Whirlybird of menacing fear!")

[VO_EpOlfie03B_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Unexpected reversal of fortune!")

[VO_EpOlfie03C_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Mildly awkward family dinner!")

[VO_EpOlfie03D_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Secret butler!")

[VO_EpOlfie05_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Olfie, I haven't done anything yet!")

[VO_EpOlfie07_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Well, wait til you feel this one! I'm gonna string everything together and stick the landing. It'll be dangerous. It'll be death-defying. It'll be a feat of...")

[VO_EpOlfie09_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'll just do it in the field then it'll be a higher degree of difficulty. Oh and, Olfie... do you think that.. one day I could have my own nickname?")

[VO_EpOlfie11_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh, I do! It's just... I'd like to find my own path and along with it, my nickname. ")

[VO_EpOlfie13_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Thanks! And today I'm determined to find that yarblesnoof!")

[VO_EpOlfie14_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Always seek adventure, Olfie!")

[VO_EpFrsIntro01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It was my first solo trip away from home. I was well-practiced within the safety of the castle walls, but today, my feather was gonna get its first real notch. ")

[VO_EpFrsIntro02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Every good adventure seeker knows to be prepared, and I most definitely am.")

[VO_EpFrsIntro03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Trusty hatchet. Check.")

[VO_EpFrsIntro04_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Achaka's bow that Grandpa used on many a quest. Check. Who knows what danger lurks out here.")

[VO_EpFrsIntro05_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Acorn's legendary adventuring rope. Check.")

[VO_EpFrsIntro06_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh, well, I guess that's it.")

[VO_EpFrsIntro07_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Alright, yarblesnoofs, come out, come out wherever you are! I need that tracking badge!")

[VO_EpFrsIntro08_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="What? A queen still needs to develop new and important skills. You can always be better!")

[VO_EpFrsIntro09_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yeah, ok. That was pretty good.")

[VO_EpFrsIntro10_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Huh. What would Grandpa do?")

[VO_EpFrsIntro11_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I felt as though I was at a loss for what to do and then I remembered. I was a 4th rank wedzel wolf scout. I needed to slow down and observe what was around me.")

[VO_EpGetLeaves_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I think these will work.")

[VO_EpExBranch_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This looks to have the perfect spring for my trap.")

[VO_EpExBranch02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It takes more than a sapling to make a trap. I need something to hold the yarblesnoof.")

[VO_EpExVines_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="These are nature's adventuring ropes. ")

[VO_EpUseHatchetVine_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This should get me the length I need.")

[VO_EpExBoulder_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I should hide here once I've set the trap. I don't want to scare off any yarblesnoofs.")

[VO_EpCompleteTrap_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="And now we wait. And hide.")

[VO_EpGetWrongFoodA_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This looks delicious. They'll have to want these.")

[VO_EpGetWrongFoodB_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This looks delicious. The yarblesnoofs would be crazy not to want this.")

[VO_EpGetWrongFoodC_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Small food for a small animal.")

[VO_EpGetWrongFoodD_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I don't know why snutes like this so much.")

[VO_EpGetWrongFoodE_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I hear you, stomach, but now's not our time to eat.")

[VO_EpShroomHintA_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="The yarblesnoofs seem obsessed with dark places. I bet their food grows only in shadows.")

[VO_EpShroomHintB_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Of course! Sugarshrooms.")

[VO_EpShroomHintC_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="There was no way I could get to any of the sugarshrooms here, I'd have to find a less popular feeding location.")

[VO_EpExStarberries_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ooooh! Wild star berries. Someone has to love these as much as I do.")

[VO_EpExTrackSnute_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="These prints are all over the castle stables, so definitely snute tracks.")

[VO_EpExTrackBadger_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I wouldn't have made 4th Rank Wedzel Wolf Scout if I couldn't recognize the tracks of a badger.")

[VO_EpExTrackYarble_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="These must be yarblesnoof tracks.")

[VO_EpExTrackDragon_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I've never seen these tracks before. What else is out here?")

[VO_EpExTrackFeet_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Did I leave these footprints? I don't remember walking here before.")

[VO_EpNoBowA_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I would never hurt a creature in a non life or death scenario. I'm not even sure I could shoot one then.")

[VO_EpNoBowB_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="The badge is about tracking not shooting.")

[VO_EpNoBowC_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This is not an attacking bow, it's a puzzling one.")

[VO_EpYarbleFeedCard01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I couldn't remember exactly what yarblesnoofs liked to eat, but I was sure it was in this forest.")

[VO_EpYarbleFeedCard02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I continued to adventure in the forest, searching for clues as to what the yarblesnoofs liked.")

[VO_EpYarbleFeedCard03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I knew if I studied their habits, I would find my solution.")

[VO_EpNarStop_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I tried really hard to continue to narrate my own adventure, but it's really hard to think about what you want to do next when you're talking about what you're doing now. So I stopped and left the storytelling for after my adventure was complete.")

[VO_EpExTrackYarble2_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yarblesnoof tracks! Odd, they seem to be very concentrated by these holes.")

[VO_EpYarbleCommentA_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Why are they so obsessed with keeping their heads in the dark? ")

[VO_EpYarbleCommentB_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ok, I can pass this test. I just need to find the pattern.")

[VO_EpTakeFood_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Your food's mine now!")

[VO_EpTryGiveFood_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Just come over here! I'll give you a snack.")

[VO_EpFindSugarshroomA_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yes! Sugarshrooms! ")

[VO_EpFindSugarshroomB_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ok, I need to find a way to get those sugarshrooms.")

[VO_EpFindSugarshroomC_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I probably need some help to get those sugarshrooms.")

[VO_EpSnuteCard01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Grandma always warned me about the stomping tendencies of snutes but I'd never seen it in action.")

[VO_EpSnuteCard02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I wonder if I could get them to stomp somewhere else.")

[VO_EpCapWrongA_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Let me cut you down.")

[VO_EpCapWrongB_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You're not what I was after. Let's get you down.")

[VO_EpCapWrongC_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I think i need to mix things up.")

[VO_EpCapWrongD_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Sorry about the trouble, little one.")

[VO_EpCapWrongE_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Carry on with your day!")

[VO_EpCapWrongF_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Go forth and do animal things!")

[VO_EpCapWrongG_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You wouldn't happen to know how to catch a yarblesnoof, right?")

[VO_EpCapWrongH_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Are you one of those enchanted talking animals? Cause, I could use some help.")

[VO_EpCapWrongI_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh so you're the one who's eating all of those.")

[VO_EpCapWrongJ_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I guess that wasn't yarblesnoof food.")

[VO_EpCapWrongK_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Hmm. What do yarblesnoofs eat again, cause it doesn't seem to be that.")

[VO_EpTrapNoLeaves01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ah, come on. It's safe. ")

[VO_EpTrapNoLeaves02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="How could I forget scout rule 14: all creatures are wary of the unnatural. It just needs a mask.")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess01_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Got you! Now, just hop into my hood and we'll be on our way.")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="What are you doing in there?")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can help. ")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess04_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You got yourself into this mess, not me. I was just catching yarblesnoofs.")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess05_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yeah, yeah. I'll get you down.")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess06_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'll just shoot you down instead of using my hatchet.")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess07_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Almost. Almost...")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess09_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="SHREKEE?! Wait. DRAGON?!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess11_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You know Achaka?")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess13A_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I don't know what you're saying!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess13B_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Bigger problem here! I mean, there!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess13C_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yeah, it's Achaka's. He was a friend of the family.")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess13D_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="What about the shrekee?!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess16_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Morta?")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess17B_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="WATCH OUT!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess19_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Wait! It's just a shrekee. Dragons are great.")

[VO_EpFancyArrive02_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It isn't safe, Mr. Fancycakes. Get outta here!")

[VO_EpFancyArrive04_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Stalama!")

[VO_EpHerdTakeThis_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I have an idea. Take this one.")

[VO_EpHerdYarble_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yarble yarble yarble!")

[VO_EpHerdDirecthim_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="See! We'll direct it.")

[VO_EpHerdThisWay_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This way!")

[VO_EpHerdThatWay_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That way!")

[VO_EpHerdNotThere_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Not there!")

[VO_EpHerdKeepGoing_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Keep going!")

[VO_EpHerdMyTurn_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="My turn!")

[VO_EpHerdYourTurn_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Your turn.")

[VO_EpHerdQuickly_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Quickly!")

[VO_EpHerdNow_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Now!")

[VO_EpHerdGotYou_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I've got you.")

[VO_EpHerdFancy_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Towards Fancycakes!")

[VO_EpHerdStopThem_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="We've gotta stop the yarblesnoofs!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Bota? Oh right, shoot!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot04_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh yeah, ok. I can do this. I can do this. I can't do this.")

[VO_EpGwenShoot05_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I can't do this!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot08_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You got this.")

[VO_EpGwenShoot09_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Come on.")

[VO_EpGwenShoot10_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Almost there!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot11_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Keep going.")

[VO_EpEnd01_GW SoundNodeWave] bSingleLine=True Subtitles[0]=(Text="THAT. WAS. AMAZING! We just defeated a twirling, whirling gaggle of yarblesnoofs and the most menacing dragon I have ever seen!") Subtitles[1]=(Text="Well, it was the first dragon i've ever seen but we did it! I can't believe I had to use Achaka's bow.",Time=8.4110) Subtitles[2]=(Text="Are we the dueling archers now? I don't wanna duel you, I just think, I mean, you're much better than me, but we can be super friendly archers.",Time=14.357) Subtitles[3]=(Text="I didn't think I could make the shot. I've never been able to make the shot but you believed... and then I did... and then you threw the rope and then we DID IT!",Time=20.345) Subtitles[4]=(Text="This is the best adventure ever and I'm still gonna get my Wedzel Wolf Scout Patch and now I have a new best friend and THIS. IS. THE. BEST.",Time=28.321)

[VO_EpEnd01V2_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="THAT. WAS. AMAZING! 'We just defeated a twirling, whirling gaggle of yarblesnoofs and the most menacing dragon I have ever seen! Did you see me shoot?! Of course you did, and I couldn't have done it with out you! ")

[VO_EpEnd03_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh, um. Sorry, I get a bit excited when it comes to adventure.")

[VO_EpEnd04Brave_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm Queen Gwendolyn, granddaughter of King Graham the Brave.")

[VO_EpEnd04Wise_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm Queen Gwendolyn, granddaughter of King Graham the Wise.")

[VO_EpEnd04Comp_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I'm Queen Gwendolyn, granddaughter of King Graham the Compassionate.")

[VO_EpEnd08_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oh! Achaka was your grandfather.")

[VO_EpEnd10_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Um. Well, my grandfather gave this to me, but without Achaka, I wouldn't be here. It belongs to you.")

[VO_EpEnd11_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Really?")

[VO_EpEndAlt013_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I hope we adventure again soon, Taskia. I really want to know what's up with you and Mr. Fancycakes.")

[VO_EpEnd13_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I hope we adventure again soon, Taskia. Maybe with less shrekees.")

[VO_EpEnd15_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No, it's fine. I don't think it meant to cause any harm. It's not even the same dragon.")

[VO_EpEnd16_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="See? It's just hungry.")

[VO_EpEnd17_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="A pet dragon.")

[VO_EpCovAhh_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ahhhhhhh!")

[VO_EpCovLookOut_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Look out!")

[VO_EpCovForUs_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="It's coming right for us!")

[VO_EpCovNowehere_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="There's nowhere to go!")

[VO_EpCovMess_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Ok. ok. A mess is just a chance to try your plan B adventure. We're good. We got this.")

[VO_EpCovErnesto_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I will call you, Ernesto.")

[VO_EpTourSnute_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="And here we find the snute. The scout guide says he can leap nearly 30 feet in the air. I feel that's unlikely.")

[VO_EpTourYarble_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="And there's the yarblesnoof! They are said to be quite elusive but I'm guessing everyone found them annoying and chose not to bring them to town.")

[VO_EpTourBadger_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Daventry's finest. The scout's guide always reminds us that while badgers have four legs, they got tired of dirtying all their paws and reared up onto two legs.")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootStop_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Stop shooting! You're gonna hurt it.")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootNotSame_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="This isn't the same dragon that killed Achaka!")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootTalk_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Can't we talk about this!")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootRevenge_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Revenge isn't the answer.")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootStalama_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Stalama! Stalama!")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootNoBota_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="No bota!")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootNoArrows_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You have to run out of arrows, right?")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootCloser_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="They're getting closer!")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootSendThem_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="There's nowhere else I can send them.")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootWatchOut_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Watch out!")

[VO_UseItemWrongA_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="There aren't even a lot of items in this story, why would you think that object goes with that?")

[VO_UseItemWrongB_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I don't think so.")

[VO_UseItemWrongC_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Moon meet logic.")

[VO_UseItemWrongD_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Try another.")

[VO_UseItemWrongE_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Round peg, square hole. Do I seem like I'm repeating myself?")

[VO_UseItemWrongF_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nuh-Uh.")

[VO_UseItemWrongG_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Nope.")

[VO_UseItemWrongH_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Are you trying to trick me?")

[VO_UseItemWrongI_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Grandpa. Do you need a nap?")

[VO_UseItemWrongJ_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That won't work.")

[VO_UseItemWrongK_GW SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You should save that for later.")

VO E6 TaskiaEdit

[VO_EpTrapSuccess08_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="SHREKEE!!!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess10_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="ACHAKA?!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess12_ALT_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="ACHAKA!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess12_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="ACHAKA!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess14_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="ACHAKA!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess15_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Shrekee morta Achaka. Taskia morta shrekee.")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess17A_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="STALAMA!")

[VO_EpTrapSuccess18_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Morta!")

[VO_EpFancyArrive01_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Fancycakes.")

[VO_EpFancyArrive03_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Shrekee!!!!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot01_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Bota!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot02_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Bota! Bota! Bota!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot06_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Stalama. Bota!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot07_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Affa nata! Affa nata! ")

[VO_EpGwenShoot12_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="BOTA!!!")

[VO_EpGwenShoot13_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Yarble yarble yarble!")

[VO_EpEnd05_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Affa nata.")

[VO_EpEnd06_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Taskia.")

[VO_EpEnd07_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Achaka. Grand?")

[VO_EpEnd09_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Affa nata.")

[VO_EpEnd12_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Affa nata.")

[VO_EpEndAlt14_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Fancycakes.")

[VO_EpEnd14_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Shrekee!")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootStalama_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Stalama stalama!")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootMortaThreat_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Morta!")

[VO_EpTaskiaShootMorta_TA SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Morta!")


[TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Main_Sequence.GppDialogueSeqVar_Choice_0 GppDialogueSeqVar_Choice] ChoiceA="I don't know what you're saying!"

[TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Main_Sequence.GppDialogueSeqVar_Choice_1 GppDialogueSeqVar_Choice] ChoiceB="Bigger problem here!"

[TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Main_Sequence.GppDialogueSeqVar_Choice_2 GppDialogueSeqVar_Choice] ChoiceC="Yeah, it's Achaka's."

[TheWorld:PersistentLevel.Main_Sequence.GppDialogueSeqVar_Choice_3 GppDialogueSeqVar_Choice] ChoiceD="What about the shrekee?!"


E6_Hatchet_ItemDescription=My trusty hatchet E6_Rope_ItemDescription=Acorn's adventuring rope E6_Grapes_ItemDescription=Grapes E6_Leaves_ItemDescription=Leaves E6_Badger_ItemDescription=Badger E6_Bananas_ItemDescription=Bananas E6_Sugarshrooms_ItemDescription=Sugar shrooms E6_Vines_ItemDescription=Vines aka nature's adventuring rope

V0_E6_Olfie (cut)Edit

[VO_GwenOpen03B_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Oooh. Do that again. You got that itch I can't reach.")

[VO_GwenOpen03C_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Olfie knows what you can do.")

[VO_GwenOpen07_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="What? But I thought you like having same name as Grandpa did.")

[VO_GwenOpen12V2_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I wonder if she sought out a ride home?")

[VO_GwenOpen03A01_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That felt very impressive.")

[VO_GwenOpen03A03_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="That's not what Olfie saw in his mind.")

[VO_GwenOpen05Bandi_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Looks like we're here, tinier King Bandicoot.")

[VO_GwenOpen05Goosey_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Looks like we're here, tinier King Goosey.")

[VO_GwenOpen05Honey_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="Looks like we're here, tinier King Honeybee.")

[VO_GwenOpen07_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="What? But I thought you liked having same name as Grandpa did.")

[VO_GwenOpen09_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="You got it, Queen Gwendolyn the To Be Determined.")

[VO_GwenOpen12_OL SoundNodeWave] Subtitles[0]=(Text="I hope she remembers I'm her ride home.")