A Key is an item that can unlock doors or chests.


Graham may have been given a gold 'key'/'Key' if he answered Rumplestiltskin's backwards name wrong. It is said that Graham may have answered his name as 'David', 'Zax', or 'Charles', but he was wrong.[1] The key could open the Door into Mountain. It was a heavy and cold, gold skeleton key. This is known as the 'Golden key' in KQ2 hintbook.

The key appears in artwork apparently connecting it more directly to the Witch Dahlia (though the image of the key may also apply to the key to the Castle Daventry treasury stolen by Dahlia as well).


There are several keys in KQ2, including the three Magical Keys, gold keys that unlock the Magical Doorway, as well as a small Silver Key that unlocks a chest in Castle Dracula.


Gwydion discovers a Brass Key that unlocked a safe in Manannan's study inside of his bedroom.


There are several keys to find in the game. The Skeleton Key that opens the Crypt, and a key that unlocks Edgar's bedroom.


Graham found a small key that unlocked the small door in the heart tree, allowing him to get the gold heart. Dink's hairpin was a key out of the labyrinth under Mordack's castle.


Alexander finds a skeleton key in KQ6.


Valanice discovers a stone key allowing her out of The Desert of Eldritch.


There are several keys in Mask of Eternity.

Behind the scenesEdit

In KQ1 original and remake, the key is simply known as the "key" and "Key" in the inventory.


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