The small one room house of the Kavanagh family, Mr. Kavanagh, Mrs. Kavanagh, their daughter Gwennie, and their son. The house is just past the bridge that crosses the river that runs through Connor's community within Daventry town. A swing-set was put into a tree by the house. Behind the house and the tree was an outhouse. Inside the house to the left of the entrance was a basket of mushrooms on a shelf. By the shelf was the Kavanagh's bed. A stool was placed at the foot of the bed. On a wall not far from the bed was a child's hobbyhorse. In one corner was the fireplace, and not far from it was a table with two chairs. Child's drawings could be found on the table. When the cataclysm struck, Mr. Kavanagh had been turned to stone in the front yard and Mrs. Kavanagh had been turned to stone near the fireplace. But the rest of the family was nowhere to be seen.

Connor noted that a child must have lived in the house based on the swing-set, hobbyhorse and drawings he found in or near the house, yet he did not find any children turned to stone in the house. He took the mushrooms to add to his provisions for the journey.

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