Sir Kenneth was a knight of Daventry.


He is tall man, slightly stooped at the shoulders. He has black hair turning silver at the temples.

When Telgrin invaded Daventry. He wanted to parlay with the leaders of the dark castle, in hopes of resolving things without violence. He believed pulling together an army would have made the invaders feel besieged and less likely to cooperate.[1]

Behind the scenesEdit

The name Kenneth maybe an injoke in reference to Ken Williams as it is often used as such in many of the Sierra games and related products.

The Knight Kenneth is mentioned in The Floating Castle. He and Kenneth the Huge are likely separate individuals, as Kenneth the Huge is known to have married Priscilla not long (perhaps several years) before KQ5 era. The main events of The Floating Castle takes place around the time KQ5 begins (perhaps shortly before). It's also less likely that he would have maintained his 'knighthood' to return to help Daventry after becoming a 'king', if they were the same person.


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